Marine Recycled Plastics Can Also Be Combined With Watches Across The Border Oris Aquis Clean Ocean Limited Watch

Oris dive watches series often have a sense of mission more than other brands, and this impression link is related to the brand’s active participation in environmental conservation. If you have occasionally had The news in Follow ORIS should have some impression of their family’s cooperation with some extreme athletes or marine conservation organizations. In 2019, the brand will continue the spirit of the society they use and use, once again cooperate with Pacific Garbage Screening, another group that runs for the protection of the environment, and launch a clean ocean limited watch The concept of conserving water resources is incorporated into the design of watches, and the sales of watches are also transformed into the brand’s substantive support for the organization, and actions to contribute to marine conservation.

ORIS cooperates with the Pacific Garbage Screening Organization to effectively collect plastic waste floating on the ocean and convert it into available resources. For this reason, the brand also specially launched limited edition watches, and appealed to watch lovers to join the environmental protection Ranks

Before introducing the Clean Ocean Limited Watch, we still need to meet the Pacific Garbage Screening Organization. Generally speaking, the goal of this organization is to create a floating platform that can be placed on the estuary or coast. The process of ‘inverted settlement’ collects plastic floating on the water. The plastic waste flowing along the floating platform will gradually rise to the surface of the platform to achieve the purpose of filtering and collecting waste. What should be done with the recycled plastic garbage? How about it? In this regard, the Pacific Waste Screening Organization has long thought about it. They will turn waste into usable energy and biological products, which will no longer cause a burden on the environment. ORIS deeply agrees with this plan, and therefore the two sides have facilitated this cooperation.

The picture shows the floating platform planned by the Pacific Garbage Screening Organization. The fins under this device can ease the water flow below, and allow the plastic to rise along the water flow to the surface of the platform for recycling.

As for ORIS’s clean ocean limited edition watch created in response to the Pacific Garbage Screening Organization, the joint watch launched by the previous brand and some marine conservation organizations or projects is still based on the Aquis series design. Its 39.5mm stainless steel The case is equipped with a water-blue ceramic bezel. The junior dial also continues the bezel with a gradient blue to highlight the relationship between the watch and water resources. Since it is a diving watch, its water resistance is of course also It is not sloppy and reaches a water resistance of 300 meters, even if you want to wear it for swimming, there is no problem, even if you encounter a little water in daily life, you don’t have to worry about it. The functionality of the watch is a practical three-pin design, and a date window with white letters on a black background is provided at 6 o’clock on the faceplate, which meets most people’s basic needs for daily wearing watches.

The pattern on the back of the Clean Ocean Limited Watch is made of recycled PET plastic. It has a decorative effect and echoes the watch’s environmental protection concept.

The back of the Clean Ocean Limited Watch also has something worth seeing. At first glance, it is a solid case design, but you should think why there is a pattern on the case like a random graffiti pattern. Actually, the The design also echoes the Pacific Garbage Screening Organization, because the pattern on the bottom cover is actually made of recycled PET plastic, which is a bit surprising. Marine garbage can also be used as a decoration on watches. Famous watches will be limited, and this model is no exception. The limited edition of 2000 is located at 9 o’clock on the back of the watch.

Like the design of the watch’s back, the outer packaging of the watch also uses environmentally friendly materials containing algae to reduce the burden of the watch on the environment.

It’s not just the decorative pattern on the back of the watch. The box of this watch also has a little special aspect. The box of the joint watch will look different and normal. The yellow-green box of the Clean Ocean Limited Watch is a bit like wood, but in fact It is an environmentally friendly watch box made of algae-containing raw materials. The production process reduces the chance of producing pollutants. When you open the watch box, you will also be surprised to find the Pacific Garbage Screening Logo on the inside of the watch box. , Highlighting the significance of watch collection.

Clean Ocean Limited Edition

Stainless steel material / 733 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / table diameter 39.5mm / limited to 2000 only