Vacheron Constantin Macau Wynn Palace Opens New Store

The latest Vacheron Constantin store has been grandly opened at the Wynn Palace in Macau. This is the brand’s third exclusive store in Macau, located in the Wynn Palace in Cotai, Macau. Guests in the elegant atmosphere surrounded by hundreds of flowers, leisurely plunge into the prosperity of this latest boutique shopping area. The specialty store covers an area of ​​about 100 square meters, with a long front door design and double-sided display cases on both sides.

   The bright long front entrance of this latest Macao specialty store leads watch collectors and lovers to explore the extraordinary world of Vacheron Constantin. Bronze and beige marble are elegant and elegant, and the four double-sided display cases on both sides of the door are bright and transparent, showing the brand’s complete watch series. Art Deco-style Italian custom-made white Murano crystal chandeliers and elegant natural wood tones create an intimate and comfortable interior space that fully demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s desire for excellence and aesthetics.

   The new store has a salon with curved display windows and glass ceilings, allowing customers to explore the superb skills of the brand’s watchmaking craftsmanship, and stay true to the history of fine watchmaking. The new store also has a VIP room for guests to further taste Vacheron Constantin’s culture, history and outstanding watchmaking traditions.

Vacheron Constantin Macau Wynn Palace Store
Shop 46, Wynn Palace, Cotai Arena, Macau

Introduction To The Omega Coaxial Escape Calendar

OMEGA’s annual calendar is very special, it has a special calendar display, and also uses coaxial escapement structure, silicon springs and other high-tech internals, from the inside to the outside is full of special light.
 The De Ville series is a very successful design model. Its appearance is rich in the inherent characteristics of Omega, and it is constantly using the latest technology to enrich it, whether it is the famous coaxial escapement of Omega, or silicon Gossamer is used on various movements without hesitation. These materials and institutions developed with huge capital make Omega a model worth learning in modern Swiss watch factory.

 This watch uses the coaxial escapement movement No. Cal.8611, which is already an improved second-generation coaxial escapement structure. The original two-layer three-dimensional structure has been changed to three layers, and the probability of error of the escapement component has been greatly reduced; Omega’s long-developed Si14 balance spring is also one of the standard parts. With its card-free structure and precision adjustable torque titanium alloy balance, it has been used for a considerable degree of accuracy. This movement uses a dual barrel and has a stored energy of 55 hours.
 Its annual calendar function is a jumping type, only the date and month windows, both of which are arranged at three o’clock. Omega has not stated the source of the calendar structure, but because of its group background, it is speculated that it should be applied in 2005 using ETA. The annual calendar patent pushes the date ring with a double-layered hour and day. Because of its double-layer structure and the default size of the month wheel (respectively long and short teeth), it is only necessary to adjust the date every February in the most special month.
 Precision is its nature, Huamei is synonymous with movement 8611. The movement used to match the gold case is especially equipped with K gold automatic disk and K gold balance bridge, as well as the other rhodium-plated bridges. With radial lines, it looks dazzling. Coupled with De Ville’s polished matte staggered case surface treatment, it makes it a very moving model. Relatively speaking, although the overall shape is not overwhelming, the case lines are actually very complicated, and this tendency can be seen from the lugs, side and bottom cover.
 Compared with several other Omega series designs, the design of the De Ville faceplate is relatively simple. The raised Roman numerals and trademarks, the mercerized double circle faceplate, the white disc flying lettering, and the rather traditional stick shape (Baton). Hands; compared with the case lines, it is really interesting and contrasting design thinking.

Date and month windows stand out
Caption: The successful faceplate design makes the date and month windows stand out. The disc calendar series is more legible than other series, and all transfer fonts on the faceplate are impeccable.
Technical data
■ Model: 431.
41mm rose gold round case
■ Time indication, date and month window
■ Cal.8611 automatic movement, 39 stone, double barrel, energy storage 55 hours
■ Brown lacquered dial, golden hands
■ Double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
■ The transparent bottom cover is locked with 4 screws
■ Alligator strap with pin buckle
■ 100 meters waterproof
For more details, please click: omega / 19758 /

Plum Blossom Launches Slim Series Watches

In summer, I always want to simplify all the decoration on my body. The new Slenderline Slimline watch from Plum Watch meets your wishes. The dial is designed with a silver radial texture and 12 elegant and long Roman numerals, forming a flawless visual enjoyment.

