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This watch is called a tractor because its sturdy silicon strap has a design similar to that of large earthmoving equipment running on tracks. The oversized hexagonal stainless steel 50 x 54mm case and powerful chronograph functions (central hour, minute and second hands plus a flyback calendar at 6 o’clock and a 24-hour timer at 9 o’clock) are powered by a Japanese quartz movement.

TRACTOR by Unltd.

Tractor watches are available in three different versions: black, white and luminous. The all-black version of the case is silver-black stainless steel, with a unique line pattern on the bezel, and the all-white version of the silicone-filled bezel has a very grooved design and is fixed to the dial with Swarovski® crystal studs. The luminous version comes with a luminous strap and a black stainless steel case, and the dial’s outer ring is set with Swarovski® Swarovski crystals.
‘Tractor is a great way to grow and change lives,’ said Stephen Scholz, global brand director of MarcEcko and UNLTD. Timepieces. ‘What we want is a bulletproof and indestructible, and it is also very wearable Interesting stuff. ‘

Reminiscing The Classic Tasting Omega Speedmaster’57 Watch

Since its birth in 1957, the OMEGA Speedmaster series has been known as a sports chronograph watch with accurate travel time, stable performance and reliable quality. Today, the Speedmaster series watches have evolved into space exploration. Classic logo with cutting-edge fashion. To pay tribute to the glorious history of the Speedmaster series, the brand introduced the Speedmaster 57 watch, following many classic designs of the first Speedmaster chronograph in 1957. Reminiscing the classics, let us walk into the charm of the Omega Speedmaster’57 watch together. (Model: 331.

 In 1957, Omega launched the Speedmaster series of watches, after which the Omega Speedmaster series was gradually loved and sought after by more and more table friends. The reason is closely related to its iconic design and reliable performance. The design of the Omega Speedmaster’57 watch clearly adheres to many design elements of the 1957 chronograph, including vertical lugs extending from the case, simple-style dials and so on.

Watch real shot

 The Omega Speedmaster ’57 watch has a concise and simple dial with two small dials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The 3 o’clock is 12-hour, 60-minute, 9 o’clock The second small dial records the second hand movement. Compared to the common three small dial designs, this layout is more innovative.

Dial real

 The stainless steel 41.5 mm case features a black dial with beige transfer scales, inspired by its legendary prototype. The built-in hour scale is covered with a Super-LumiNova luminous coating that emits green light.

Dial detail real shot

 The innovative dial layout puts the 12-hour and 60-minute chronograph hands in the small dial at 3 o’clock at the same time, making it easier and more intuitive to read the accumulated chronograph time. Polished arched rhodium-plated ‘wide arrow’ central hour and minute hands with Super-LumiNova.

Case side shot

Lug detail real shot
 The vertical lugs that extend from the case are finely polished to present a delicate luster, and at the same time feel better on the wearing experience.

Crown and timing button details

 This watch has a chronograph function and a date display function. The crown and chronograph buttons are set on the side of the case. It is also made of steel and carefully polished. The crown is engraved with Omega’s iconic brand logo ‘Ω’.

Bracelet real shot

 The stainless steel bracelet and the iconic bracelet design have also become one of the unique design genes of this watch. At the same time, in order to enhance the skin-friendly feeling when wearing a stainless steel bracelet, the brand adjusts and polishes each strap component to ensure the wearer’s comfortable experience.

Buckle shot

 The buckle of this watch is made of butterfly buckle, which is also made of stainless steel and engraved with the brand logo ‘Ω’.

Movement real shot

 The Speedmaster’57 watch is equipped with the Omega 9300 coaxial movement, which is the first chronograph movement of the brand’s homemade coaxial mechanical movement series. Equipped with a vertical wheel timing device, equipped with a cardless balance spring with a silicon hairspring and a double barrel with a continuous arrangement, a two-way automatic winding system. The movement’s rhodium-plated surface is decorated with a unique Arabic-inspired Geneva wave. This watch has a power reserve of 60 hours.

