Tribute To Vendome Plaza Hublot Launches Classic Fusion ‘vendome Series’ Special Edition Watch

Hublot, the Swiss watchmaker, has officially launched a new classic fusion ‘Wandum Collection’ special edition watch at its boutique at 10 Place Vendôme. This watch will be launched under the same name of Hublot. Watch boutiques are on display for three months.

   This special edition watch is a tribute to Hublot to Place Vendôme. Brand boutiques have been in Place Vendôme for five years; the boutique’s iconic “H” pattern is based on the famous Vendôme column. decoration.

   The classic fusion ‘Vendôme series’ is a typical example of the concept of ‘art of fusion’ cherished by Hublot watchmakers. It is not only part of the history of the French capital, but also an innovative interpretation of its cultural heritage modernization.

   The Vendôme Column is a landmark of Paris with a height of 44 meters. It dates back to 1810 and is inspired by the Trajan’s Triumphal Column. The bronze on the column is said to be made of cannons seized by the French army from the enemy. The bas-relief around the pillar is decorated with battle victory scenes and trophy patterns. The top of the pillar is a bronze statue of Napoleon I. It was once destroyed and now rebuilt: the column of Vendôme truly stood the test of time.

   As a tribute, the dial of the classic ‘Wendum Collection’ is decorated with bronze. This copper-tin alloy is unstable in nature and easily stains patina. Even inside a clock, exposure to natural air can oxidize and corrode the life of the alloy. Therefore, Hublot watchmakers are packaged in sapphire crystal, limiting its contact with air, thereby stabilizing the properties of the alloy.

   The classic fusion ‘Vendome series’ case is made of titanium, with a vintage black rubber and brown calfskin strap, once again showing the unique fusion of Hublot tradition and modernity.

   Respecting traditions, while being unique and far-sighted, ultimately inspired the watchmaker of the Swiss watchmaker Hublot, like an alchemist, to magically fuse the past and the present to create the classic fusion ‘Wandum series’ Create an eternal future.
Technical specifications
reference number
45 mm
10.95 mm
50 meters
Power reserve
42 hours

Nick Hayek Claims Swatch Sales Have Double-digit Growth In China

Recently, Nick Hayek, CEO of the Swatch Group, said in an interview with the Swiss newspaper ‘Schweiz am Sonntag’ that Swatch watch sales have achieved 15% in China Growth (in RMB), other brands under the group, such as Omega, Tissot, Longines and Breguet, watched single-digit sales growth.
   Nick Hayek also said that despite the strong Swiss franc, the Swatch Group’s sales of watches in Switzerland are positive and healthy. In July and August, Swatch Group watch sales in Lucerne and Interlaken, two popular tourist cities, increased by more than 50%.
   ‘The Swatch Group will continue to provide products and services to Chinese consumers at home and abroad, and sales (in RMB) this year have increased compared to last year. We have never seen such a pleasant sales figure, Chinese holiday consumption They have contributed significantly to the growth in sales of Lucerne and Interlaken. ‘
   In the interview, Nick Hayek dismissed the Apple Watch threat theory. At the same time, he also confirmed that Belenos Clean Power, a company controlled by the Swatch Group, will begin production of a new generation of large-capacity batteries next year.

2012 Omega Celebrity Ambassador Feng Shanshan Won The Dubai Women’s Masters Championship

On December 8th, Omega’s new celebrity ambassador Feng Shanshan performed superbly at the 2012 Omega Dubai Women’s Masters. She successfully won the top prize with her outstanding talents and excellent ball skills, and fully demonstrated herself as the world’s women’s golf. The extraordinary strength of the leader.
 On December 8, 2012, Omega’s new celebrity ambassador Feng Shanshan performed exceptionally well in the 2012 Omega Dubai Women’s Masters. She successfully won the top prize with her outstanding talents and excellent ball skills, and fully demonstrated her extraordinary strength as the world’s leader in women’s golf. In this four-day competition, Feng Shanshan has consistently ranked at the top of the rankings, and finally won the championship with a total score of 267 shots below par. At the same time, she also broke the record for the lowest number of shots in the tournament-the previous record was 18 below par, set by Swedish player Annika Sorenstam in 2006 and chased by Korean player Kim In-soo in 2009 Level this record.