In addition, the delicate small second hand under the dial allows the wearer to grasp the accurate time and enjoy the small second hand’s elegant movement. The slim dial with a smooth 9-link bracelet gives the watch a unique signature. The best part of this series is that the most basic elements of thin watches are fully used, while maintaining the brand’s requirements and enthusiasm for precision and quality of watches.

Epo Watch Kana Kana Limited Concept Watch ‘dream’

Ebo was founded in Shenzhen, China in 1991. It is a group enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing brand watches, precious metal jewelry and refined products. Yibo owns many independent brands such as EBOHR—Yabo Watch, KANA—Kana Women’s Jewellery Watch, EBOHR COMPLICATION—Yufei Complex Mechanical Watch, Berliget, EBOHR JUNIOR—EJ Student Watch, and also owns the Swiss brand CODEX—How Du mechanical watch Asia Pacific region exclusive agency rights and sales network and after-sales service centers throughout mainland China.
   KANA is the first high-end women’s jewellery watch brand in China with bright natural stones as the inlaid feature; it is the strong crystallization of Yibo and the internationally renowned company Swarovski. KANA watches are all hand-set with natural gemstones, with noble materials and exquisite craftsmanship, which are the only choice for wise and elegant women. KANA is the symbol of the goddess of fortune. She will protect every wearer of the heart, so that they can enjoy the beauty of self-confidence and self-love.
   The majority of Cana watches use Swiss original quartz movements, which are small in size and accurate in travel time; the bridge-shaped watch body makes the watch look smooth and beautiful, and completely fits the wrist; each Cana watch has a pleasant Names, different color treasures, and various types of star language imply a woman’s beautiful pursuit of life and ideals.

波 EBO watch KANA limited edition concept watch ‘Dream’
   This watch is a 2012 limited edition concept watch ‘Dream Enjoy’ launched by Ebokana KANA, following the magnificent and elegant flower design of the ‘Xingfu’ series, and also made with precious materials. The watch instrument selects lucky gemstones that reflect the lucky colors of life, integrating superb jewelry processing skills and excellent watchmaking art.
   On a three-dimensional flower case covered with 18K rose gold, up to 204 luxurious diamonds and 257 magnificent rubies are hand-paved by superb jewelry masters, like ripples of blue waves; lingering on the round dial, 8 A few carat-grade purple, yellow, blue and other Swarovski colored natural gems embellish it, the stunning look and peerless style are fascinating, and the rose red gold edging and the minute hand are more elegantly expressing the elegant and noble characteristics To be vivid. The limited edition of “Dream Enjoy” is limited to 60 pieces, which further highlights its sense of dignity. The crystal clear sapphire crystal and the rare red leather strap of the devil fish always show the wearer’s elegant temperament and fashionable taste. The concept of ‘Dream Enjoyment’ permeates the complete development process of ‘Dream Enjoyment’ and will inject beautiful blessing, luck and love into the owner’s life.

Incarnation Of Light A New Gem In The Bvlgari Watch Collection

The BVLGARI Lvcea ladies’ watch series becomes brighter and brighter at any time, and the newly presented gems make it bloom like never before. And this time we have the opportunity to have an exclusive dialogue with Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, the senior director of Bulgari watch design, to have a glimpse into the design process of Bulgari watches.

  At present, LVCEA has become one of the most loved classic series in the world. Bulgari draws inspiration from the eternal connection between ‘time’ and ‘light’, and injects new vitality into the series. LVCEA has reached a perfect balance between Jane and Fan, and it is full of brilliance. As one of the best Bvlgari ladies’ watches, LVCEA combines all the unique characteristics of Bvlgari.
  LVCEA combines powerful lines with sexy design. Its exquisite craftsmanship is the best proof of the extraordinary metal processing ability of Bulgari, a well-known Italian jewelry brand. The V-shaped chain link design coincides with the V in the LVCEA name, and is also a light inspiration from the Serpenti series, whose serpentine design has become the iconic symbol and symbol of Bulgari. The unique winding bracelet is perfectly balanced with the luxurious and round case, with a harmonious dazzling style, which interprets the charming and complex connotation of contemporary women.