Real details of the movement (Product number has been post-processed)

Watch real shot

Summary: The domestic price of the Omega Speedmaster 57 watch is 66,500 yuan, and the warranty period of the new Omega watch purchased from July 1, 2018 will be extended to 5 years. 5-year warranty, classic design, and reliable quality. The Speedmaster 57 watch definitely deserves a deeper understanding of it. Friends who like it may wish to try it on the store or call the official consultation phone for more details.

Dior Viii Series 100 Years Of History

‘The principle of luxury is simplicity over everything.’ Christian Dior once said. Just like the ‘Bar suit’ designed in 1947, the Lady Dior bag launched in 1995 and the ‘J’ADORE’ perfume in 1999, the new Dior VIII watch is also classic The masterpiece of couture fashion and charm, adhering to the long tradition of Dior, showing the design style of geometric figures, full of eternal charm of feminine beauty.

The ultra-thin case and its delicate accessories are simple and neat. The bracelet is made of high-precision ceramics cut in a pyramid shape, which is elegant and noble. Time passes, the light shines on the cut surface, the light shines, like the plaid line of the ‘cannage’ pattern on the Dior Lady Dior handbag, showing the beautiful design. The pyramid-shaped shape faintly lets you see the shadow of the ‘Bar suit’.
Advanced custom services are always at the forefront of the times
腕表 This watch not only displays time, but also transcends contemporary fashion trends, just like the wardrobe in a high-end uniform design interior. Mr. Dior reminds us from time to time: “Premium uniforms are always at the forefront of the times.” The elegant and attractive black of this watch highlights its immortal value through high-precision ceramics. Mr. Christian Dior wrote in his fashion dictionary published in 1954: ‘I can write a book about black. You can wear black at any age, any occasion, and at any time. In the women’s wardrobe , Everyone must have a ‘black dress’. ‘
优雅 ‘Elegance is a whole, and the visible and invisible parts are as important.’ From a technical point of view, the Dior VIII series watches are noble and exquisite jewelry. The collection was created at the Dior Watch Studio in La Chaux-de-Fonds, home of the Swiss watchmaking industry, and features multi-faceted luminous hands, diamond-shaped hands and unidirectional rotating bezels.
背面 The words ‘VIII place Vendôme’ (8 Fonteun Place) are engraved on the back of the dial. Through the transparent case back, you can see the self-winding (refining) movement, faintly visible with black or painted oscillating weight. Just as the couture uniform incorporates a sophisticated and elegant style into the lining, the Dior VIII ‘Grand Bal’ series’ pursuit of detail has reached its peak.

Watch and fine jewellery craftsmanship in one
Nevertheless, Mr. Dior’s designs are also full of evening and prom dresses, and pieces are luxurious and glamorous. In fact, he did add: ‘Black and white are sufficient, but there is no reason to deprive them of other colors.’ As a result, from the day Dior VIII was born, diamonds and precious stones were used in the Dior VIII watch collection. .
Combining the watchmaking process with the fine jewelry making process, it reminds of the hard-working seamstresses in Dior’s Haute Couture Studio. They pleated, embroidered and cut fabrics with superb craftsmanship and discreet attitude. As a result, a string of diamonds set in the center of the dial of the Dior VIII watch is like satin stitching. Some bezels are set with gemstones, some are set with pyramid-shaped high-precision ceramics with white diamonds, and all are set with baguette diamonds, topaz, tsavorite or pink sapphires.
系列 This series is limited to 88 pieces each, a total of four styles, and equipped with ‘Calibre Dior inversé’ automatic winding (refining) movement. Just like the whirling of a waltz, the swing of the oscillating weight on the dial is reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace corolla or a pleated skirt with diamonds. It perfectly combines Swiss cutting-edge technology with the rich creativity of Paris.

The “Bar” suit is the iconic design of Dior, which shows that Mr. Dior showed his love for structural lines in the first series of works in 1947. ‘I used to dream of becoming an architect, and now as a fashion designer, I will follow the principles and rules of architecture.’ This explains why this ‘new look’ is soft, narrow shoulders, waist and hips. The design of the jacket could attract the attention of everyone at the time.
Today, Dior launches the Dior VIII watch series, a tribute to Mr. Dior, a great designer. The name of the Dior VIII watch is composed of 8 letters, which is also the lucky number of the founder of Dior: Dior Design Studio was founded on October 8, 1946; his first haute couture collection was named ‘en huit’ ( The French number ‘8’); Dior Fashion headquarters is located in the world-famous Montaigne Avenue in the 8th district of Paris; and Dior’s flagship watch and jewelry boutique is also located at 8 Fontaine Square in Paris.
More importantly, on the dial of this classic and feminine watch, the Roman numeral ‘VIII’ is used to highlight the lucky time of 8 o’clock.

