Janike, Chief Designer Of Jaeger-lecoultre: Inspired By Attention To Details

On June 15th, at the opening of the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre, the top Swiss watch brand, and more than 200 domestic and foreign media celebrated the 180th anniversary of the brand and launched it. New women’s silk chain double-sided watch. At the celebration site, Jaeger-LeCoultre global chief designer Janek accepted an exclusive interview with Global People Magazine.

 Janek’s father was a Polish man who fled abroad during World War II. He later joined the army and settled in the United States after the war. Janeck’s mother was a teacher who raised the children in one hand-Janek’s brother was a film director, his sister was a journalist, and his family was full of culture and art. ‘When I was young, I didn’t know what I should do, but I liked painting and music very much. When I was young, my mother wanted me to be an engineer, so I joined a car company, but felt that I couldn’t work well there. Then I went to Paris , Holding his own painting album to sell everywhere. One year at the Basel Watch Fair, I met Mr. Baxman of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and started cooperation. ”Janeck recalled.

 Since 1987, Janek has been working in Jaeger-LeCoultre watches and clocks, and was appointed artistic director in 2001. He designed the Reverso 60th Anniversary Edition watch, which is still enjoyed by watch fans. Yanek has lived in Paris and traveled by train to Switzerland 3 times a week to design products for Jaeger-LeCoultre.

 Author: Which one is your favorite in your work? Where does creative inspiration come from?

 Janeck: I have worked at Jaeger-LeCoultre for more than 20 years. It can be said that every watch is like my child. From birth, birth, to growth, watching them grow up a little, I like every watch very much. .

 Many things in life can inspire me. It could be a phone, a boot, or a train. I pay attention to the details in life, especially everything around me. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch museum is also my source of inspiration. I will look at those antiques and incorporate them into the new design. Many of the elements of antique pocket watches have been incorporated into our design this year.

 Author: What do you think of Chinese consumers? Do they consider their preferences when designing?

 Janeck: In previous years, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s markets were in Europe and France, and now China has also become a major market. Over the years, Chinese consumers who purchase Jaeger-LeCoultre watches not only look at prices, but also pay great attention to quality and connotation. Therefore, a Chinese girl has been added to our design team. She knows Chinese culture well and can share her oriental elements with everyone. My team now has seven or eight people from all over the world. Everyone keeps colliding with each other and looking for inspiration for each other.

 Author: When art design and watchmaking conflict, how do you balance and choose?

 Janeck: Indeed, this is often the case in small watches. For Reverso series watches, we all know that the case should be smooth when flipped, and tightly stitched when closed. If it is just a simple flip design, it will not be so laborious, but when adding functions to the case, we must consider where the design is located, whether this position affects use, how it conflicts with previous designs, and so on.

 For another example, the Master series has ultra-thin styles, and the design of the case is to be adapted to actual functions. In both cases, the movement must be fully considered in the design, and the shape and size of the appearance are not enough. In short, design must be both realistic and beautiful, which is how I balance artistic creation and watchmaking techniques.

 Author: What do you think is the design trend of watches in the future? What kind of concept watch do you want to design?

 Janeck: If you put aside everything to design a concept watch, I will design a Reverso series watch with beautiful music to make the product change qualitatively. Every time you pick up your watch, you can’t help but close your eyes and listen to a beautiful song. In the concept watch, the functional design is imaginative, so is the exterior design. Maybe I will design a Reverso watch that is different from the traditional square, and change it to a round appearance, which will produce subversive functions and styles.

 Author: Who is your most admired art master? What is your design philosophy?

 Janeck: Of the traditional art masters, I like Van Gogh best. He can use various colors to the extreme. Black and white and gray are not colors to him. He dares to use the fullest colors to create. Among contemporary artists, I admire Andy Warhol the most. He was also a filmmaker, writer, rock composer, publisher … When he was young, many masters opened up ideas for my artistic creation at different levels. Their philosophy is ‘the next work will be the best’, and they can always surpass themselves and discover new things. No one knows what kind of message the next second’s work will convey. It always makes people look forward to and reverie. This is the real artist.

Tag Heuer Celebrates The Launch Of The Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch In Australia

TAG Heuer, together with D’MARGE, the top online men’s lifestyle magazine and brand friends, Fabian Coulthard, V8 Super Touring Car Championship, presents unique and worthy typical Australian races. This celebrates the launch of the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch in Australia.

   At the age of six, Fabian Coulthard drove a go-kart for the first time and has never stopped since. Before entering Formula Ford, the British-born New Zealander won several New Zealand karting awards, won the championship in 2001, participated in Asia, and participated in the British Formula Renault series.

   In 2004, Fabian traveled to Australia to participate in the Porsche Carrera Cup Championship and successfully defended his title again a year later. After that, he went to compete for Australia’s highly anticipated V8 supercar championship, repeatedly won pole positions, sub championships, and several podiums. He currently plays for DickJohnson, the international racing tycoon and businessman of the DJRTeamPenske team. Roger Penske. In addition to competitions, Fabian also likes fitness and sports, and likes his partner Becky’s company and their French bulldog Bronte.