  In addition, the LVCEA watch is soft and smooth without losing its strength and sophistication. From early morning to sunset, LVCEA, which is suitable for all occasions, is loved by celebrities, and reflects their unique personality and charming style on different occasions. As a tribute to Bulgari’s Roman ancestry, LVCEA’s design is a tribute to the ancient sundial, the ancestor of the timepiece, symbolizing the power of capturing light (‘luce’ in Italian means ‘light’). LVCEA’s case is shiny and round, highlighting the dial decorated with Roman numerals and hands, which looks like a sundial-a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, practicality and preciousness.

  New color interpretation from day to month

  In 2015, LVCEA became more and more brilliant. New features and dimensions have greatly enriched the original product series. At the Baselworld Watch Fair, BVLGARI Bvlgari will release colored sapphire blue, Bordeaux pink and pale pink alligator leather straps to match the colorful and personalized look of the LVCEA series. The white and rose gold finishes complement this color feast. A sapphire blue and pink Bordeaux leather strap with a luxurious diamond bezel and gold chain links, and a delicate cream-white silver dial with a sun motif, reminiscent of the ancient Roman sundial that inspired this collection. In addition, a pale pink leather strap LVCEA watch with rose gold chain links in the same hue, and a milky silver dial decorated with sundial Roman numerals XII and VI hour scales, rendering a nostalgic flavor of ancient Rome.
  Platinum shines sexy
  In addition to the classic stainless steel and rose gold models, LVCEA has launched two new white gold watches, which has enriched the choice of precious metal materials and became two dazzling stars in 2015. One is set with luxurious diamonds on the bezel and bracelet; the other is set with diamonds on the dial, shining like the sun.

  New size highlights women’s sexy charm
  In 2015, BVLGARI expanded LVGEA’s original 33 mm classic size and launched four 36 mm models. The milky silver dial is like a hypnotic charm that focuses on the eyes of everyone. The case is boldly made of stainless steel, which is soft and soft. The stainless steel model with diamond hour markers and mother-of-pearl dial adds a touch of softness to the large case. The bracelet of another LVCEA watch is made of rose gold and stainless steel, reflecting the rich and multifaceted personality of a modern woman with a strong appearance. The creamy silver dial is decorated with Roman numerals, which highlights the luster of LVCEA. The most luxurious rose gold model uses a 36mm rose gold bezel and a two-tone precious metal bracelet. The soft luster of the mother-of-pearl dial and the brilliant brilliance of the diamond scale complement each other.

  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Mature Men Need Wisdom And Expensive Accessories

Tasteful, mature men are always more popular with women, and these men always bring a few accessories to highlight his style, such as pocket towels, tie clips, cufflinks … A suitable watch can instantly enhance the charm of a man. Today, the editor recommends several luxury watches for mature men.
Breguet classic 7147BR / 12 / 9WU watch

