Lange Launches Richard Lange Watch

Lange launches Richard Lange

The fourth-generation A. lange & Shne watch inherits the design of the Pour le M & eacute; rite watch, adding a beautiful, time-honed regular dial, equipped with a sesame chain transmission series and an automatic second hand with an original A tourbillon with a reset mechanism helps improve the speed stability.
Richard Lange TOURBILLON & ldquo; Pour le M & eacute; rite & rdquo; tourbillon watch is made by Saxon watchmaker Johann Heinrich Seyffert (1751-1817). At that time in Saxony, it was well received by professional watchmakers for precision watchmaking. The timepieces he made were once appreciated and welcomed by the German royal family and scientists. Its design concept also influenced many well-known watchmakers at the time to follow suit.

Tourbillon detail

成立 Since the establishment of Glashütte in 1882, Lange’s Sesame Chain Observatory pocket watch has been amazing. Today these rare antiques have become collectors’ bids at auctions astronomically.
In 1994, Lange introduced an 1815 Tourbillon Pour le M & eacute; rite tourbillon watch, which is not only the world’s first watch with a sesame chain drive system (fus & eacute; e-and-chain), but also combines the watch Two types of stunts with long-term accuracy, namely tourbillon and sesame chain. Consoling four watchmaking skills, Gaocheng’s watchmaking technology quickly became a rare watch that collectors scrambled to buy. The unique tourbillon inside the Lange watch factory is called Saxon Tourbillon, which shows that the watch factory is proud of this groundbreaking work.
The most special feature of this Richard Lange Tourbillon & lt; Pour le M & eacute; rite & rdquo; watch is that the tourbillon and the small second area are intertwined with each other, resulting in a significant beauty. Flywheel internal structure.

Tourbillon case with small seconds timer

Technical specifications
Movement: lang L072.1 manual movement, sesame chain transmission series;
Number of movement parts: 351 (except for the chain); chain part: 636 knots
Number of jewels: 32 stones, there is actually a diamond
Vibrator: Anti-shock hairspring, self-made high-quality hairspring, half shaker vibrates 21,600 times per hour
Power reserve: 36 hours
Function: hour and minute display, small seconds display; one-minute tourbillon, unique original second hand automatic zeroing mechanism;
Case specifications: diameter 41.9 mm; thickness 12.2 mm
Movement specifications: diameter: 33.6 mm thickness 7.6 mm
Surface and back: Sapphire glass
Reference number: 760.032 760.025
Case material: red gold, titanium
Dial: Silver
Hands: red gold, blue steel second hand
Strap, brown hand-stitched alligator strap
Buckle: Lang stiff red gold folding buckle, or titanium folding clasp

Lange & Shne Lange watch dial

Lange & Shne Lange red gold watch

Lange & Shne Lange titanium model

Jaquet Droz Christmas Gifts Compose Winter Love Songs

‘I will come to see you on the day of the first snow’. The romantic ‘Winter Love Song’ always sounds when the first snow drifts down, and a Christmas full of gratitude and blessings comes as scheduled in this romantic season. Chu Xueyang reflected the holy light under the bright moonlight. Lovers snuggle to each other and take to the streets to listen to the sacred gospel. The world is filled with romance and tenderness. In this holy day, Jaquet Droz chooses two elegant and elegant romantic timepieces, pure as love, without any trace of impurities, blending the ultimate craftsmanship and poetic imagination in one inch, writing on the wrist The song ‘Winter Love Song’ makes the ultimate romance spread in love.

Mother-of-pearl moonphase watch

 The Eclipse Mother-of-Pearl

 The mother-of-pearl moonphase watch presents complex horological functions in a new size. This iconic watch has been redesigned with a 39mm diameter to meet the expectations of brand followers. In addition to the time, date, day of the week, and month display, the golden moon round at six o’clock with the opening and closing of white mother-of-pearl reveals the moon. The moon appears or disappears, and the light and shade overlap until it disappears completely. The entire dial is dotted with a beautiful view of the sky with 8 stars (8 is the lucky number of the brand).

 The light of diamonds inlaid in the white gold case and the exquisite dial pattern of this new moon phase watch complement each other and sparkle, giving the fans of poetic watches a refined elegance. Thousands of bright and dazzling in the wrists, cold and noble hidden infinite temptation, as a Christmas gift choice really deserves its name.

 Gold eagle bird hour small dial-four seasons series (limited to 88 pieces)

 Golden eagle bird hour minute dial-Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons

 This watch combines the most unique skills of the Jacques Dross master craftsman, a new interpretation of traditional works, can be called a new aesthetic masterpiece. On the white mother-of-pearl dial, two birds with bright colors and three-dimensional shapes stand on both sides of the dial. The mother-of-pearl dial is fully hand-carved, and the gold-finished birds are engraved and carved before being set on the dial. Finally, they are colored together, from the shape of the bird’s wings to the size of the bird’s body, from the outline of the throat to yellow and blue The meticulous combination of colored bird feathers and all the details make this watch a veritable three-dimensional masterpiece. Its demure posture and extended wings exemplify the love beauty of ‘double wings flying’.

 In addition, the watch combines the top craftsmanship of mother-of-pearl and gold chassis. The winter model is dominated by cold tones. The white gold case and buckle are set with sparkling diamonds. As if the white snow in winter releases the dazzling light, it shows the holiness. With pure beauty, love is self-evident, is the ultimate expression of Christmas gifts.