Introduction Of 4 Piaget Limelight Garden Party Watches

As we all know, jewelry is an indispensable part of Piaget’s brand. Many Piaget’s watches combine their accomplishments in watches and jewelry. Its Limelight series is a model in this regard. Piaget used this metaphor to describe the Limelight series: ‘If clockmaking is described as a movie, a Limelight watch is a star that blooms under the camera’s flash, attracting everyone’s attention. The Limelight series adhering to the style of the first Piaget jewellery watches, the continuously innovative style still flashes dazzling gorgeous light, like an invitation to set foot on the red carpet. & rdquo;
 After the Limelight Jazz Party, Piaget launched the Limelight Garden Party on the 2011 SIHH. This series of watches is like an elf in the garden, leading us into the mysterious world of beautiful diamond garlands, exotic birds, and flashing leaves, bringing us the natural feeling of being a fairy. . This time, Limelight Garden Party launched a total of four watches with three themes: diamond garland, floral bloom and forest bird.

 There are two watches in the diamond garland theme, with unique leaf-shaped case designs and bold use of diamonds and emeralds. The leaf-shaped case is surrounded by leaf vines. The difference between the two watches lies in these leaves. Rattan uses different materials, one is made of diamonds, and the other is made of emeralds and diamonds. The number of diamonds and carats embedded in the two watches shocked us. The diamond model was set with 164 diamonds, about 7.5 carats; the emerald model was set with 154 diamonds, about 2.7 carats, and 10 emeralds Gemstone, approximately 5.2 carats.

 The floral bloom themed watch has a white dial and strap with a white gold case and a bezel set with approximately 1.5 carats of diamonds. The small highlight of this watch is the design of the cover, which is freehand like Chinese water painting, carved 4 plums of different sizes, and the stamen is made of pink sapphire.

 The forest bird theme watch is completely different from the floral bloom, it is mainly black: the dial with a black background plus a black silk strap. The case retains the characteristics of the Limelight Garden Party watch. The white gold texture is set with 52 diamonds and about 1.6 carats. The biggest feature of this watch is the dial design: ‘Birds on the branches’ made of white gold and diamonds has a wonderful scene, and ‘Birds’ can rotate.
This series of watches is equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement.