Tissot Global Ambassador Huang Xiaoming’s Interpretation Of The New Season Advertising Blockbuster

Recently, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot, together with its global endorsement ambassador Huang Xiaoming, reinterpreted the latest advertising image of Tissot in Beijing. The latest advertising image of Tissot is still mirrored by the well-known domestic photographer Feng Hai. In each group of shooting, he successfully captured the real moment of Tissot’s global endorsement ambassador Huang Xiaoming, showing his fashion attitude and gentlemanly style. Behind these memorable shots, Tissot’s brand concept “innovation originates from tradition” is expressed. And this time the shooting creativity is also unique. In addition to using the Swiss symbol of Tissot’s hometown, the Jungfrau, as the background, it also draws its creative inspiration from the night scene of Beijing, China. This aspect shows Tissot’s heritage and tribute to its more than 150 years of history, and also shows Tissot’s firm confidence in the Chinese and even Asian markets. On August 1, this year, when Tissot was the official partner of the 100th anniversary of the Jungfrau Railway, ‘Shooting’ Jungfrau in the new season’s commercials undoubtedly emphasized the close cooperation and deep blood between the two sides.神 The charm of ‘quiet’ calm and elegant interpretation of luxury and simplicity
At noon on the 29th, Huang Xiaoming, who was fashionable and casually dressed, appeared in the studio in an energetic manner. After working for several hours, he still looks energetic and ready to go. Xiaoming greets everyone cordially and entertains everyone to enjoy his favorite Japanese cuisine for lunch. After that, the first group of shots started immediately, with the background of the night scene of Beijing streets with unique simplicity and traditional charm. Xiaoming is wearing a gray slim suit, wearing a Tissot Classic men’s gold watch, leaning slightly to his side, arms folded and thoughtful, his eyes are deep and firm. The Tissot gold watch on his wrist records the passage of time with hands, silently thinking about the future with Xiaoming. At this moment, time seems to be still, accompanied by Xiaoming’s meditation …
In the background behind Xiao Ming, the flashing lights outline the unique Chinese charm of the tower-shaped building, and the simple style also sets off the nostalgic design of the watch. And Xiaoming’s fashion interpretation also builds a bridge between the Chinese background and the Western elements in the watch.
晓 The classic men’s gold watch worn by Huang Xiaoming, its design shows the perfect fusion of luxury and simplicity. The embossed bar scale on the round dial makes the watch more profound; the Roman numerals at 12 o’clock show the elegant classic style. In addition, the round small seconds dial at 6 o’clock adds a little vintage charm to the watch, perfectly merging with its modern fashion sense. The watch’s dial features classic silver and a brown leather strap, which truly inherits the nostalgic classic style. The contrasting and harmonious combination of silver and brown is also echoed in Xiaoming’s dress. The gray slim western suit is equipped with a black V-neck sweater. The matching of dark and light colors is just like the color matching of the watch.动 ‘Motion’ state of mind Accompanied by walking with prosperity
After the first group of shooting was successfully completed, Xiaoming deliberately bought coffee for everyone to refresh and make the next work more efficient. Before shooting the second set of styling, the stylist ingeniously matched a black suit with a black and white irregular stripe design, which is enough to show the entire team’s pursuit of exquisite details. In this group of models, Xiaoming wore a Tissot Rock series automatic mechanical astronomical watch and walked in a bustling metropolis, showing a relaxed moment after a busy day of work. After trying to set the action to be approved, Xiaoming communicated with Mr. Feng Hai and expressed his hope that he can freely play and show the true fashion. Afterwards, the posture and movement of the photos presented in front of everyone are more natural and have been well received.
形象 The background of this image is also taken from the empty night scenes of Beijing streets. ‘Close to life and people-oriented’ is not only the design concept of Tissot products, but also perfectly reflected in Tissot’s communication strategy. Plain and simple elements can often create an approachable life scene. And Xiaoming’s expressive interpretation in front of this background conveyed the ease and frankness after the bustling, and with the wristwatch of the Rocklock series of astronomical watches, every moment the pointer passed became more calm and indifferent. At this time, the rhythm of time seemed to be more rhythmic, and this moment was magnified to the extreme. The background exudes the fresh air of Beijing at night, creating a pleasant atmosphere.
