Perfect Expression Of Delicate Art Tasting Patek Philippe Complication Timepiece Series 5960/1a-010 Watch

For up to 178 years, Patek Philippe, the top Swiss watch brand, has never interrupted the development and creation of timepieces, and has also introduced many classics, which have attracted watch lovers from all over the world. look. They are always exciting with their exquisite construction style and unique and excellent practical functions, making them the ideal wrist companions in the minds of many watch friends. In 2017, the brand inherited many years of watchmaking tradition. Patek Philippe brought a series of works, each of which left a deep impression. Among them, the black dial 5960 / 1A-010 counts as one of the heavyweight watches this time, once again continuing the classic design of the stainless steel model of the top brand, highlighting the characteristics of the era of stainless steel sports watches. Let’s take a look together:

The most famous annual calendar chronograph in the brand

   Years ago, Patek Philippe introduced the famous annual calendar chronograph 5960. A three-window calendar window was set at 12 o’clock, and a coaxial chronograph dial was set above 6 o’clock to make the dial look harmonious and balanced. And it is not the same as the traditional layout of the dial, which has become a highly recognizable brand design. Later, the brand introduced rose gold, platinum and shocking steel watches for this purpose. In 2017, under the title of 5960, the brand launched the 5960 / 1A-010 model with a black plate, which corresponds to the classic white plate 5960 / 1A, re-interpreting the charm of the brand’s classic models.

Watch real shot display:

   40.5 mm stainless steel case with a thickness of 13.5 mm. After the brand’s detailed polishing treatment, it presents plump, smooth lines and is very beautiful. On one side of the watch, there are two stainless steel timing buttons and a stainless steel crown engraved with the brand’s logo. The operation feel is very superior, which facilitates the debugging of the watch and the use of the timing function.

   The dial design of the first 5960 calendar chronograph is inherited, the calendar window is arranged in an arc above the 12 o’clock, and the coaxial chronograph dial is below. In addition, the brand-new ebony black color is used to refresh the look of the plate, which is unique and noble and fashionable. The central hour and minute hands, the bright red chronograph seconds hand and the gold three-dimensional hour markers contrast each other, showing the time at a glance. In addition, the hour and minute hands and the three-dimensional hour markers are covered with a luminous part, so that time can be observed even in a dark environment.

   At 12 o’clock position, there are week, date and month display windows, which are full of personality, eye-catching and intuitive, convenient for the wearer to check the calendar at any time. In addition, a power reserve display device is set in the center to show the wearer the kinetic energy of the watch at this moment.

   At 6 o’clock, it is a coincident coaxial chronograph dial. The outer rim is a 12-hour chronograph and the inner rim is a 60-minute chronograph. The 12-hour counter and 60-minute counter can be used together to record any time point within 12 hours. It is worth mentioning that this time dial is very interesting in design, not only the two time dials are integrated into one, but also the elements on the dial are also mobilized. When the minute count reaches 30 minutes, the hour counter will move to the dividing line in the center of the two digital time scales, reminding the wearer that the timing indicator for the next lap becomes the 30-60 scale on the inner circle, skipping the digital time again The reading of the outer circle is resumed after the calibration, which is repeated so that it is convenient to observe the long time.

   Equipped with CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H fly-back automatic winding movement, the back of the design through the back cover, the look of the movement suddenly jumped out, do not have a fun. The golden oscillating weight is engraved with the brand’s logo design, which adds brand charm. The watch has a power reserve of 45-55 hours, and a water resistance of 30 meters.

   It is equipped with a five-row stainless steel bracelet, which has been carefully polished for a comfortable texture and fits perfectly on the wrist. Attach a folding clasp for easy wearing.

Patek Philippe Complications 5960 / 1A-010
Summary: classic, outstanding traditional design, plus a more contemporary look. The popularity of the 5960 calendar chronograph has risen all the way, especially after the introduction of the steel model, once became one of the most popular models in the brand. If you like this watch, then you may wish to enter the brand store to learn more about the details of this watch.

How About Tag Heuer? How About Tag Heuer? How About Tag Heuer Quality?