Perpetual Calendar Watch With “Reverse Rotation”

Swiss Athens Watch is a grand celebration of the establishment of the specialty store. It is full of European and American style, and is the first choice of Tianmu district in Taipei. It has a high-level, high-quality living environment and quality of life. At the same time, in recent years, more and more top-level Ivanhoe homes have been located in the Tianmu area. In addition, the turnover of the first day of the opening of the SOGO Tianmu store in 2009 exceeded 80 million. At the same time, the entry of the top British motorhome Aston Martin highlighted the amazing creation of the Tianmu business district High spending power. The overall design style of the Athenian watch store still inherits the traditional marine style of the Athen watch. Unlike the display windows of ordinary watch shops, the athen watch stores are replaced by round glass windows! Customers who enter this space, while choosing the top watches of Athens, feel like they are in the ocean ship, and they immediately feel a strong ocean atmosphere.

    Athenian Switzerland Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the establishment of a Taiwan specialty store. This time it also introduced five new Basel limited edition new products in 2010. With its superb watchmaking skills and innovative design in Athens, it will definitely attract more watch collectors.
    The challenger’s appearance is eye-catching, using high-tech materials and stylish dial design, which has the aesthetic characteristics of the watch, and also inspired the name of the watch. Adhering to the fine tradition of the Swiss Athens watch, the case is made of the same material as ‘Moonstruck’. The movement uses a perpetual calendar automatically developed by the watch factory, which also has dual time zone functions. ‘El Toro’ challenger pioneered the watchmaking industry. It is the world’s first perpetual calendar that can adjust all functions with a single crown and can be turned in the reverse direction. It is the most simple and time-tested perpetual calendar watch ever made.

The 10th Anniversary Exhibition Of The Athens Watch Whimsical Series Will Be Held In Shenzhen

From July 24th to July 31st, 2012, the top Swiss watch brand Athens Watch held the tenth anniversary exhibition of the ‘Fantastic FREAK’ series watches in the atrium of the first floor of the Vientiane City, Shenzhen, the world famous watch center. . This wonderful series that changed the entire watchmaking industry with shocking innovation and cutting-edge technology has been presented! After the launch at the Baselworld 2001, Fancyk watch has triggered a revolution in watchmaking. . Whimsical FREAK watches break people’s conventional understanding of watches. This watch has no crown and no hands, and the time is displayed by a continuously rotating movement. Combining the lyrical dynamics of mobile sculpture with the visual spectacle of installation art, Whimsical FREAK watches have given birth to the modernist aesthetics of watchmaking.

Royal Spokesperson Jordan Spieth Wins British Open Championship

Rolex spokesperson, golf upstart Jordan Spieth’s rise can be traced back to a sports family born in 1993 in Dallas, Texas. Originally, Jordan Spieth loved baseball and was a left-handed pitcher. At the age of 12, he gave up baseball, focused on golf, and quickly became one of the most famous young players.

   From 2009 to 2011, Jordan Spieth became the second golfer to win the US Junior Amateur Championship twice after Tiger Woods. Before reaching the age of 18 in July 2011, Jordan Spieth has been ranked first in the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) ranking, that is, he is the best junior golfer in the United States.

   On Sunday, July 23, 2017, Jordan Spieth won the 146th British Open Championship at the Royal Berkdale Golf Club with outstanding performance. At the age of 23, he became the 18th and won three different games. The major player of the Grand Slam champion is also the second player to achieve this achievement before the age of 24 after Jack Nicklaus (also a Rolex spokesperson). After the game, Jordan Spieth wore a Rolex Explorer II series 216570 watch and raised the wine jug trophy.

