The Road To Marriage Of Top Brands Four Recommended Cross-border Watches

In recent years, top watch brands have staged marriage partnerships, and they have joined forces to create time-honored products in the watch industry: Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin, Girard Perregaux and Zegna … they penetrate each other Combining two into one brings us unexpected and innovative single products.
The integration of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches and Aston Martin DBS sports cars
The AMVOX2 DBS Transponder chronograph watch launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston-Martin has a micro-transmission system that can control the locking and unlocking of the Aston Martin DBS sports car. When you approach the sports car, just press the ‘OPEN’ position on the watch’s mirror (between 8 and 9 o’clock) to open the door and press the ‘CLOSE’ position (from 3 to 4 o’clock Time), the door will be locked. In addition, the watch’s case and dial design are subtle, and sports car elements can be seen everywhere. It features a floating metal-like DBS logo, a separate AstonMartin logo on the movement display and gray plywood, and a polished black dial, which is consistent with the DBS sports car’s instrument panel. A display window is located on the outer ring of the dial to expose the internal parts of the chronograph and transponder functions, which is comparable to the brake disc shown in the tire rim of a DBS sports car.
The combination of Girard-Perregaux and Zegna
As Italy’s top menswear brand, Genia relies not on novel styles and bright colors, but on simplicity, elegance and comfort to meet the needs of high taste. In 2010, the centenary of Zegna, the Italian Zegna family and the Macaluso family in charge of Girard Perregaux joined forces, which is tantamount to a historic handshake between the two godfathers. No swordswords, no bloody conspiracy, this is a well-dressed and personable Italian family gathering. Really successful men don’t need to show off. When they lift their wrists, they are simple dress watches, and behind Girard Perregaux’s powerful watchmaking skills and Zegna’s century-old spirit. On this watch, Zegna’s logo replaced Girard-Perregaux’s factory logo, allowing Swiss watch of 219 to be willing to help, which shows that Zegna’s status is extraordinary.
Harry Winston diamond and independent watchmaker fit
At the time, Marilyn Monroe sings with a slightly hoarse voice in the movie ‘The Gentleman Loves Blondes’: ‘Talkto me Harry Winston, talk to me’. This is Harry Winston. The top diamond brands to say. From Queen Elizabeth to Hollywood stars, Harry Winston’s diamonds are their love. Now, the marriage of Harry Winston and watches will make many men spend more.
Since 2000, Hai Rui Winston has launched an alternative Opus series: Opus2 creatively places the perpetual calendar on the back of the case; Opus 5’s ‘Cube Hour Turntable’ will flip sequentially like a satellite every hour, with inverse The minute hand that jumped back completely overturned the traditional watch design concept; Opus8 is a mechanical watch disguised as an electronic watch; Opus9 uses two diamond chains and rubies to indicate the time; Opus X presented at the Basel Watch Show in 2010, subverted The traditional dial and hands are replaced by a rotating display built on a rotating frame. Like the planets of the solar system in the universe, Opus X also operates on a planetary orbit mechanism, including sun gear, satellite gear and external frame. The wonders of various independent watchmakers are gathered on the dial, plus the limited production is rare, and it is no wonder that the film star Mel Gibson will get a Hai Rui for the price enough to buy a small submarine -Winston watch.
IWC fits with St. Exupery’s novel
圣 Saint Exupery, best known for the fairy tale ‘Little Prince,’ is actually an outstanding pilot and adventurer. The IWC Pilot’s Watch ‘Special Edition for Saint Exupery’ is dedicated to this great ‘pilot writer’.
IWC made 1939 pieces based on St. Exupery’s novel ‘Wind, Sand, Stars’ as the reference standard. The dial is also decorated with the ‘A’ abbreviation of Saint Exupery’s name, located at 9 o’clock. When the novel ‘Wind, Sand, Stars’ appeared, flying was only in its infancy, but the insights in flying were amazing. Saint Exupery describes himself in the form of a self-explanatory flight over the sinister Andes and across the Sahara desert. This third edition of the Universal Pilot’s Watch presented to Saint Exupery is most appropriately designed with UTC Universal Time Display (a set of time standards on which International Aviation relies on flight plans). The fine relief pattern on the bottom of the table fully reflects Saint Exupery’s love for flying.

Qi Xi, I Have Prepared A Gift For You

Tanabata, we are all carnival for love, it is normal to choose gifts to show love, then have your gifts been selected? If you target your watch, the editor will give you the following recommendations. Each couple’s watch is a witness to eternal love, recording the minutes and seconds spent with each other.
Tradition is eternal — Tag Heuer Carrera pair watch

 This pair of TAG Heuer Carrera watches is simple in style and symbolizes eternal love. Both watches are made of stainless steel. The silver-gray dial is charming and elegant. It is equipped with 18K solid rose gold indexes, hands and date windows. It is equipped with Calibre 1887 and Calibre 9 self-winding movements. It is also equipped with a full polished stainless steel H type. The stainless steel bracelet is simple yet modern. The 12 o’clock position of the men’s watch, the blue lacquered chronograph dial at 6 o’clock, and the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock make the originally extremely simple large dial no longer monotonous. A little bit of detail presents the unique strength of men and the beauty and tenderness of exclusive women. It details the tacit understanding and persistence that have been passed by each other.
Romantic poetry — Zenith Elite Watches

 The Qixi Festival is supposed to be romantic and warm. The couples of elite series equipped with moon phase function just match this romantic atmosphere. The moon phase display window at 6 o’clock seems to emit a charming moonlight forever. , Full of poetic. The men’s watch is resolute and stylish. The silver dial is decorated with guilloché engraving in the center of the Paris studs. The small seconds and moon phases are designed with a powerful sun pattern. Core; a female mother-of-pearl dial with a mother-of-pearl dial in a 36-mm diameter case, using slim line-shaped hour-markers and long slender willow-shaped hands, with elegant appearance, equipped with an Elite 692 automatic movement with 50 hours of power reserve.
Charm of personality — Hublot Big Bang candy skull watch

 Hublot’s personality design always brings freshness. Compared to the first two styles, the pair of Big Bang candy skull watches instantly shows the extraordinary fashion attitude of Hublot, interpreting the uninhibited style, and has the characteristics of contemporary young people. Favored unique personality. Among them, the soul of the male watch’s rebellious skeleton was released from the engraving process, and the colorful and colorful flower vine of the female watch was given new life by embroidery, adding another kind of passion and sensuality for sweet love.
Summary: Love is both a sweet enjoyment and a selfless effort. Please cherish every day that is accompanied by those challenges and frustrations that will go hand in hand. It will become the warmest memory of this life in the future. Wish: Happy Chinese New Year.