Jacques Dro Launches Large Enamel Calendar With Large Seconds Hand

Jacques Dro has recently launched a large ivory dated large enamel date display large seconds hand watch, whose escapement uses a silicon balance and hairspring, and then sets a new chapter in extreme aesthetics. Jacques Dro large seconds watch series, this watch series created in 2011 inspired by a legendary model of the brand has ushered in new faces and movements this year, once again proving the excellence of Jacques Dro Watchmaking.

This is the first time that the brand has improved the watch, which uses a silicon balance spring and a chamfered pallet. Silicon is a high-toughness material. At present, only a few brands can master its use method. It is not only resistant to shock, pressure and temperature, but also anti-magnetic, thereby ensuring more accurate travel time.

Each movement is manufactured through a series of sophisticated finishing techniques. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can enjoy the exquisite movement of the movement. At the same time, in order to make the movement more beautiful, the movement is also carved with exquisite The Geneva Ripple also serves as a symbol of brand identity. The gray-black tone of the movement gives a more modern visual impression.

The watch will be available in both rose and white gold with diameters of 39 mm and 43 mm. The watch uses Jacques Dro’s unique technique of firing with large open flame enamel. The Arabic numeral ‘8’ profile formed by the inner dial symbolizes balance and perfection, which is also Jacques Dro’s lucky number.

This watch combines watchmaking technology and aesthetic changes, and pursues the ultimate in aesthetics and craftsmanship without prejudice to high quality, showing the progressive spirit of advanced watchmaking by Jacques Dro. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

It’s Really Original, It Makes Great Invention

The advancement of society and civilization cannot be separated from the original spirit. With the tireless pursuit of originality, one after another amazing miracles can be created. Glashütte Original has been adhering to the original spirit for 173 years. It has transformed the timepiece with original inventions and craftsmanship. It has created a small world for the precise operation of each watch.
Flying tourbillon

   The flying tourbillon, invented by Glashütte watchmaker Alfred Hevig in 1920, has become a perfect and far-reaching initiative. The flying tourbillon offsets the rate error caused by gravity to the timepiece and achieves perfection in space dynamics and mechanical aesthetics. The upper bracket of the tourbillon is removed and fixed only from below, showing lightness and elegance.
Big calendar

   Glashütte’s original invention of the same coaxial large-scale calendar display in 1997, consisting of two concentric display dials located on the same plane. The two date numbers are clear at a glance, and the separation bar is discarded for a smoother reading experience.
Double gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism
   Since 1888, the gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism has been in charge of the accuracy and stability of the Glashütte timepieces. The length of the hairspring is adjusted by turning the screws on the gooseneck spring to achieve the effect of adjusting the speed.

   In 2002, the second gooseneck spring added by Glashütte’s original innovation made the double gooseneck fine-tuning a breakthrough patented technology in the watch industry.

   The newly-invented double gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism has expanded functions to achieve the right-side adjustment rate and the left-hand side adjustment anchor escapement symmetry to achieve higher accuracy. With the balance wheel bearing as the center point, the left and right hand-polished gooseneck fine-tuning layout is matched with the balance plate of gold and silver staggered carving pattern, just like a beautiful butterfly resting on the movement, showing the aesthetic connotation of elegant curves.
36 time zone mechanism

   Glashütte Original shows two original inventions in different time zones at the same time, providing great convenience for travelers across time zones. The 36 time zones around the world are fully displayed on the time zone ring. The black, blue, and red International Airport Codes (IATA) show 24 time zones with deviations of one hour, nine deviations of 0.5 hours, and three deviations of 0.75 hours. By setting the airport code of each city, intelligent one-button adjustment can be realized, and the summer time, local time, home time, day and night display, and real-time synchronization of the date can be automatically maintained.
Intelligent winding mechanism

   As another Glashütte original patented invention, the intelligent winding mechanism uses a stepped variable speed transmission, which can quickly and efficiently transfer energy to two adjacent barrels, realizing the movement according to the wearer’s movement ‘Smart’ adjustments to optimize energy use.
Innovative metal chain belt micro adjustment mechanism

   In addition to the movement, Glashütte Original also pays attention to the comfortable wearing experience of the watch. The innovative metal chain belt micro-adjustment mechanism is not only sturdy and wear-resistant, but also fits the wrist, making it easier to adjust. The wearer can set the length of the strap with the touch of a finger, with a maximum adjustment length of 8 mm. Everything in the details.
   The original spirit drives the ingenuity to impart classic charm, and constantly improves the craftsmanship and design. Glashütte Original presents you the most wonderful timepieces!