Explore In The Never-ending Spirit Of The City Parmigiani’s Tonda Métro Watch Arrives In China

April 23, 2014, Shanghai-The pulse of the city is beating continuously, witnessing the inheritance and evolution of human civilization. Parmigiani captures the breath of the modern metropolis, and has launched the Tonda Métro series, which is specially designed for urban men and women. The new Tonda Métro series debuted in Geneva’s Haute Horlogerie International Salon, and has now arrived in China: Along with the accustomed evening breeze, the release of Parmigiani’s new Tonda Métro series was launched at M’s Western Restaurant on the Bund (M on the Bund).

 Urban life is intense and busy. The never-ending city carries our dreams and passions, contemplation and tenderness. The charm of the metropolis exudes eternal charm for its infinite possibilities. Independent and free, Parmigiani has always been exploring and expressing the generosity of life, just like the men and women in the city. Parmigiani listens carefully and captures the voices of urban travellers who are unwilling to mediocre, and has launched the new Tonda Métro series, which pays tribute to the urban men and women who keep making progress in the city and the never-ending urban spirit.

 The Tonda Métrographe men’s watch adopts a new design concept that combines classic and modern. The unique and asymmetrical lug design has created the unique mystery of the Tonda Métro series. I look forward to seeing wisdom. Seen from the left, the iconic teardrop-shaped lugs form an elegant, quiet traditional style outline; from the right, the teardrop-shaped lugs turn into a smooth wave, almost covering the entire case, embracing the men’s watch Button on the timer function. Such an ingenious design is like life and work. Occasionally breaking the rules can get unexpected results. The minute and hour dials on the dial together form an inclined ‘8’ shape-a symbol representing ‘infinity’, shining in the dark. The clock hands are turning endlessly, seemingly infinite, but they constantly remind us to grasp every moment of time.

 The Tonda Métropolitaine ladies watch is the first small watch of Parmigiani’s Tonda Métro series specially launched for women. The feminine radians add a soft touch to the modern lines of the watch, like the unique temperament of urban women who are strong and hidden. 72 brilliant diamonds are tightly wrapped around the specially-designed 34mm small-diameter case to set off the soft lines of the women’s wrist. The red and black dials are decorated with ‘flinqué’ ripples, and the romantic ripples are extraordinary charm. The mother-of-pearl dial exudes an intoxicating light, mysterious and elegant. The small seconds dial is surrounded by a delicate gold ring, and its matte effect contrasts with the large dial, which highlights the eye-catching brilliance of the entire watch.

 Métrographe men’s watches and Métropolitaine women’s watches are cleverly designed to create a perfect match.

 The bold and innovative spirit extends from the Tonda Métro watch itself to the strap and bracelet. The edges of the gorgeous Hermes leather straps are decorated with contrasting colors and polished in bright colors. The contrasting color concept makes each strap unique and outstanding. Tonda Métro’s stainless steel bracelet has a slimmer, narrower and smoother appearance, giving it a more pleasing case look.

 What day will you spend wearing a Tonda Métro watch and traveling through the city’s tall buildings? Parmigiani’s press conference presented a live interpretation, showing a typical day of the urban people in a smart way: men wearing Tonda Métrographe watches walking in a crowd of office workers, hurrying. From time to time, he stopped to look up at the towering skyscrapers, or looked down at the Tonda Métrographe watch on his wrist, thinking. The young woman set off in the morning light, with a full itinerary, determined to see the beauty of the city. Her figure constantly shuttled between buildings and streets, and the hands of Ms. Tonda Métropolitaine watch on her wrist turned round and round, but her footsteps were getting farther and farther from the planned journey. After thinking about it, the men continued their daily busy work, and the women did not miss any real beauty. The only difference was that they all discovered the hidden beauty in the urban life represented by the Tonda Métro series. And the creative ‘jump’ photography session is to let guests hold giant Parmigiani-style Arabic numerals and timepieces in front of the same huge Tonda Métro case outline, improvising various creative poses, Parma Gianni’s dedicated photographer left this unforgettable, modern and joyful time.