Xiaoming interprets a relaxing moment after a busy day of work
晓 When Xiaoming learned that this chronometer watch won the corporate classic championship of the 2011 Swiss International Chronometer, he repeatedly praised that there should be a precise and classic mechanical watch at work to help him better control time. The Tissot Rock series automatic astronomical watch uses a sapphire crystal glass with a double anti-glare coating, which allows you to watch the elegant movement of the hands more closely. The dial is decorated with complex but regular twists. The cord-like decoration is quite admiring. The built-in glass technology behind it can better reflect the three-dimensional feeling and extraordinary feel of the carving technology, and also let the human body experience the exquisite craftsmanship of Tissot and the consistent inheritance of the pursuit of perfection. The use of rose gold PVD coating makes the watch more extraordinary and nostalgic. Xiaoming’s black and white fashion style also highlights the low-key and elegant color of the Leroc series rose gold PVD case, which has become the focus on the wrist.
Professional attitude Swiss traditional fusion technology charm
The last group of models returned to Tissot’s motherland, Switzerland, and took the ‘Top of Europe’ Jungfrau as the background to capture the success and joy of outdoor sportsman Huang Xiaoming ascending. If the first two groups of blockbusters are Tissot’s innovations based on the Asian market, this group is the classic heritage of Tissot returning to tradition and paying tribute to the motherland.
8On August 1st of this year, at the 100th anniversary of the Jungfrau Railway, Tissot is also honored as its official partner of the centennial anniversary. Jungfraujoch Railway Station is located at an altitude of 3,454 meters. It is the highest railway station in Europe and the highest place in Europe that ordinary tourists can reach. Its engineering difficulty is comparable to precision timing equipment. Because of the common demand for precision between the two, Tissot has become an ideal partner for the Centennial Celebration of the Jungfrau Railway. In addition, the Jungfrau region and Tissot’s hometown, Lillok, are listed as UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites. Although the roof of the Jungfraujoch is frozen all year round, it is a melting pot of tourists. Every year, visitors to the highest train stations in Europe come from all over the world, and in 2010, there were 672,000 passengers. Tissot, which is also Swiss in origin, is also the largest Swiss fine watch brand in the world. It is also the number one Swiss fine watch brand in the world.
Beijing was sweltering in June, and there was a scorching wave in the studio that day, but Xiaoming had to put on a thick sweater and down jacket and put on ski boots, which made the staff on the scene praise his profession with thumbs up spirit. Xiaoming transformed into a warrior, leaning on a pole at the summit of the cold winds of the Jungfrau Mountain, looking far into the distance, Mei Yu revealed calmness and confidence. This pair of styling with Tissot Tengzhi Professional Edition watches closely connects the spirit of persistent outdoor sports with high-tech watches.
Xiaoming shoots Jungfrau scene in the studio wearing a down jacket
The professional version of the Tengzhi series worn by Xiaoming this time is a high-precision watch, which achieves the perfect unity of functionality and usability. In addition to the timekeeping function of the watch itself, Tengzhi Series Professional Edition also provides 11 unique functions, which can be activated by simply pressing the crown and touching the corresponding position of the sapphire crystal glass. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts can directly use the altimeter, mountain climbing speed, countdown time (segmentation and simultaneous timekeeping), compass, two alarms, thermometer, weather forecast, date and time display (12-hour / 24-hour) ), Perpetual calendar, countdown and backlight. Anytime, anywhere, the wearer of Tengzhi Series Professional Edition can light up the high-tech on the wrist with the touch of a fingertip. The extreme environment of the Jungfrau can undoubtedly highlight the cutting-edge performance of the professional version of the Tengzhi series, and Huang Xiaoming’s professional interpretation also creates an immersive sensory experience, leading consumers to the roof of Europe-Jungfrau.
Professional version of Tengzhi series worn by Xiaoming
On the one hand, business people walking on the streets of Beijing, and on the other hand, outdoor elites climbing the Jungfrau, shuttle between such identities, Huang Xiaoming has always maintained its unique and fashionable style, just like the goal pursued by Tissot men’s watches, always show Really stylish and extraordinary gentlemanly. During the filming, Xiaoming also specially brought his favorite brand of cake to celebrate the scene of the staff. Everyone present at the scene could feel Xiaoming’s sincere and kind gentleman demeanor. At the same time, the entire shooting process was very efficient. The three groups of photos were quickly taken. Several Tissot executives were also very satisfied. They praised Xiaoming for her professionalism and dedication.