Montblanc’s Latest Limited Edition Chronograph

The top luxury brand Montblanc presented the brand-new ‘Montblanc Time Writer II Double Balance 1000 Chronograph’ exclusively at the Shanghai Mall Theatre, named ‘Top of Time · Forgemaker’ The celebration of the event, with three scenes enough to shock the audio-visual multimedia stage drama, tells a moving story related to time. Montblanc Time Writer II Dual Balance 1000 Chronograph
Details of weather between every second
的 The birth of ‘Time Writer II Double Balance 1000 Chronograph’ signifies that the Montblanc brand is once again at the forefront of watch manufacturing, bringing the world into a four-dimensional space and enjoying the vast world after breaking through the established perception. This masterpiece has overturned ‘to calculate the one-thousandth of a second, the balance law must reach the physical law of 3.6 million times per hour (500 Hz). Using only a balance frequency of 50 Hz, a constant Endless mechanical force field. To accomplish this amazing feat, the extraordinary design from the ‘Time Writer II Double Balance 1000 Chronograph’: the balance swings back and forth 100 times per second (50 in each direction) At the same time, the chronograph balance wheel transmits power to a newly invented ‘thousandths wheel’ in the transmission wheel system, which makes the ‘thousandth second wheel’ rotate 10 times per second, turning the original One hundredth of a second is calculated and subdivided ten times, so that one thousandth of a second can be captured. 殿 A master’s hall that gave birth to time writers
As always, the emergence of this stunning work is inseparable from Montblanc’s innovative spirit. The Montblanc Minerva Institute for Watchmaking Technology, which is located in the heart of Swiss watchmaking, is not only known for its long history of more than 150 years; it also controls the trend of the world’s top handmade watches for its continuous watchmaking creativity . Based on this strong backing, Montblanc founded the ‘Fondation Minerva’ four years ago, and put forward the ‘TimeWriter’ research and development concept. Every two years, it releases forward-looking time-breaking timepieces. Technology has led Swiss watchmaking into a new era of vitality. This measure has continued the wish of Demetrio Cabiddu, a leading figure in the world’s watchmaking industry and master watchmaker. In the heart of the Montblanc Minerva Institute of Watchmaking Technology, he always takes the responsibility of retaining traditional Swiss manual watchmaking, and insists on cultivating a new generation of watchmakers with contemporary watchmaking concepts. The first ‘TimeWriter I Metamorphosis’ launched in 2010 is the top movement of Demetrio Cabiddu and Minerva, combining two young watch designers Co-creation product. This watch fully integrates the expertise of watchmaking professionals and exquisite mastery of craftsmanship, turning the unprecedented concept of a double-sided chronograph into a dream come true at your fingertips.
The Artful Collection
The ‘Time Writer II Double Balance 1000 Chronograph’ is from the beneficiary of the ‘Fondation Minerva’, Spain / Swiss borrowed watchmaker Bartomeu Gomera (Bartomeu Gomila). Under the guidance of Demetrio Cabiddu, the watchmaker of Montblanc Viller, and based on the flash of light brought by the childhood hoop game, I realized that as long as I apply it at the same time unit With the same force, the iron ring will keep turning. As a result, this little trick of the year eventually led to the development of one-thousandth of a second timing technology. Also contributing to the ‘Time Writer II Double Balance 1000 Chronograph’ is the Montblanc Menela Watch Factory, which has been established for more than 150 years. As the predecessor of the Menela Research Institute of Watchmaking Technology, this traditional watchmaking workshop has always been known in Europe for its outstanding professional chronographs and highly skilled watchmaking talents. The chronograph produced by it was once the official timing tool for the Winter Olympics. In 1916, Minerva Watch Factory became the world’s first manufacturer of 1/100 second mechanical chronograph stopwatch. So a century later, because of the above-mentioned origins, the miracle of a watch that stretched to one thousand copies per second was finally born. This outstanding watch that subverts the inherent timing system of the original watch, cleverly allows the chronograph balance wheel to transmit power to a newly invented ‘thousandths wheel’ in the transmission wheel system, and makes the ‘thousands of seconds wheel’ ‘Minute and second wheel’ turns 10 times per second, making the calculation of the original hundredth of a second subdivided ten times, showing a thousandth of a second; this timing function structure is controlled by two column wheels, one of which controls The timer starts, stops and resets to zero, and the other column wheel controls the ‘thousand minute second wheel’ operation. The entire program contains two main technology patents, as well as 22 auxiliary technology patents. Once again, the Montblanc watch’s innovative concept is expressed through the wrist of amazing results in a thousandth of a second to show its great achievements!惊人 Platinum case with amazing timepiece technology
The design of the case of the ‘Time writer II double balance 1000 chronograph’ follows simple principles. Be sure to focus your attention on the structure of the movement and the magic of the thousandth of a second: the large hollowed-out dial The movement structure is displayed, and connoisseurs can admire the craftsmanship of the two balance wheels and hand polished levers; the 47mm 18K white gold case and elegant lug lines are beautiful, and the small onion-shaped crown is decorated with the mother-of-pearl Montblanc star Logo; the chronograph button in the middle of the lug is harmoniously integrated with the contour of the case. The watch is equipped with a black alligator leather strap with white gold pin buckle. There are double rows of red stitching on both sides of the strap, adding a little bit of movement. The crocodile leather surface has a square scale texture, which can be seen from the most valuable part of the leather.
的 The cherished value of the ‘Time Writer II Double Balance 1000 Chronograph’ is also reflected in the limited number of 36 pieces. The number 36 was taken to commemorate the glorious history of the Guinness Book of World Records for the chronograph stopwatch of Minerva Watch Factory in 1936.