Cartier Libre Luxury Watch

Cartier Libre Diamond Watch Series is the latest jewelry watch with a lot of personality this year. The dials of this series are characterized by free movement, showing the romantic charm of contemporary women. The eccentric, beaded design creates two very creative watches.
Cartier Ronde Folle watch Price: 370,000 RMB
The exquisite Ronde Folle luxury watch is looming on the round dial of the precious birdcage shape made of diamonds. The dial is covered with wild grid patterns composed of enchanted wavy lines; Cartier also specially lays bright diamonds to make the wild dance more eye-catching, combining wild and elegant together perfectly. This is a watch full of magic. The exaggerated Arabic numerals are silently telling stories that are fun and exciting.
Case: 18K white gold with round diamonds
Dial: Silver-plated dial with sunburst, set with 429 round diamonds, total weight 4 carats
Movement: quartz movement
Band: white matte cloth strap
 Buckle: 18K gold pin buckle, set with round diamond

Real Shot Fiyta Dunhuang Themed Heart Sutra Watch, And Then Show The Western Regions In Love

At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in 2019, Fiyta exhibited with the Master Series Dunhuang-themed watch, Mach series ‘J-20’ joint limited edition, Fengzhi series, and Heartstring series. Adhering to the pursuit of professional watchmaking skills and cultural aesthetics, Fiyta launched the Master Series Dunhuang-themed Heart Sutra Watch, which reproduces the extreme piety and imagination of the world for thousands of years, and reproduces the eternal brightness of Dunhuang.
  Watch real shot show:

  Watch details real shot display:

  The watch is selected from aluminum bronze to create a case, and the white enamel dial makes the enamel warm and the classic bronze. Aluminium bronze is a witness of time. Over time, it will form different degrees of ancient bronze effect, showing a unique retro beauty and age sense; while enamel material, you need to coat the metal surface with a layer of enamel and sinter at high temperature. To achieve. The pure porcelain white enamel dial has a smooth and shiny surface, which combines the strength of metal, the gorgeousness of enamel, and the corrosion resistance. Gives the watch owner a unique watch color, long and blue.

  At 6 o’clock, the watch is provided with a cave-shaped calendar window, with rounded lines, small and exquisite. Through the design of the three-dimensional beveled frame, the digital display is more clear. The watch is based on the theme of Dunhuang, inspired by the rare treasure in Dunhuang’s posthumous scripture, the Prajna Paramita, and uses unique Chinese characters as the time stamp. The font is taken from the classical calligraphy in the Tibetan scripture cave scriptures. Beautiful book style.

  The watch uses a screw-down crown, and the top of the crown is engraved with the FIYA brand logo “F”.

  In Buddhism, recitation of Prajna Paramita can relieve all sufferings. This watch is engraved with Prajna Paramita on the case back— ‘Jie Jie Jie Jie, Polo Jie Jie Jie, Polo Jie Jie Jie, Bodhi ‘Sabo’, inscribed the secrets of Buddhism’s heart.

Watch with black leather strap

  Dunhuang, with a history of more than 2,000 years, is a dazzling pearl on the ‘Silk Road’. Eastern and Western civilizations are intertwined here. This time Fiyta launches a new Dunhuang-themed Heart Watch, which is not only a piety to the world’s historical civilization At the same time, it has also pushed Chinese culture to a wider world. (Watch price: ¥ 9800)

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