Beijing Watch Has Successfully Completed The Order Of Hundreds Of Tourbillon Watches Of Li Jiacheng Foundation

On August 15, 2011, the Hong Kong Li Ka Shing Foundation ordered 18K enamel tourbillon watch ‘Zheng Hebao Ship’ and 320 stainless steel tourbillon watch ‘Classic’ from our company. The company attaches great importance to it, thinking that this is not only the company’s great honor, but also feels pressure. The general manager convened a special meeting attended by relevant departments responsible for supporting, production, and quality control. The sales department, development center and quality department involved in the order carefully formulated the work plan, kept improving, and implemented the relevant work meticulously one by one. After nearly six months of careful organization and production, all orders were successfully delivered to May 2012.
    Mr. Li Ka-shing is very satisfied with Beipiao’s products. In the spring of 2012, in order to pay tribute to Mr. Li, the company specially customized a stainless steel enamel watch for Mr. Li. The dial of this watch is made of filigree enamel ‘wearing a dragon’, and the B18 movement is equipped with a ‘God fortune, good fortune’ carved on the splint to celebrate Mr. Li Jiacheng’s 84th birthday. General manager Miao Hongbo wrote the congratulatory message. On May 7, 2012, Mr. Li Ka-shing wrote a letter of thanks, stating that ‘the watch has elegant appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, and unique design.’
    Mr. Li Kacheng’s love will inspire all employees of the company to continue to improve the level of product design creativity, strive to improve product quality, make the best watches in China, and shape Beijing watches into the most culturally advanced and exquisite craftsmanship advanced watch brands.
Congratulatory Message from General Manager Miao Hongbo for Mr. Li Jiacheng

Our stainless steel filigree enamel watch ‘wearing a dragon’ specially made by Mr. Li Jiacheng

Li Ka-shing Foundation custom model-stainless steel tourbillon watch ‘Classic Ⅰ’

Deep And Exquisite Nomos Autobahn Midnight Blue Watch

Attractive and distinctive design is an important feature of Werner Aisslinger’s work. His work has won the favor of many museums around the world. For more than four years, Aisslinger and Tina Bunyaprasit have been working with NOMOS’s design department to develop Autobahn watches together. This model was officially unveiled at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair 2018. As the NOMOS brand new sports-style automatic watch, the Autobahn watch uses a new appearance design, unique style, clear lines and perfect polishing, which is impressive. Let’s take a look at the midnight blue model as an example:

   Autobahn has always successfully merged two worlds: bright, vibrant designs from Berlin, and superb technology and watchmaking from the quiet streets of Glashütte. Either way, this watch showcases the essence of Made in Germany, and even cyclists can feel its charm.

   The 41 mm diameter case is very atmospheric, creating an elegant background for the dazzling dial, while the case design itself draws on its built-in movement. The exquisite crown is located on one side of the watch and is engraved with the ‘NOMOS’ brand logo design, which reflects the exclusive and simple aesthetics.

   After polishing, the round case lines are smoother and blend perfectly with the lugs to create a unique look.

   The entire dial uses a linear design. This element first appeared on the edge of the dial and then appeared again on the second dial. The calendar window at 6 o’clock can display three different dates at the same time, namely yesterday, today and tomorrow.

   The superluminova fluorescent coating on the dial allows this watch to show the time clearly even in the dark night.

    The calendar is located on the edge of the dial and surrounds the movement, so that the extended calendar window can be set at 6 o’clock.

   Equipped with NOMOS ‘original new neomatik calendar display automatic movement (DUW 6101), you can see its style through the waterproof sapphire crystal back cover. In addition, the watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, designed to be a truly unique sports timepiece.

   It is worth mentioning that this Autobahn watch is presented in three styles: the first is a gray plate with a very sports color, and the second is a silver-plated white dial. Blue design. The third model is this deep midnight blue model. Interpreting the charm of NOMOS ‘new classic in different colors, Autobahn will be on sale at designated retailers starting March 22. If you like it, you might as well pay more attention.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Introduction To Rolex ‘black Water Ghost’ Watch

Rolex has been inseparable from the ocean since the day the brand was born. And its consumable perpetual DEEPSEA is undoubtedly the model of contact in the new generation of diving watches. It successfully rewritten the watch’s deep diving record to 3900 meters (12,800 feet). This stunning historic breakthrough once again fully proves Rolex’s unshakable authority in cutting-edge waterproof technology.

