Athens Black Sea Nautical Dive Watch

Designed for water sports enthusiasts, the latest launch of the ‘Black Sea’ nautical diving watch pays tribute to Ulysse Nardin’s past nautical watches.
The avant-garde ‘Black Sea’ is a powerful, all-weather sports diving timepiece.
    Designed specifically for water sports enthusiasts, the latest launch of the ‘Black Sea’ nautical diving watch pays special tribute to the past high-end nautical clocks of Athens Watch.
    The avant-garde ‘Black Sea’ is a powerful, all-weather sports diving timepiece. Powered by a self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve display, an oversized second hand and a large date window.
See-through case back design, you can admire the beauty of the automatic movement.
    ‘Black Sea’ is the latest watch to join the nautical diving watch series, showing the development of watchmaking technology in Athens. The specially treated stainless steel case undergoes a complex Vulcanization Process, which makes its surface covered with a matte black rubber coating, showing a sporty beauty and a comfortable feeling. See-through case back design, you can admire the beauty of the automatic movement.
    The strap and dial are decorated with the brand’s distinctive black wave pattern, adding a calm and elegant to the watch’s strong shape. The hour markers, hour and minute hands are made of red luminous material, and the time is clear and easy to read. At 12 o’clock, there is a power reserve indicator; at 6 o’clock, there is an oversized second hand and a circular date window display, set off by the red indicator hand, which is particularly refreshing. Paired with a unidirectional reverse chronograph diving bezel and screw-in crown, it exudes the typical charm of a marine diving watch. Each watch is engraved with a unique number, which shows its unique and distinguished symbol. Water resistant to 200 meters. ‘Black Sea’ rubber strap, with black enamel components and unique black enamel folding buckle, close to the wrist of the wearer, improving the reliability of the watch.
The strap and dial are decorated with the brand’s distinctive black wave pattern, adding a calm and elegant to the watch’s strong shape.
   Since 1846, professional nautical observatory timepieces in Athens have led countless captains and crew members to sail at sea accurately.

Technical Information
Model 263-92-3C
Movement UN-26, 11 ½ inches
28 gems
Power reserve approx. 42 hours
Winding method Automatic winding
Function Power reserve display at twelve o’clock
Oversized seconds at 6 o’clock and round date window
Case Stainless steel case treated with Vulcanization Process, the surface is covered with a matte rubber coating
One-way reverse diving chronograph bezel
Bezel with wave pattern and diving scale
Crown Screw-in crown
Diameter 45.8 mm
Water resistant to 200 meters
Surface Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Case back See-through case back design, wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Chain strap rubber strap with two black enamel components with folding buckle

Golden Carving And Jade Carving, Creative Creativity, The Return Of Classic Vintage Watches

Unusual shapes, bright colors, and rare materials: Count Piaget has a special fondness for the 1960s and 1970s, and interpreted the freedom and freedom of those years with creative ideas. Free spirit of the times. The use of novel materials and the exploration of new ways of wearing watches throughout that period of unruly years. In that enthusiastic era, Piaget, with its extraordinary design, has gradually become a brand sought after by celebrities and rich people around the world. The fourth generation of the brand, Mr. YvesPiaget, keenly captures the exquisite tastes and aesthetic expectations of these top customers, interacts closely with them, holds prestigious events regularly, and personally visits to share with them outstanding Watches.

  Two masterpieces full of creativity from that era have been re-interpreted, and today show the same courage as before, thus highlighting their historical value: a jewellery watch, a men’s watch, both of which use gold sculptures. Finished with hard gem dial. BlackTie vintage inspiration and Traditional Oval watch vividly interpret Piaget’s iconic fearless aesthetic in a contemporary and elegant spirit, which are important milestones of Piaget’s legend.