Domestic public price: RMB 165,900
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: 6.1 mm
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 7147 was launched by Breguet at the 2016 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show. This watch is inspired by the decoration specifications of the early period of watchmaking. The watch is simple in appearance and delicate in design. Quality dial. The watch contains a 2.4mm ultra-thin mechanical automatic winding movement with an eccentric balance wheel. The manufacturing process of the ultra-thin movement is extremely difficult. Due to the extremely high precision, slight carelessness may cause deviations and affect accuracy. The sapphire crystal caseback on the back of the model gives a clear view of the precise mechanical structure of this timepiece, which is very exquisite.
Piaget Altiplano G0A40030 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 215,000
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Watch thickness: 8.24 mm
Movement type: manual winding
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Details of the model: (G0A40030) Implicit and restrained, seamlessly blending modern and traditional, simple design with complex and sophisticated mechanical functions. This manually wound flyback chronograph also breaks the boundaries of ultra-thin watchmaking. The thickness of the ultra-thin movement and case is the thinnest in the world. Piaget watchmaker crafted the simple aesthetics of the Altiplano series by hand, while taking into account the sophisticated display functions of the sophisticated movement. The center of the dial is polished and polished by the sun’s radiating matte surface. A small second hand is set at 6 o’clock, a 30-minute counter is set at 3 o’clock, and the second time zone display function is set at 9 o’clock, which is elegant and harmonious.
Bucherer Marion Dragon 00.10912.03.33.01 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 196,800
Watch diameter: 42.5 mm
Watch thickness: 12.54 mm
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 50 meters
Details of the model: The model of the A1011 self-winding movement, which displays the power reserve with hands, has a classic timepiece charm. The dial design is clear and easy to read. There is a small fan-shaped plate at 3 o’clock, which shows the remaining power level with hands. The small second dial at 6 o’clock and the week display at 9 o’clock have the same layout as the large calendar window at 11 o’clock. The case has a diameter of 42.5 mm and a thickness of 12.54 mm. The size is just right, and it is equipped with a black Louisiana crocodile leather strap.
Summary: Since ancient times, celebrities elegant, all love incense and jade, mature men love those subtle beauty to show charm, in addition to cufflinks, belts, tie clips, watches are a low-key luxury, inadvertently revealed, it is already a gesture Thousands, subtle and beautiful, especially a luxury watch.

Tissot Watches Are Officially Designated Timers For The 17th Korea Incheon Asian Games 2014

The world leader in the watch industry and the well-known Swiss watch brand Tissot has officially announced that it has become the official designated timer for the 17th Korea Incheon Asian Games. The Asian Games will be held in Incheon, South Korea from September 19 to October 4, 2014.
     The Asian Games dates back to 1951 and is one of the oldest and most important events hosted by the Asian Olympic Council. It is held every four years and provides a competitive platform for 13,000 outstanding athletes from 45 regions and countries. Compete with superb sports skills in 36 events. The Asian Games is the most comprehensive sports game in the world. In addition to some traditional sports, such as swimming, track and field, basketball, and bicycles, Asian traditional sports such as sepak takraw, martial arts, and Kabaddi are also set up.
    Jin Yongxiu, Chairman of the Incheon Asian Games Preparatory Committee (IAGOC), said: ‘In order to provide the most accurate timing services in different competitions, we have selected a brand with deep roots in sports-Tissot as the official partner. Tissot It provides the most appropriate timing solution for each sport, and is a perfect partner for a representative grand event such as the Asian Games. We are extremely honored to have such a rich experience and professional standard Partners to provide the most accurate timing services and the most advanced technical support for the Asian Games. ‘
     Tissot has a long history of passion for sports. In recent years, Tissot has become more active and transformed into a professional brand capable of providing timing services for comprehensive sports games. This change has enabled Tissot to gain more experience and technology and provide more precision for more sports in various occasions Timing service. In addition to serving as the official designated timer for the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, Superbike FIM, International Basketball Association IBA, Australian Professional Football League AFL and Chinese Basketball Professional League CBA, the World Championships for Bicycles, Fencing and Hockey also set important timing and data Handle the work to this world-renowned Swiss watch brand. In addition, Tissot watches also served as the official designated timers for the 1998, 2002 and 2006 Asian Games. For Tissot watches, this is an excellent platform to show the world its precise timing capabilities.
     Francois Timbo, President of Tissot Watch, said: ‘The Asian Games is a multi-sport event that is very dynamic and its spirit also reveals the Tissot watch’s brand philosophy. The conference platform is perfectly presented. Showing our comprehensive timing capabilities in such an extraordinary sports event makes us deeply proud. Not only that, we can prove that we have the most accurate timing capabilities, and further show the world to Tissot watches We have provided timing services for the Asian Games, so we know exactly what needs to be done, but we will continue to work hard to strive for precision and innovation in every event, at every basic level Zhongdu strives for excellence. These are the keys to the success of the Asian Games. Similarly, we have a meticulous attitude towards each watch. We will always keep in mind the brand concept of Tissot ‘Extraordinary creativity, from tradition ‘.

     Actively participating in these sports events can also enable watch fans around the world to learn more about Tissot watches. Whether they watch TV broadcasts or wear limited edition watches launched by Tissot watches for competitions, cheering at the scene has brought Tissot closer. The distance between the table and them.
     In the next few years, Tissot will work hand in hand with the Incheon Asian Games Preparatory Committee and work together with volunteers and partners from all over the world. Tissot will pay the most sincere respect to those who have invested in this event. In this way, Tissot watches will also work with them to perform the service tasks of the Asian Games and jointly achieve the success of the 17th Asian Games in 2014.
     This Asian Games is bound to be an event worth remembering forever. Whether it is the people participating in the organization, athletes, or billions of spectators and supporters, this Asian Games will inevitably become the most unforgettable memory in everyone’s heart. .

Elegant Interpretation Of Movement Longines Conquest L3.676.8.56.3 Watch Real Shot

The Longines Concas series is the essence of the elegant movement of Longines. The beautiful bezel is exquisite and unique. It perfectly reflects the unparalleled fusion of powerful functions and elegant temperament. Its outstanding technical characteristics can even meet the requirements of the most discerning athletes. Today I will bring you a real shot of Longines ConquestL3.676.8.56.3 watch.

 The watch is made of 18K rose gold, and the elegant pure black dial design exudes a strong sporty atmosphere. The luminous hour-marker design is also made of luxurious 18K rose gold, which can not only increase the value of the watch, but also easily read the time in the absence of light at night.

 Looking from the side, we can see the wide rose gold sword-shaped hour and minute hands on the dial of the watch. The watch has a date display window at 3 o’clock, which can easily read the current date.

 The thickness of this watch is estimated to be about 12 millimeters. The upper and lower crowns of the watch have two shoulder guards that look particularly tough. The purpose is to protect the crown from misoperation during wearing.

 On the other side of the watch (without the crown surface), the lugs and the case back present a certain degree of curvature, which can be comfortably placed on the wrist even when exercising.

 The diameter of the watch is 39 mm, which is a perfect size for Asians. The dials at 6 and 12 are designed with large Arabic numerals.

The watch is equipped with a black alligator leather strap, white silk stitching, and black and white matching, which looks very capable.

The buckle of the watch is designed with a butterfly buckle, which avoids the bending of the strap to the greatest extent and is comfortable to wear.

 The watch is equipped with a cal.L633 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 38 hours. The rose gold rotor of the movement can be clearly seen from the sapphire crystal bottom, which shows luxury.

 The most mysterious part of the watch is the movement. From the picture above, we can see that the complicated runners of this watch are staggered and studded with fixed screws. I wonder if you can see the secret in the movement?

 Summary: As the most representative series in the Longines movement series, Concas is the essence expression of the elegant temperament of Longines movement, symbolizing an immortal spirit of ‘conquest’, which is a kind of courage to explore new horizons and dare to Pioneer’s spirit and character, this is exactly the spirit that Longines designed Concas watches.
Please click on watch details: longines / 11341 /

Design Should Not Go The Ordinary Way Four Beautiful Watches Recommended

Many people say that a woman’s personality is like a cat, sometimes weird personality, sometimes cute and cute, sometimes fierce and angry. Although the eyes contain tenderness, it is difficult to understand the sadness and stubbornness. Women are emotional animals, so women’s hearts seem more changeable. Designers deftly interpret the tenderness, elegance and charm of women from different angles, and integrate them into the design of the watch. It requires that the lines of the watch be smooth and meanwhile, and that the watch be accurate while timing. There is no shortage of fashion and beauty. When you open the ladies’ watches of each brand, you will find that there are so many colorful inside. Do you want to read the works that contain designer inspiration? Below, the editor brings four watches to the ladies, all kinds of styles, just need their own experience.