Princess Haya (rear right) and Omega celebrity ambassador Feng Shanshan (rear left)

 Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, the wife of His Excellency HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, awarded the trophy to Feng Shanshan. As the champion of the competition, Feng Shanshan also won a prize of 75,000 euros and received an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 34 mm coaxial watch in an 18K red gold case with a leather strap.
 Feng Shanshan is one of the best professional golfers in the world. She is the first mainland Chinese player to win a full card on the LPGA Tour. Within a few years, she has become one of the most competitive players on the tour. In 2012, the 23-year-old genius won the LPGA Championship with two strokes and became the first mainland Chinese player to win the LPGA Grand Slam. In fact, she was also the first player to win a Grand Slam title in history. Mainland China players.
 During this event, Omega also hosted a series of special events in the brand’s VIP area, including luncheons for female players at Emirates Golf Club and Dubai Creek Club, A media luncheon, and several autograph sessions with celebrity ambassadors Michelle Wie and Shanshan Feng.

Feng Shanshan breaks record at Omega Dubai Women’s Masters

Omega and Golf
——The tradition of global cooperation between watchmaking experts and aristocracy
 Sponsoring golf events has long been an integral part of Omega’s brand strategy. The name of this famous Swiss watchmaker has always been closely linked to some important golf events. Omega has teamed up with The PGA of America to designate timing for all PGA events, including the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup in the United States.
 In addition, Omega also sponsors the annual European Masters in Switzerland and the two most prestigious sports events in the Middle East-The Dubai Desert Classic and the Dubai Women’s Masters ( The Dubai Ladies Masters).
 In 2016, golf will return to the Olympics for the first time after leaving the Olympic stage for more than 100 years, at which time Omega will continue to be the designated timekeeper for the Olympic Games. Golf is officially re-accepted as the world’s top sporting event, and it is precisely that it has truly become a significant manifestation of an international event.
Omega Dubai Women’s Masters
 From December 5th to December 8th, 2012 local time, the Omega Dubai Women’s Masters was held at the Emirates Golf Club. Omega has sponsored the event for 5 consecutive years.

Day And Night Display From The ‘star’ Blancpain Women’s Day And Night Display Double Retrograde Watch

Blancpain’s new women’s day and night display watch is equipped with an extraordinary unique core and dual retrograde indication function. The dial adopts
Fine workmanship and a large number of technological innovations ensure that the watch has a unique independent day and night display. Blancpain
Blancpain’s brand new movement specially created for the women’s collection perfectly embodies the ‘innovation is tradition’ rooted in the brand’s genes as the ‘maker of classic timepieces’.

   Speaking of moon phases, I have to mention Blancpain
Blancpain, of course, is a natural representation. For women’s watches, not to mention more complicated than men’s watches, the most basic difference is exquisite. At Blancpain in Basel in 2015, a double retrograde day and night watch was exhibited. This is not only their innovation, but also enhances the artistic value of the watch to a new level.

   By 1150
Based on the movement, the new women’s day and night display watch uses a larger movement size. The winding oscillating weight has been beautifully carved and polished. The sapphire crystal is transparent, which greatly enhances the visual beauty of the complex process. Watch case diameter 40
Millimeters, less than 12 millimeters in thickness, and more harmonious in size and thickness.

   The most embodying technology is its original four-layer dial, which is hard for fans to imagine. Blancpain actually uses mother-of-pearl to divide the plate into three areas, each with a different height, which creates a three-dimensional depth of field effect. However, doing so requires careful attention to every small craft on the mother-of-pearl dial. One layer is thinner than the other, which is fragile and fragile. The watch also uses technology such as sedimentary materials and embossed contours to make the white fritillary disk appear blue starry sky. The moon uses 50
Consisting of glittering diamonds, the sun is composed of 50 yellow sapphires, yellow mother-of-pearl and diamond stars. This dial has a large amount of mother-of-pearl and is extremely attentive.

   The day and night display dial rotates twice a day, and the length of each change is about 4 minutes. Just as the dial itself is exquisitely decorated, all the details on the two dials will suddenly come into view when they are interlaced. The creation of this day and night dial
Many artistic techniques and craftsmanship were introduced during the process, such as: la décalque (precipitation material), le champlevé (embossed outline), and le
marquetage (integrated overlay pattern on mother-of-pearl) and more. The blue gradation precipitated on mother-of-pearl shows the time change from day to night. Moon consists of 50 crystal flash diamonds
The sun uses the same dazzling 50 yellow sapphires, matching the yellow mother-of-pearl dot pattern on the embellishment plate and 14 gorgeous diamonds symbolizing the stars.
   In addition to the day and night display function, this watch also has a dual retrograde (hour, minute retrograde) display function. The 6 o’clock second hand moves forward in an arc for 60 seconds and then instantly returns to the starting point. The hour hand reverses twice a day. Such a beautiful watch looks pleasing to the eye. Compared with ordinary chronograph watches, luxury watches are more refined in artistic and ornamental value.