The success of the Rolex Consumption Perpetual DEEPSEA watch has benefited from several breakthrough technological innovations, including Rolex’s exclusive new case structure, the Ringlock System, which ensures that the watch can withstand tremendous pressure in deep water. Designed for the most demanding professional divers. In addition, three other outstanding watch components also contribute to the outstanding performance of this model: its high-performance stainless steel ring is placed between the sapphire glass and the case back to ensure that the glass and the case back are easy Withstands huge water pressure; the surface of its sapphire glass is slightly arched, which is thicker than that of other Oyster models, and its pressure resistance is doubled; the case back is made of titanium alloy with extremely high resistance, And it is fixed with 904L stainless steel ring with excellent performance.
DEEPSEA watches meet the extreme demands of professional divers for ruggedness, precision and reliability. The strap is equipped with a dual extension system that allows the strap length to be adjusted to allow the watch to be worn outside a 7 mm thick wetsuit for easy wearing. Double extension system. Includes: Oyster discount telescopic chain link and new GLIDELOCK buckle for fine adjustment of strap length. The helium-exhaust valve is made of 904L stainless steel with extraordinary performance. Its size is exactly the same as the diameter of the case, so it is tightly connected to perfectly guarantee excellent waterproof performance. Equipped with this safety device, the gas infiltrating the watch during deep sea diving can be discharged from the watch when the dive is decompressed. The triple-locked winding crown is equipped with three independent sealing washers, which can be further tightened to further perfect its outstanding waterproof performance.

Rolex’s original design makes the time display clearer and more legible. The DEEPSEA watch features a unidirectional rotating bezel and a black CERACHROM ceramic ring marked with a 60-minute scale, allowing you to precisely control your dive time on your wrist. The numbers and graduations engraved on the ceramic ring of CERACHROM are filled with platinum by Rolex’s patented PVD technology. Thanks to the blue fluorescent material Chromalight, the triangular pointer on the outer circle of the scale that points to zero and zero is clearly visible at night and in the deep sea. This new blue fluorescent material is also covered, and the extra-wide gold markings and hands on the dial are clearly legible.
This watch is equipped with a precision, reliable and durable caliber 3135, which uses a PARACHROM balance spring with high shock resistance and antimagnetic properties. With automatic winding function, it is equipped with a permanent movement pendulum movement certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), with an energy reserve of 48 hours.

Never-ending pioneering spirit
The DEEPSEA watch with outstanding water resistance is undoubtedly an outstanding member of the Oyster watch series. It carries the research spirit of Rolex’s diligent and unremitting exploration, and it is with this spirit that the brand developed the diving watch submersible and sea-dweller models in the 1950s. The DEEPSEA watch is named to commemorate the Deep Sea Special, a classic diving watch developed by Rolex in 1960. At that time, the watch had submerged in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean 10,916 meters deep and passed this extremely rigorous test.

Rigorous and professional quality assurance
Deep-sea diving requires extreme safety and reliability, so every DEEPSEA watch must pass Rolex’s most stringent waterproof tests. With the assistance of COMEX (Compagnie Maritime d & rsquo; Expertise), a world-famous French underwater engineering and high-pressure technology company, Rolex has carefully developed special test equipment to ensure watch quality.

Classic Legend Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Loves Speed ​​shanghai Exhibition

As a global partner and official timekeeper of the Formula 1 ™, Rolex has to mention a series of Rolex originating from racing. It is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual which was born in 1963. Cosmograph Daytona watch, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch has more than 50 years of history, in order to let everyone understand its legendary development process, Rolex From January 12th, a ‘Praise of Time and Speed’ Rolex presented the ‘Cosmograph Daytona Loves Speed’ exhibition. The exhibition address is set in ‘Rolex World’ in Shanghai. Watch fans who continue to explore the legendary experience of Rolex Daytona products can go to the exhibition site to visit. Today, please follow our watch home to learn about this exhibition with a strong historical color.

