Jacques Dro’s Masterpieces And China

The origins of Jacques Dro’s founder Pierre-Jacques Dro and China can be traced back to the 18th century-the time when watches and clocks entered the Chinese market. At that time, Jacques de Rodriguez’s masterpieces of watches and clocks had been loved and collected by Chinese eminent officials, and even the Chinese emperor, who was accustomed to rare treasures, was very fond of these treasures. Nowadays, there are several pieces of Jacques de Loire in Beijing’s Forbidden City. 7851785 Gold Enamel Warbler Pocket Watch
61 61 mm diameter, yellow gold and enamel songbird pocket watch set with pearls and rubies. A Louis XVI-style case, the outer frame is alternately inlaid with rubies and pearls, and the enamel back cover is an idyllic scene drawn from A. Conte’s embossed work called Evening. The timekeeping bird device is driven by a sesame chain transmission system, and the bird’s song is controlled by a sliding piston organ tube, which can adjust the size of the sound. Using the ‘mini-whistle bagpipe’ technology, the sound of the bird song is exactly the same as that of the bird song in the nature, and it is customized for the Chinese market.
过 Beaming Warbler Bell in 1770
The extremely rare and exquisite gold-plated brass enamel birdcage clock, with a pair of songbirds in the birdcage, and a fountain in the middle. The bottom clock is equipped with a central seconds hand and a 12-hour bell to adjust the clockwork, which can sing four tunes at a specified time or automatically at the hour. The bird’s song is made by a musical instrument, which consists of organ pipes of various sizes, made in Geneva.
2011 Petite Heure Minute Relief watch
The antique gold is carved with embossed pictographs with simple geometric lines. The pictographs are derived from ancient traditions, and Jaquet Droz bestows this artistic masterpiece on the Petite Heure Minute Relief watch. The eccentric hour and minute dials provide more creative space: a group of birds flutter on the white mother-of-pearl dial. The contrasting colors are eye-catching, and the handmade relief patterns come to life.
7851785 Gold Enamel Self-winding Chronograph Pocket Watch
Set with pearls and central seconds. The Louis XVI-style shell is inlaid with pearls, the oval frame of the enamel bottom cover is painted with a picture of a vase placed on the lakeside, and it is embedded on the painted background of brown carved transparent enamel (Flinqué). The frame is carved with gold foil / silk enamel (Paillonnée) ) Craft decoration, production and London, customized for the Chinese market.
2012 Petite Jeure Minute Flowers
In the 21st century, Jacques Dro has carried forward the micro-painting enamel technology, allowing the watchmaking tradition created by its founder to continue in the existing watch series. The micro-painted enamel technology is used on a few models. These unique classic models are completely drawn by hand and take 40 hours under the microscope to complete. In China, a symbol of wealth and good luck, the peony flower clusters are beautiful, and the pair of red and black twin swallows on the branches are vivid and charming, as if they would spread their wings and fly away.
1790 Gold Enamel Oval Pocket Watch
Large round seconds dial with eccentric hour and minute dial, with Roman and Arabic numerals. The blue enamel case is decorated with gold and silver carved enamel (Flinqué) flowers and musical instrument patterns, and is customized for the Chinese market.
7851785 Off-centre hour and minute dial pocket watch
The is equipped with a large seconds dial, made in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Grande Seconde 2004
On the same dial, the hour and minute display eccentrically set at 12 o’clock, and the seconds dial set at 6 o’clock hug: Such a poetic avant-garde aesthetic perfectly fits Jaquet Droz’s true colors.
2012 pocket watch
The pocket watch series is a legend of horology that has been going on for centuries. Now this poetic symbol is once again put on the stage. This model designed in 1785 is a muse inspired by the classic Grande Seconde Enamel. The enduring philosophy of the Enlightenment era composes a carol.
Gold Enamel Three-Pin Pocket Watch 1790
56 56 mm diameter, central seconds hand, gold enamel pocket watch set with pearls, white enamel dial with classic three-hand design. Blue enamel caseback with geometric patterns in gold and silver. Ultra-thin movement with gold-plated brass balance plate. Customized for the Chinese market.
2012 Petite Heure Minute Paillonnée
The Paillonné enamel process, a decorative pattern inlaid on translucent enamel. These carved gold or silver leaves used as decoration can be traced back to the eighteenth century. So Paillonnée pocket watches are extremely rare and valuable.
785Gold enamel pocket watch 1785
Set with pearls and separate seconds. The Louis XVI-style shell is inlaid with pearls, and the pendulum is decorated with gold leaf carving and Paillonnée. The enamel cover depicts a woman walking in the garden with her two children by her side. Made in London and customized for the Chinese market.
2010 Grande Seconde Circled
The elegant gathering of the leap-second hand dial and the very display dial is reminiscent of the number 8. The pure white mother-of-pearl dial is fixed with a gold ring with blue steel screws, condensing all of Jaquet’s imagination. The two rings of diamond rings are dazzling under the light, exposing superb jewelry setting technology, making the art of timing under the glittering diamonds, noble and gorgeous.