  Radar Esenzatouch R53094732
Comment on the watch: RADO Esenzatouch series R53094732 watch with elliptical shape design, smooth design flow down. The single-structure case, which is made under high pressure using a sophisticated injection molding process, guarantees the success of high-tech ceramic touch technology. The watch case made of metal acts as a barrier between the outside and the internal circuitry. Due to the insulating nature of high-tech ceramics, this watch gives the wearer the ability to control the watch’s core circuits. The design without the crown is obviously very novel. The electrodes can sense the fingertips on the case through the ceramic medium to adjust the time. The 534 rare natural stones set on the dial contrast with the bright black. On a black background, they are perfectly arranged in the Fibonacci manner. This pattern commonly used in plants and flowers makes the entire dial design proportion achieve perfect harmony. With the swing of the wrist, the multi-colored dial is more reflected The ground is dripping.

  For Swiss radars, design is a reflection of inherent beauty. Every Swiss radar watch has smooth lines and elegant design. Elegant black is a masterpiece of technology and design. Three rows of black polished high-tech ceramics with folding clasps, the ceramic touch is very good, very smooth without sharp edges, comfortable and skin-friendly to wear. In terms of life, the watch has a water-resistant depth of 30 meters to meet daily life needs. In addition, in order to meet a variety of purchase needs, the Swiss Rado Isa touch series high-tech ceramic Fibonacci Touch watches are available in four colors, which are white, blue, red, and green, to meet women Their different preferences and styles have become the brightest equipment on the wrist.

Basic Information
Item: R53094732
Brand: Radar
Series: Isa Series
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 78,500
For more watch details, please click: Dior VIII GrandBal CD124BE3C001 watch

Comment on the watch: What role does the watch play in our lives? Dior watches use professional design and different perspectives to explain the true meaning of time. When the ball started, the woman appeared in front of everyone with the most swaying posture, the most gorgeous clothing, and the most noble jewelry, and became the most dazzling star under the spotlight. The size of this Dior DiorVIII GrandBal CD124BE3C001 watch is 38 mm It is very suitable for Asian women’s wrists. The round case is engraved with carefully polished diamonds, making each diamond exude an attractive luster. The black ceramic bracelet is stylish and mysterious, contrasting the diamond sheen even more. Black high-tech precision ceramics and slender tapered hands can all see the shadow of Mr. Dior’s ‘slim fit’.

 The Dior VIII GrandBal series CD124BE3C001 watch is as smart as a dancer and looks enchanting. The delicate diamond-like decoration on the dial, like a lace hairnet, is a hollow and practical pendulum of the watch. It will swing left and right over time, as if a woman wearing a dior dress is dancing. The simple hour and minute hands turn the track of time. The simple Dior letters appear at 12 o’clock on the dial, which highlights the brand’s intentions. In addition, the watch has a 42-hour power reserve and a water-resistant depth of 50 meters, ensuring the daily needs of the wearer.

Basic Information
Number: CD124BE3C001
Brand: Dior
Series: DiorVIII
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: No
For more watch details please click: Montblanc Princess Monaco 106499

Comment on the watch: To create a watch series named after an unforgettable character is a challenge and a great glory for Montblanc designers and jewelry designers. The exquisite elegance and taste emanated by this well-known European and American representative inspired Montblanc’s design team, allowing them to design endless ideas to create a new watch series that is commemorating the name and memories of Princess Grace of Monaco. To pay tribute to the classics. This series of watches is elegant and beautiful. The Monaco Princess Series 106499 watch is 34 mm in diameter, showing a modern sense of time. Equipped with a round round dial and a strap with a strong sense of extension, its unique design and meaningful meaning are irresistible. The beautiful impression can also be seen from the side. The lugs are slightly downward, and the ergonomic design is completely close to the wrist, which looks like a one-piece design.

  The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, which adds a lot to this timeless and elegant watch. It is a breakthrough in terms of technology and once again emphasizes its spirit of loyalty to watchmaking. Calibre MB4810 is Montblanc’s very top-quality movement. It is made following the traditional Swiss watchmaking process and inherits hundreds of years of watchmaking experience and the latest watchmaking technology. The self-winding movement can store energy from the wearer’s wrist when it is vibrated and automatically wind the mainspring. These qualities can perfectly satisfy women who want a timeless and reliable watch, which is not only in keeping with the times, but also can recall the past and look to the future from such a combination of elegance and modernity.

Basic Information
No. 106499
Brand: Montblanc
Series: Princess Monaco
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 53,110
For more watch details, please click: Omega Elegant 424.

Comment on the watch: The Omega Disc Flying Elegant series of women’s watches show elegance and femininity and low-key luxury. These timepieces are classics of timeless and exquisite watches, and they will surely be cherished by female wearers. This watch incorporates a hint of retro style in modern design, while combining fashionable avant-garde luxury materials with revolutionary top-notch movements. This series of watches is simple in style, elegant and gorgeous in appearance, highlighting the striking timeless beauty. On this watch’s charming mother-of-pearl dial, the unique butterfly pattern on the dial is carefully crafted with the ‘ramolayage’ carving process, creating an aesthetically romantic atmosphere. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this dazzling dial. The 36.8mm 18K red gold case is equipped with a diamond-set bezel and a white lacha sanded belt with a mother-of-pearl effect. The arc-shaped polished Roman numerals and diamond scales are matched to highlight the impressive texture. It is equipped with nine 18K red gold setting diamond hour markers, Roman numerals at 12 o’clock, and a round calendar display window at six o’clock.

  The Omega Disc Flying Elegant Butterfly Watch is paired with a dazzling dial and an elegant satin leather strap. It presents natural charm and beauty in its exquisite luxury. This timepiece is equipped with a coaxial escapement self-winding chronograph movement-the 2500 coaxial movement with a stern-plated surface and a power reserve of 48 hours. With its classic and elegant design, the Omega Disc Flying Elegant Series has attracted many loyal supporters. I believe this watch will also attract many women.

Basic Information
Number: 424.
Brand: Omega
Series: Disc Flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Price: ¥ 167,700
For more watch details, please click: omega / 30998 /

In summary: ‘Life is not lack of beauty, but lack of eyes to find beauty’ is simple and true, but it is very real. It is actually a wonderful thing to pay attention to the change of time. The rising sun that rises slowly in the morning is full of vitality, the mysterious and starry night sky is deep and beautiful, and the four seasons of reincarnation have different Yangguan air and rain dew every day. Do you pay attention to the pace of time when you are on the road? The footsteps of life are always busy, we always run on the road of struggle, often overlooking the scenery and beauty around us. When the watch is turning on your wrist, please take a break in the afternoon, please listen to the sound of time at night to keep the good life. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Connecting The Inside And Outside Of The Green: Tag Heuer Launches Watches And Apps For Golf Lovers

Combining advanced watchmaking technology and passion for golf, Swiss pioneer watch brand TAGHeuer launches the TAG Heuer golf app and watch, bringing a brand new TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 smart watch service.

   The new TAGHeuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch is designed for golf enthusiasts and can be connected to the Tag Heuer Golf app to help players demonstrate their superb golf skills on many courses.

   In keeping with the pioneering watchmaking tradition, Tag Heuer became the pioneering brand in 2015 to develop a trend-setting, full-featured smartwatch. Following the launch of the second generation of products in 2017, TAG Heuer is now putting its passion for sports and innovation into the world’s most popular personal sport-golf. The TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch and the unique 3D course map function provided by the TAG Heuer Golf app are the accessories that are enthusiastic for golfers.

   MatthieuSoudan, Project Manager at TAG Heuer, said: ‘The TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch is designed for golfers and anyone who loves the sport. Every aspect of smart watches and apps Regardless of design or function, it is aimed at improving player performance. Outside the court, this watch is also a stylish accessory equipped with advanced digital technology. It should be noted that this is first a smart watch, golf Apps are just one of many apps and features you can use with timepieces. ‘

Tag Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch

   This smart watch combines golf-style design concepts, shock-resistant materials, and personalized and advanced golf applications. It has 3D renderings of more than 39,000 courses and provides comprehensive performance analysis.

   The black ceramic bezel with 1 to 18 laser markings symbolizes 18 holes in a round of golf, which is also the most prominent feature of this classic 45 mm timepiece. The scales are painted white, which stands out on this lightweight watch with a black background. The striking black ceramic lugs complement the sandblasted case and case back and are made of black PVD titanium. This smart watch with a white strap with green stitching is a good choice on the court. Black, white and green colors are inspired by enduring golf fashion trends.

   TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Edition smart watch technology is as cutting-edge as its design. The touchscreen is covered in scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This golf-themed smart watch is equipped with multiple sensors, such as Global Positioning System (GPS), Near Field Communication (NFC), accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone. Any operation of the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch, including sending messages, receiving notifications, playing music and downloading other applications.

   A black rubber strap is included in the watch case for everyday use outside the golf course. The unique package also includes three golf balls with the Tag Heuer logo.

Tag Heuer Golf Mobile App

   For the first time ever, Tag Heuer has developed applications for iOS and Android smartphones. The golf app is free to download for TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watches and other TAG Heuer ConnectedModular Smart Watches. This application provides key links to improve performance on the course, including recording distance and performance, and displaying 39,000 golf courses around the world through accurate 3D map technology, which is outstanding among similar technologies currently on the market. This professional sports watch and app can even be used in amateur events.

Highlights of the TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch and the TAG Heuer Golf App:

– Get instant information on the distance between your location and the green and obstacles: TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 smart watch can display the distance from the current location to the green and obstacles. The information is clear and easy to read, and the accuracy can reach within one meter. An integrated GPS sensor inside the watch captures the position and displays it on the watch.
– Clear and easy to read 2D and 3D course maps: This golf smartwatch stands out with its unique interactive 2D course map function. On mobile phones, highly realistic 3D renderings provide the best view of the field. Compared with other applications that use satellite mapping technology, TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch does not simply display distance, but uses vector technology to display a high-level map of the entire course, using a scroll-type interactive mode to provide more detailed courses Information, including bunkers, fairways and grassy areas.

– Record the scores of up to four players: This application replaces paper scorecards with interactive scoring and incorporates 21st century technology in golf. In just a few seconds, players can enter their own (watch wearer) scores and the scores of other players in the same group, and update the ranking at any time. Whether it’s a stroke play, a match play or a Scottish scoring match, the TAG Heuer Golf app can record results on the wearer’s wrist.
– Accurate shot distance: When the shot recording function is activated, the watch can record the shot distance when the player walks towards the golf ball, with an accuracy of up to one meter.

– Post-match information statistics: All information entered into the app from the watch can be sent immediately to the smartphone, or stored in the watch when the phone is not nearby. At the end of each round, players can obtain detailed statistical data, including the average number of putts per hole, the longest kickoff distance, and performance distribution.
– Swing on many courses around the world: The TAG Heuer Golf app has a map of more than 39,000 courses around the world and accompanies every player to any course they arrive for because they love the sport. The constantly updated database will include the latest course or changes of existing courses to ensure the high accuracy of the 3D map.

   The TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch and the TAG Heuer Golf app are designed for this world-famous individual sports enthusiast, demonstrating the brand’s expertise and superior accuracy in time and distance measurement. Sports is a vibrant element in TAG Heuer DNA, and the brand has spared no effort to raise industry standards in terms of timing technology innovation and improving sports performance.

Technical information: TAGHeuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch
Model SBF8A8031.82EB0172

The Tag Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch uses an Intel Atom processor with 512MB of memory and 4GB of storage. The touch screen has a resolution of 400 × 400, a pixel density of 287ppi, and is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The Modular45 Golf Smart Watch is equipped with multiple sensors including Global Positioning System (GPS), Near Field Communication (NFC), accelerometer, gyroscope, tilt detection sensor, microphone and vibrotactile engine. The battery power is 410mAh, and the battery life is up to 25 hours under normal use.

The diameter is 45 mm, the thickness is 13.75 mm, and the module weighs 64.4 grams. Sandblasted titanium case and case back with black titanium carbide coating. At 3 o’clock, there is a single button made of stainless steel with a black carbonized coating and black line trim. The microphone is at 3 o’clock and the proximity sensor is at 6 o’clock, visible from the case back. Water-resistant to 50 meters (5 bar). Black ceramic bezel on a matte surface, representing 1 to 18 laser lettering on the hole, painted white.

White or black (interchangeable) leather / rubber strap

Special package includes three golf balls