Richard Mille: Rm 25-01 Adventurer Stallone Tourbillon Chronograph

RM 25-01 The adventurer Stallone tourbillon chronograph was developed by RICHARD MILLE and the brand’s best friend Sylvester Stallone, which fully reflects the two parties’ conquest of the extreme environment of nature. Common desire.

 For more than three decades, as the protagonist of David Morell’s The First Blood, John Rambo has perfectly interpreted people’s views on adventurers. In 1982, Stallone played the man who was tortured by a brutal war for the first time in a movie. This role had a significant impact on Stallone’s career, making him a world-renowned figure for a Hollywood action film actor.

 With its unheard of core functions, the RM 25-01 watch is enough to make people think that this will be the wrist of Rambo. As Stallone on the screen says, ‘Ready for action!’-This masterpiece of fine watchmaking is now ready!

Richard Mille RM 25-01 Adventurer Stallone Tourbillon Chronograph
 Although meditation has become a modern way of life, humankind still inherits the past history of nomadic peoples, and the desire for adventure and exploration is endless. With the development of new technology, human beings can reach almost any place on earth, and explorers are eager to try to challenge their survivability in extreme environments. RM
 The technology used in 25-01 is designed to provide these brave people with a tool to make them safe and move wherever they are.

 Stallone has always preferred watches that make a lasting impression. Many people have noticed that in the self-directed film ‘Death Squad 3’, he wears a RM 032 diving watch with a red strap from beginning to end. For adventurers, the compass is an indispensable and important equipment, and Stallone also made this request. As a result, RM 25-01 naturally retains the previous round dial, a design that is perfect for accurate time display and compass installation. In terms of movement, the RM 25-01 tourbillon movement represents the best level of RICHARD MILLE’s iconic technology to date.

 The watch was designed in collaboration with Stallone and is limited to 20 pieces. In line with its adventurous spirit, the strap is made of camouflage patterned natural rubber with a five-level titanium buckle. The ergonomic curve design on the bottom of the watch perfectly fits the wrist of the wearer. The iconic elements of MILLE, as always, present their exclusive quality and style.

The Omega Pavilion In The Sochi Olympic Park Is Officially Open To The Public!

After the grand opening of the Omega Winter Olympics Pavilion on February 4, it has now officially opened to the public. Visitors, guests, spectators and athletes are welcome to visit!

   Omega held a grand opening ceremony for its Winter Olympics Pavilion on February 4th, and many media from around the world were invited to attend. During the Sochi Winter Olympics, Omega will join hands with a number of celebrity ambassadors and brand friends to host a series of exciting themed events here.

   On February 6th, the Omega Winter Olympics Pavilion was officially opened to the public. Welcome the public to taste Omega timepieces, explore the indissoluble bond between the brand and the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Movement, watch speed skating 3D videos and experience Rudder interactive simulation device. There is a bobsleigh on one side of the Omega Winter Olympics Pavilion, which is the perfect setting for taking photos of the Winter Olympics.

   The Omega Pavilion is open from 9 am to 1 am local time, except for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. The Omega Pavilion is also open to the public during the Winter Paralympics.

Omega and the Olympics
   Omega won the Olympic Games designated time for the 26th time and witnessed exciting exciting moments at the 22nd Winter Olympics with spectators and sports enthusiasts around the world. Omega works closely with the International Olympic Committee, the International Individual Sports Federation and athletes to ensure that the timing technology applied at the 2014 Sochi Winter and Paralympic Winter Games can help promote the Olympic spirit and inspire young athletes around the world With the goal of winning the championship in the future, we will continue to work hard.