[2016 Basel] Bvlgari Bulgari New Products

BVLGARI Bvlgari released new watches at the 2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show in Switzerland. The Bulgari OCTO FINISSIMO Minute Repeater sets a world record for ultra-thin watches and sets a new benchmark; the DIAGONO MAGNESIUM watch in cooperation with MasterCard and WISeKey promotes the innovation of smart watches; the female classic SERPENTI series is interpreted with a new visual concept Presented by SERPENTI INCANTATI.

Bvlgari new product release at Baselworld 2016
 Bulgari unveiled the world record-setting Octo Finissimo watch at the opening ceremony of the Basel International Watch and Jewellery. Following the release of the Octo Finissimo tourbillon watch, which set a world record with thinness and lightness in 2014, Bvlgari once again set a world record in the field of top-level complex watches. The new Serpenti Incantati tourbillon watch, which is displayed with the new watch, is a new interpretation of the Bulgari brand logo, which combines high jewelry design and watch manufacturing.

Bvlgari OCTO series watch: perfect fusion of precision watchmaking technology and Italian aesthetics (102559)
 At the press conference, Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin first introduced the brand’s iconic new Serpenti Incantati watch: ‘Serpenti is a proprietary iconic totem of Bulgari. This strongly recognizable symbol is often Designed on the wrist: Tubogas design, jewellery and high jewelry. While continuing the extraordinary design of these three aspects, we are also constantly exploring new design directions. Now, it is time for us to have a new interpretation of the spirit snake totem The Serpenti Incantati watch creates a brand new image. The snake snake coils around the dial, exuding the charming charm of the combination of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry. Every part of the snake’s head and body is rethought and redesigned in an extremely contemporary way, showing a soft and stylized line. Although Bvlgari has always focused on the use of the spirit snake element, it always rejuvenates.

Bvlgari SERPENTI series watch: Rome’s eternal lucky totem has a new charm (102541)
 As a new breakthrough in the combination of cutting-edge technology and watches, Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin announced the launch of the Diagono Magnesium smart mechanical watch with Bvlgari, which represents the first time that MasterCard’s contactless payment technology will be applied to smart mechanical advanced watches in. This is the first time that Bulgari has introduced innovative smart mechanical watches at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2015, and it has released another innovative smart technology applied to high-end mechanical watches. New market in the field of watches.
 Mr. Guido Terreni, Managing Director of Bvlgari Watches, introduced the new Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater to the live media glory, which is also the thinnest top-level complication watch on the market. He said: ‘This charming watch works Is a new benchmark for the ultra-thin field of top-level complex watches following the release of the Octo Finissimo tourbillon watch that set this world record in 2014. Bvlgari Watch Factory will continue to launch extraordinary An ultra-thin timepiece, creating an industry classic. ‘And the uniqueness of this watch can be seen from its technical parameters: the thickness of the BVL Calibre 362 is only 3.12mm, and the thickness of the entire case is only 6.85mm.

Jean-Christophe BABIN, Olga KURYLENKO, Luke EVANS Attend New Bulgari Press Conference
 At the press conference, two special distinguished guests were invited together. Bulgari global watch image ambassador, famous movie star Luke Evans and brand close friend Olga Kurylenko came on stage to add glory to the entire press conference. After the press conference, many distinguished guests at the scene visited the Bulgari exhibition area together to appreciate the Bvlgari watch works combining unique Italian design aesthetics and Swiss watchmaking technology, and together with two shining stars in Bvlgari Splendid evenings at the celebration party.

Loyal To The Classics Starting From ‘core’ Dialogue With Daniel Braillard, Chief Operating Officer Of Baume & Mercier Watch

2018 was a year full of surprises and innovations for the famous Swiss watch brand Baume & Mercier. Because the brand launched the Curiton Baumatic ™ watch, which was newly developed by Baume & Mercier and Richemont Group, at the SIHH watch exhibition this year. Performance: accurate and reliable travel time, with strong anti-magnetic ability (up to 1500 Gauss), 120 hours (ie 5 days) power reserve function. In addition, this new timepiece has after-sales service guarantee for up to 36 months (that is, 3 years), which brings strong competitiveness to the brand. Taking advantage of the Baume & Mercier Baumatic ™ launch conference, Watch House and Baume & Mercier’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Daniel Braillard, started a conversation about new movement products and brand markets:

