Feather Works Artist – Nelly Sanier “Feathers Are About Emotions”

Nelly Sanier is one of the few great artists of our time to use feathers to create exquisite artworks.

   Birdie is the absolute king in the quiet and elegant working room. The work she has created by herself is breathtaking, which has promoted the development of a special art form.

   Nelly Saunier was born in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France, in 1964. He currently lives and works in Paris. The French National Institute of Applied Arts and Arts-Ecole Olivier de Serres, Maître d’Art – Grands Ateliers de France.
Inheritors of ancient crafts

   Nelly Sanier is the heir to ancient techniques, winner of the Maître d’Art title, and the Liliane Bettencourt Prize for the Intelligence of the Hand Winner. By exhibiting his copy of the 17th-century Indian starlings at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Louvre, he has gained a place in the modern art world.
   The artist’s creative approach also allowed her to further expand her relationships with the film and design community. From Lina Lizi to Givenchy, her feather collections have been featured on the catwalks of the Haute Couture show through a series of projects with Jean-Paul Gaultier, including: The famous parrot bolero cacket and the symbolic jacquard pullover.

Piaget Secrets & Lights Collection

   The bold work launched by Nellie Sanier and PIAGET is a tribute to rare craftsmanship, which relives the prosperity and luxury of the previous era in some original and modern creative ways.
From now on, goldsmiths and jewellers will need ‘feather-like diamonds’!

   Just like the great animal painters-Pisanello, Dürer, Audubon, Fuertes-paint the painting with the most accurate stylus, so that the vitality from painting Just like the medium spray, Nelly Sanier is carefully choosing a series of colors and blending style, specifications and volume perfectly. Parrots, macaws, parakeets, geese, raptors and ducks all play a role in creating life-like illusions and constructing real works of art. This outstanding artist has transcended the material category, creating a charming effect of delicate, light feathers trembling in the air.

   ‘Feathers are about emotions,’ explained Nelly Sanier, ‘they allow artists to create classic works full of natural poetry.’
Maître d’ Art
   Inspired by Japan’s ‘living national treasures’, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication created the title of Maître d’Art in 1994 from the perspective of artistic creation and cultural relic protection to protect artists’ works. Contains rare superb skills. This measure is aimed at special skills that are only spread within the studio and people cannot receive relevant training elsewhere.

   The Maître d’ Art Lifetime Award-winning artist is dedicated to imparting expertise and skills to students in the studio. Each year for 3 years, the government provides a grant of up to 16,000 Euros to the winner of the Maître d’ Art title to finance the dissemination of the above-mentioned expertise and skills.
   As a heir to ancient techniques, Nelly Sanier was awarded the honorary title of Maître d’ Art.
   At the same time, Nelly Sanier won the Liliane Bettencourt Prize for the Intelligence of the Hand. The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation Talent Award recognizes artisans who have created superb work through their perfect mastery of artistic skills and knowledge. They must be innovative and actively promote the development of the corresponding art profession.

Swatch Collaborates With International Singer Mika To Celebrate The Brand’s 30th Anniversary

Swatch Swatch announced the cooperation with international singer Mika to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand. Like the Swatch brand, it will also celebrate Mika’s 30th birthday.

In the video of Mika’s latest song ‘Popular Song’, you can see Mika wearing a Swatch Touch Blue watch. In addition, the new Swatch Scuba Libre TV commercials feature Mika’s Underwater song.
Speaking of his collaboration with Swiss brand Swatch, Mika said: ‘Swatch is a representative brand, and I have always appreciated the creativity of others-from their classic and pure designs to exciting artists. Cooperation with Novelty. This is a design brand that can reflect every aspect and at the same time be consistent with its unique design principles. I grew up with Swatch and became a brand fan for many years. On behalf of one of the 30 members of the brand. I am looking forward to what will happen in the next 30 years. ‘