 The specific address of this exhibition is located in the “Rolex World” in Jardine House, 27 Bund, Shanghai. The “Rolex World” is a comprehensive exhibition hall on the history of Rolex brand and watchmaking. Here, this exhibition is held in such a glorious exhibition hall.

 The exhibition hall has been newly renovated. At that time, professional interpreters will lead us to experience the 50-year history of the legendary Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch.
Origin of the Rolex Daytona Collection

 First of all, we have to introduce the origins of the Daytona series. Daytona, Florida, USA, has a famous long beach and has been the legendary capital of land speed records since 1903. The first Daytona Continental was held in 1962. Just one year later, Rolex launched the Cosmograph Daytona watch, which was born at the same time as the event, and the two have been with each other since Go along.
The first Daytona came out in 1963

The watch in the picture is a new generation of chronograph watches specially launched by Rolex for racers in 1963. At that time, it was named the Cosmograph. Because of its novel technology and design, it was well received after it was launched. Attention, it can be said that it is the first product of the Rolex Daytona series. Later, the Daytona series has continuously evolved from being called a cosmograph watch at the beginning of the launch to being later named ‘Oyster’ (Oyster) ), ‘Perpetual’
‘The Cosmograph’, ‘Daytona’ and ‘Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’, etc., have recorded the development of this legendary watch.

The Rolex Daytona series evolved with the times. After the first model was launched in 1963, a new product was launched in 1965. This Daytona is called the Paul Newman surface cosmograph. The Daytona watch, because at that time the well-known American film star and racer ‘Paul Newman’ often wore this Daytona watch and was widely circulated. Therefore, the new version also has some technical and design. Upgrade to replace the original pumping button with a screw-in timing button. The screw-in button is a finishing touch to the Oyster case concept, protecting the button from accidental pressing. In order to show the enhanced waterproof performance, ‘Oyster’ is engraved before the ‘Cosmograph’ on the surface. The outer ring of the speedometer is coated with black Plexiglas Plexiglas, while the white scale makes the reading clearer, which is another new feature of the watch.

Year of the Great Transformation 1988

In 1988, the brand chose a commercially available self-winding chronograph movement of superior quality and significantly modified it to meet Rolex’s requirements:
Replace more than half of the parts with those designed for Rolex Daytona movements. The 4030 movement was born. In 1988, the appearance of the watch was redesigned, which laid the foundation of today’s noble and elegant style for the Cosmograph Daytona watch.
The diameter of the Oyster case has been increased from 36 mm to 40 mm, and a shoulder protector has been added to protect the crown. Wider metal speed measurement
Outer circle, printed with 400 progressive scale units. In addition, the hands, hour markers and chronograph of the watch are all face to face
New and modern surface still retains unique style and classic red ‘Daytona’

Rolex launched the reinterpreted Cosmograph Daytona in 2000, which not only inherited the craze of the first cosmograph watch in history, but also led the future of chronograph watches.

Daytona Cosmograph 2004

In 2013, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Daytona watch, the first platinum oyster watch in the professional series was designed, with an ice-blue surface to match the rare metal-platinum 950. This surface color is unique to Rolex platinum watches. The Cerachrom ring on the watch is independently developed by Rolex, durable and exquisite.

Summary: The Rolex Daytona series has a long history of 50 years. It is not enough to appreciate its legendary style only by editing articles. The 50-year development of the Rolex Daytona series consists of the original 36 mm diameter, pump-type timing button. The small dial at 60 o’clock at nine o’clock, etc. has been changed to the current diameter of 40 millimeters. The small dial at 6 o’clock and 60 seconds at 6 o’clock and the more convenient speed dial can be seen. It is more modern. The design that we ca n’t see is 50 years of technological precipitation. For 50 years, Rolex has continuously demanded and innovated the Daytona series. The upgrade of the movement and the upgrade of the watchmaking materials. Each small upgrade is only for you. With a better watch, if you are interested in learning more about Rolex Daytona products, please pay attention to the following information.

Exhibition address: “Rolex World • World”
   1F, No.27 Zhongshan East First Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Exhibition Date: April 12, 2014 to May 7
Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 Monday to Sunday
Reservation and Enquiry Tel: 021-33300091