  BlackTie Retro Inspiration: Surprising ‘watch’, leading Piaget design

  When this pillow watch first came out, the irregular design of the case brought surprises: it was very different from the mainstream style, not round, square, or rectangular-but all three. There are. In order to polish its rounded angle, Piaget showed the most exquisite gold craftsmanship, and superimposed bright and matte polishing on the case to create a deep sense.

  Pioneer Piaget’s ambitions to pioneer, innovate, and push the limits of aesthetics and technology continue to drive Piaget to never forget its long history and bold spirit. The BlackTie vintage-inspired watch recalls the grand occasion of the hard gem dial in the 1960s, and re-emerged as the ‘Extremely Piaget’ series at the 27th Biennaledes Antiquaires. The watch is available in three models with lapis lazuli, emerald and ruby ​​as dials. These finely-crafted gems represent the pioneering pioneering work of Piaget for a long time. It requires experienced masters to use dexterous hands to perform sophisticated skills before they can be realized. Now, new members are added to the first three watches. The fourth elegant and glorious black onyx dial adds a lot of color to the BlackTie series, subtly injecting a bright modern style into retro elements.

  The new version of the BlackTie vintage-inspired watch has not changed the unique appearance and outstanding size of the prototype watch, and has been carefully fine-tuned to create a slimmer silhouette with Piaget’s self-winding 534P movement. The gold case is replaced by the white gold case, which forms a sharp contrast with the dark onyx, thus highlighting the modern and masculine appearance, which is the crystallization of skilled craftsmen using unprecedented superb skills. All the details of this watch are meticulously polished, the brushed and polished case back is engraved with the Piaget family emblem, and the lines on the case are distinctive. The fusion of hard gem dial and gold-casting technology has created a masterpiece of the watch, highlighting the brand philosophy of excellence, and reflecting the endless pursuit of Piaget style.

  Traditional Oval Watch: Gold Magic, Unique Piaget Style

  Since the 1960s, the perfect combination of watchmaking and jewellery has enabled Piaget to continue to explore attractive hard gems and gold processing to create eye-catching and outstanding works. The evolution of this technology combines the most noble materials in nature with colorful colors. With its shocking shapes and brilliant colors, it has demonstrated unprecedented creative freedom. The abundance of possibilities in the design of women’s watches shows the endless imagination of Piaget. The slim movement complements the jewellery watch, paired with a gold bracelet, showing unprecedented elaborate design and superb craftsmanship.

  In particular, one of the watches is embellished with diamonds and emeralds, and the oval jade dial with a uniquely carved bracelet is a favorite of many fashion people of that era. This watch has many variations and is part of Piaget’s tradition. Its bracelet has become a distinctive symbol of the brand.

  This year’s collection is inspired by this legendary watch, embodying the Piaget gold processing tradition, showing the exquisite and delicate chain. The elegant palace-style totem hand-painting process gives the chain a layer of iridescence, like silk wrapped around a wrist. Inspired by the production details of high-end custom clothing, the back of the chain belt is also glorious, showing its superb skills. The assembly of a large number of chain segments creates an extremely delicate overall effect. Each component is meticulous and stylish, forming a light gold fabric. The chain strap fits directly on the case, perfectly combining the dial and the chain strap into one.

  In order to highlight the jewellery dimension of the new work, the silver-toned oval dial blooms to pure brilliance, which sets off a sparkling diamond-set bezel. Claw setting technology ensures that every diamond can bloom the most charming light and shadow effect. Elegance, beauty, and refinement: The Piaget Traditional Oval Watch in white or rose gold is exclusively sold in specialty stores. It is a unique masterpiece of jewellery craftsmanship, showing an amazingly unique brilliance.

  BlackTie Vintage Inspiration and Traditional Oval Watches: Two legendary works from Piaget’s long history, reinterpreted today with modern style, and complement the brand’s creative creativity in the 1960s. This period shaped the Earl of PIAGET style, implementing a bold and fearless aesthetic with beautiful shapes, timeless creativity, and unparalleled creativity.