When you come across someone asking you how TAG Heuer and TAG Heuer are good, how do you answer it? To be honest, TAG Heuer watches are really good. They are Swiss watches and high-end watches. The best, but why are there one or two people who do n’t know? What is the reason for this? Next, Xiaobian will introduce the TAG Heuer watches so that you really understand the TAG Heuer watches.

创始人 Founder of TAG Heuer
The founder of TAG Heuer, Edouard Heuer, founded his own small watchmaking studio in St Imier, a small town in the Jura Mountains in western Switzerland in 1860. And the important Heuer watch in the international sports field was born. Since the establishment of the watch factory, TAG Heuer has been a pioneer in watchmaking. Edward Heuer loved sports and creating accurate timers throughout his life. The need for precise timing of various sports and competition events has given endless inspiration to TAG Heuer’s design and technology; the essence of competitive sports-‘challenge yourself, pursue success, and excellent quality’ has become the brand spirit .

Brilliant achievements of TAG Heuer

In addition to TAG Heuer’s outstanding precision timekeeping function, founder Edward TAG Heuer believes in this watch design philosophy-he believes that a watch should not have unnecessary details-TAG Heuer should be given a glance Discerning styles that blend aesthetics, technology, and functionality into the design of the watch. TAG Heuer has always practiced the design concept of ‘technology determines function, function inspires design’, and almost every style launched has become a classic in the history of watches.

TAG Heuer watches and sports

As early as the 1950s, TAG Heuer began to sponsor world-renowned racers. In 1971, TAG Heuer began to cooperate with the Ferrari team. Since 1985, TAG Heuer has sponsored the Mercedes-Benz McLaren team. The watch began to serve as the official designated timer for Formula One World Formula One. In terms of sailing, since 1970, TAG Heuer has equipped all ships participating in the US Cup sailing with timing equipment; in terms of skiing, since 1989, TAG Heuer has been the United States and Canada World Cup ski competition and many important European world Official designated timer for ski competitions.
150TAG Heuer, with a history of 150 years, adheres to the original concept, manufactures precise, reliable, and beautiful watches. It is known as ‘the representative of Swiss avant-garde style since 1860’. TAG Heuer watches have created a series of models of noble watches, no matter the technology, material selection and style design.

Dedicated To The Contemporary Handsome Who Shaped The Future Cartier Launches A New ‘sculpture Time’ Short Film

With the new ‘Shape Your Time ™’ short film, Cartier interprets masculinity from a unique perspective. Bruno Aveillan * presents the original power and rich emotions in life through the lens, shows Cartier’s beautiful watchmaking tradition, and looks to the future.
   This is the message to contemporary men: like the founders of the Cartier brand, they are pioneering, visionary, creative, and passionate, affecting the future of the world … Sculpture time.

I. Shape Your Time

   In just 90 seconds, the audience will be deeply immersed in the Cartier Time Corridor: from the initial creation to the contemporary classics to the latest concept watches showing the future of watchmaking. This is a time-honored journey of innovation that goes deep into the mysteries of watchmaking, driven by the operation of gears and machinery.
   In the film, the story told by his father surprised his son, and the boy found that he was also part of the horology heritage, like a treasure passed on from generation to generation.

II. Business Epic

   They were the three brothers of Cartier, Louis, Jacques, and Pierre. They break the laws of time and create their own inspired world, just like those who shape the world, question it, and drive progress.

   Founded in 1847 as a hallowed brand, Cartier is bold and adventurous, an ode to all explorers, pioneers and entrepreneurs of the past, present and future. The three brothers Cartier were conscientious and, with unparalleled confidence and courage, embarked on a journey to conquer the world in the early 20th century. They inherited their father’s business, divided into three divisions. Louis, Jacques, and Pierre were responsible for the Paris, London, and New York markets. With their joint efforts, Cartier’s name and spirit resonated throughout the world. The three brothers’ visionary leadership has made Cartier one of the world’s most prestigious fine jewelry brands and watch giants.
   Unique creativity and innovative spirit make Cartier a true pioneer in watchmaking.

III. Master of Watchmaking
   Cartier always strives to break through the limitations, and at the same time, it shows innovation and technology in watchmaking. It is with this conviction that the first mysterious clock equipped with a stealth movement came out in 1912. This masterpiece was called ‘miracles in the history of watches and clocks’ by industry experts at the time.

