Bao Lai Landing In Thailand Li Zan Women’s Watch

From now until February 28, Cortina, a watch retailer based in Bangkok, will host a special exhibition featuring Breguet ladies’ watches.

   On this occasion, the brand held a private dinner specially invited VIPs to attend, in a warm and private atmosphere, a total of treasure masterpieces.

   The most striking piece in the exhibit is undoubtedly the Perles Impériales watch, inspired by the design of Napoléon Bonaparte’s first wife, the Empress Joséphine touch watch purchased in 1800 N ° 611. This outstanding piece with a blue enamel dial and diamonds on the bezel is ingenious and memorable.

Hot Polished Tag Heuer Watch

325 years ago, Huygens used the oscillating weight and spiral spring system to lay the foundation for modern timers. This year, at the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer, TAG Heuer unveiled the mystery of the latest concept watch Grand Carrera Pendulum. ‘TAG Heuer proposes a new idea for the development of ‘high-end watches’-replacing the mainstream tradition with the pendulum concept Clockwork leads to the next era, ‘said Stéphane Linder, Vice President of TAG Heuer.
    The design of this watch inherits the usual features of the Carrera series: carefully polished facets, curved lugs, and a stainless steel case covered with black titanium carbide coating. A clear view of the movement inside the window through the dial at 9 o’clock. It is equipped with TAG Heuer’s first pendulum concept movement developed after 5 years of research and development, abandoning traditional clockwork, and using the magnetic field generated by 4 high-performance magnets to form a three-dimensionally controlled ‘invisible’ magnetic power with precise geometric operations, reaching 43200 times / hour (6 Hz). Since the influence of gravity is eliminated, the concept movement does not need to use power, and can be calibrated with extremely high frequency spectrum. There is no longer the phenomenon of amplitude and movement frequency attenuation, which greatly improves the theoretical accuracy and performance. However, ‘because magnets are still affected by temperature, the challenge for TAG Heuer is to find magnets with extremely low thermal expansion coefficients,’ said Linder.