 Constant exploration and innovation has always been the philosophy of the Parmigiani brand. Ms. Shan Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Parmigiani, said: ‘The Tonda Métro series tailored for urban people has subtle design details, such as unique asymmetrical lugs and a new small-diameter design for women’s watches. All reflect Parmigiani’s unique understanding of the urban spirit, vitality, vitality, diversity and enterprising. The rapid development of Chinese cities and the rising urban population, I believe that the extraordinary taste of Parmigiani’s Tonda Métro series will also be affected. Loved by urban men and women aged 25-40. Parmigiani also has a consistent confidence in the Chinese market and hopes that the Tonda Métro series will add style to the busy people in the city and always accompany the city and urban people on their journey. ‘- —

Colorful Season, Warm Summer – Gucci (Watch Jewelry) Interlocking Series Watches Should Be Recommended

Health, such as gorgeous summer flowers. Love is as hot as the sun.
   In summer, we can always embrace everyone with unparalleled enthusiasm. The blazing sunshine instills a steady stream of energy for all those who are full of personality and who are enthusiastically looking forward to life. In this wonderful season, Gucci lets the Interlocking series of colorful watches draw you into the summer, and breaks away from the mediocre pace of life with unique and brilliant colors, showing the bright personality attitude.
   Gucci (watch jewellery) launched two new Interlocking interlocking double-G watches in 2015. The bright seasonal colors complement the Interlocking series.
   The new watch is made of charming peony red and indigo, which is perfectly matched with the same color Gucci accessories. New colors set off an interlocking design composed of two bold ‘G’ letters. Double G is the acronym for Guccio Gucci, the founder of Gucci, and now it has become a very representative logo of the brand. The decorative pattern on the watch uses contrasting brushed and polished stainless steel, while the large size of 37 mm highlights the soft lines of this famous logo. The pink or blue sunburst dial with the matching calfskin leather strap makes it more vibrant. This pair of watches will be the perfect embellishment in summer with gorgeous colors and playful style.
   Gucci’s three other Interlocking series color limited watches, each with turquoise blue, dark orange and brown colorful summer, the strap and the surface in harmony with the same color, bright and bright, full of surging dynamics.
   A major feature of the Interlocking watch is the perfect use of the soft suede effect of calfskin, and the smooth special fabric adds a retro feel to the watch. The sparkle of stainless steel material and the delicate feel of the strap form a beautiful contrast, under the interaction of different materials to achieve a vibrant style. The surface continues the minimalist abstract style, the double G interlocking design has a distinctive atmosphere, and the 37mm large size dial makes the colors jump between the wrists. With a modern and fashionable attitude, it brings a brilliant color storm to midsummer.

Iwc Shines With Stars At The 71st Emmy Awards

September 22, 2019, Los Angeles / California-Recently, the 71st Emmy Awards was held in Los Angeles, California. Film and television stars all wore IWC appearances.

Kit Harington, a British actor who plays Jon Snow in ‘Game of Thrones,’ wears the IWC Universal Express Moonphase Automatic Watch 36 (model: IW459306) at the 71st Emmy Awards

British actor Sacha Baron Cohen wears IWC Portuguese Chronograph (model: IW371482) at the 71st Emmy Awards

The American actor Sterling K. Brown in the American TV show ‘Today’ wears IWC Portuguese automatic watch (model: IW500710)

The Danish film and television actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (right) who played ‘The King of Kings’ in the ‘Game of Thrones’ James Lannister (right) wears the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch (model number) at the 71st Emmy Awards : IW503404)

American actor James Van Der Beek wears IWC engineer’s automatic watch (model: IW357003) at the 71st Emmy Awards

Famous actor and director ‘Onion Knight’ Liam Cunningham (left) wears IWC Portofino hand-wound eight-day power reserve watch (model: IW510106) at the 71st Emmy Awards Ceremony