   A complex function that perfectly integrates function with aesthetics is far from being comparable to a simple technical achievement. Cartier wrote some of the most beautiful and legendary stories in the history of watchmaking. From the past to the present and into the future, Cartier watchmaking has continuously evolved, insisting on innovation and reinventing itself, making every watch outstanding. As always, today’s Cartier Watch Workshop uses 175 watchmaking techniques to continuously achieve a variety of watchmaking feats.
   With the fusion of various watchmaking craftsmanship, the strong personality conveyed by Cartier style, and the most creative and exquisite technology, Cartier continues to bring exquisite and unique watches to watch lovers.

   For example, the Rotonde de Cartier double mysterious tourbillon watch is composed of 242 parts, with a diameter of 35 mm and a thickness of only 5 mm. Its ‘mechanical heart’ is miraculously suspended in the air, giving time a new dimension …
   Cartier currently has more than 30 workshop-made movements and will continue its great watchmaking adventure.
   In the future, Cartier will also continue to meet this eternal challenge, dedicated to the new research and development of top-level complex watches, combining superb technology, master craftsmanship and unique aesthetics into each watch, achieving watchmaking miracles one after another.
   ‘Poinçon de Genève’ (Geneva’s Seal of Quality) is the highest honor that a workshop can refine a movement, and it is also an authoritative certification of the exquisite decoration hidden inside the movement.

IV. Master of styling watches

   Usually, square is square and circle is circle. But for Cartier, all conventions can be overturned. Throughout its history of innovation and pioneering spirit, Cartier has created many unique, unique and unprecedented models. This challenge is fascinating and gives us the opportunity to cross the tunnel of time and start a beautiful journey.
Square …

   For example, the Santos watch, introduced in 1904, was specially created for the pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont so that he could easily read the time in flight.


   Resembling a tank first put into use during World War I, Louis Cartier designed the simple-lined Tank watch in 1917. Since then, this legendary masterpiece has reinvented itself and evolved with the changing times, while maintaining its original essence.
Round …

    Such as the Rotonde de Cartier watch’s introverted curve, equipped with the most sophisticated Haute Horlogerie movement.
Ballon …

    For example, the Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch series, the geometric elements are integrated into itself for the best interpretation. The winding crown boldly invaded the dial, and the Roman numeral time scale deviated from the trajectory. Its breakthrough design explained Cartier’s innovative spirit.
V. King of Conquering Time

   Day after day, Cartier is always full of imagination and creativity, exploring the territories of the location, boldly using innovative materials, showing what others hide and what others show.
   Cartier today will, as always, write about the history and legends of modern watchmaking.
   According to historical records, 1904 was not the year of change. But this era of pocket watch popularity in the early 20th century marked a major turning point in the history of watchmaking. That year, the pilot Albert Santos-Dumont commissioned Louis Cartier to make a watch that allowed him to read the time while controlling the aircraft, so Louis specially designed a wristwatch. Timepiece. As the first truly modern watch, its highly modern case and lugs are integrated into one, rather than simply being modified on the basis of a pocket watch. The appearance of the strap is the key to this watch.
   Boldly use innovative materials to show what others hide.

   Cartier is extremely pioneering. Throughout its history, Cartier has always been an inventor with courage, a unique perspective, and advancing with the times. Cartier today will, as always, write the history and legends of modern watchmaking.

   Therefore, in 2009 and 2012, Cartier embarked on an unprecedented technological adventure, and designed two revolutionary concept watches-the Cartier ID One concept watch with the world’s first lubrication-free, adjustment-free movement. Some of these innovations have been applied to the Cartier celestial tourbillon carbon crystal watch and the high-performance vacuum watch Cartier ID Two concept watch. These two unique timepieces explore uncharted territories and herald the future of watchmaking. They are unparalleled examples of innovation.
   This spirit of innovation continues in Cartier and continues to promote the development of fine watchmaking. The rich inspiration of Cartier watch workshop designers and the exquisite craftsmanship of craftsmen ensure that its innovation trends are constantly new and never stop. These two concept watches represent Cartier’s vision for the future, opening up a surprisingly new horizon.

   Cartier is extremely pioneering. Throughout its history, Cartier has always been an inventor with courage, a unique perspective, and advancing with the times.