Baume & Mercier Chief Operating Officer Mr Daniel Braillard

The new Baume & Mercier Baumatic ™ watch

Home of Watches: Baume & Mercier launched this year’s outstanding Baumatic ™ movement. It also has a power reserve of up to 120 hours and excellent anti-magnetic performance. It is not easy to achieve such excellent performance. Have you encountered any difficulties?
 Mr. Daniel Braillard: Actually, we had two problems when creating this movement. 1. Development cooperation: The overall cooperation in research and development of new movements not only stays at the technical level, but also takes into account the entire Baume & Mercier brand company and even It is the coordination and communication of the various departments of the group and the center. For example, during the research and development of new technologies, we include some of the training and production of watchmakers, and the overall control of the release process. 2. Because the new movement is excellent in terms of performance and technology, how to set prices to give it more market competitiveness is also a question that needs to be considered. Like the Crichton Baumatic ™ watch equipped with it, we must also ensure that it has a more notarized price in different countries around the world, because different countries’ tariffs cause differences in prices, and now consumers can access the Internet, etc If you find the price of the watch in different regions, then we will also make the new Baumatic ™ watch in China more transparent and reasonable within our capabilities, so that more customers can see the price of this watch. Cost-effective.

Baume & Mercier’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Daniel Braillard, demonstrates the superior antimagnetic performance of the new Baumatic ™ watch at the brand dinner event
Watch House: We know that the current new movement is mainly used in the brand’s Crichton series, so will it be available to other Richemont brands in the future?
 Mr. Daniel Braillard: The Baumatic ™ movement will only be used for Baume & Mercier watches. But in fact, there are many outstanding performances and technologies on this movement that are worth promoting. For example, an application of silicon material, including a new silicon escapement, can improve the shape of the movement while providing more dynamic storage. Space, like these technologies and performance, can be promoted to Richemont Group, or to brands outside the group. But this movement is only exclusive to the Baume & Mercier brand.

Watch House: After Mr. Chen Kun became the global ambassador of Baume & Mercier, how did the product market perform?
Mr. Daniel Braillard: We know that Mr. Chen Kun is a very influential singer and actor in China. His own image is also in line with the concept of ‘contemporary celebrity’ advocated by the brand. He is also very happy to promote products for us, including he actively wears his Baume & Mercier watch to attend various commercial events and public occasions. So for his fans or the Chinese market, it is a good exposure. With his positive and elegant personality, he helps Baume & Mercier to establish a better brand image in the eyes of domestic consumers. Last year we also launched a special star cooperation fund for Mr. Chen Kun for the Chinese market. This watch is very popular in China and its performance in the market is also very good.

Watch House: Some brands have opened special offers for China, such as extended warranty and unified pricing. Will the Baume & Mercier brand have related marketing strategies?
Mr. Daniel Braillard: We already have relevant marketing strategies, but not only domestically, but also worldwide. Because we are particularly confident in our new movement products, it is stipulated that as long as users registered on the official website of the brand, they can enjoy the extended warranty for one year. Of course, for the domestic market, we launched a special public figure and a specific time payment to further expand the brand promotion. For the star models that have cooperated with Mr. Chen Kun mentioned previously and the wedding seasons such as September and October, a specific type of ‘Long Love You’ pair watch (a homonym of 920) was launched. At 9 o’clock, a diamond that stands for eternity embodies China’s special culture of numbers, in order to wish the wearer a beautiful meaning of ‘long and long’ love. Next, we will focus on market demand and launch more watches with special meanings for watch enthusiasts to choose.

Summary: In a cozy and comfortable banquet environment, we ended our discussion with Mr. Daniel Braillard, Chief Operating Officer of Baume & Mercier. In his confident conversation, it is not hard to see that he has high hopes for the new Baume & Mercier Baumatic ™ watch models and the market performance of the entire brand. We also believe that timepieces with such good performance will win the love of cousins ​​and become their good companions on the wrist.