I Am A Soldier Military Elements Watch Appreciation

In recent years, the film and television dramas with military themes have become the focus of criticism. Seeing the heroic, hard-working, and hard-working soldiers in the center will always arouse people’s passionate military complex. The simple, rigorous, resolute style military element watch is the favorite of those who have a passionate army soul.

Faced with the luxury atmosphere of the watch industry today, military watches are more low-key and simple. Watch brands launch military-style watches, in large part because of cooperation with military forces in various countries to launch cooperative watches, there are also military totems with a long history of the brand.

 IWC TOP GUN Navy Air Force Series Watch

TOP GUN Naval Air Force Series watches are named after the special training course ‘Fighter Tactical Guidance’ provided by the US Navy Fighter Defense School (its famous alias is Top Gun). Anyone who can steer the most modern jet and successfully complete the course will become the world’s most trained, responsive and brave elite pilot. The jet’s instrument display is shown in different colors at night, and the designers of IWC Schaffhausen were inspired to design three special edition watches. The case of this series of watches is made of ceramic (zirconia), and the bottom and crown are made of titanium, which is durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The Pilot Series TOP GUN Navy Air Force Chronograph Store Special Edition (Model IW388003) is equipped with blue hands and hour markers, has anti-magnetic protection, and a glass mirror that can withstand sudden pressure drops. It is ideal for complex airborne exercises. . In addition, this watch is also well-received for its intrinsic value: equipped with IWC-manufactured 89365 movement, which can provide 68 hours of power reserve. The dial has a classic cockpit design, and the date display is very similar to the shape of the altimeter. The central chronograph hand can display the chronograph record accurate to the second, and the small dial at the ’12 o’clock’ position displays the minute running time. With the integrated flyback function, just press the reset button, the chronograph hands will return to zero, and you can start a new timekeeping immediately. The small second hand at “6 o’clock” continues to indicate that the watch is operating normally.

 Panerai Radiomir Underwater Military Watch

Panerai’s Radiomir is one of the most famous watches designed for underwater military operations. Panerai has long been involved in the ranks of the Italian Royal Navy, accompanied by the birth and death of naval athletes. Among them are heroic deeds, the most touching of which is the attack on the port of Alexandria in Egypt at the end of 1941.

最早 The earliest Radiomir watch in the late 1930s has a distinctive feature, that is, the California dial design with time stamps, Arabic numerals and Roman numerals interlaced. Panerai launched this year the Radiomir California 3 Days 47mm three-day power reserve watch (PAM00424) and limited edition (PAM00448) two models, replicating this characteristic dial style. The timepieces, hands and rail-type scales of the two watches are painted in light brown luminous paint. The PAM424 dial is decorated with the Panerai totem logo, while the limited-edition hands are painted blue, and the mirror is made of Plexiglas resin glass. .

 Patek Philippe Calatarva Ref. 5153 Officer Watch

The Calatarva Ref.5153 officer-style watch has another great significance to Patek Philippe. It must go back a long time and come to the youth of Antoine Norbertde Patek (1811-1877), the founder of Patek Philippe. Before founding Patek, Czapek & Co., a watchmaking company in Switzerland in 1839 with watchmaker Franciszek Czapek, he was a military officer. He also survived the Polish national revolution against Russian occupation in November 1831. He has suffered two gunshot wounds. After Poland’s defeat, he had to flee to France, and later went into exile in Switzerland. Antoine Patek, who made brilliant achievements in watchmaking, was naturalized as a Swiss citizen in 1843, but he continued to struggle for his native Poland throughout his life. In addition to funding the Polish national revolutionary movement, he believed in Catholicism and was eager to help other Polish refugees, and was therefore sealed by Earl Pope Benedict IX.

The Calatrava Cross emblem used by Patek Philippe since 1857 conveys the origin of Antoine Patek as a heroic officer and a devout Catholic; Calatrav Ref. 5153, which retains the character of ‘Military Officer List’, is also famous All of them show the heroic origin and achievements of the brand founder.

 Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow Watch

Ith Zenith has always been courageous to meet technical challenges. In 1997, it designed the Rainbow Flyback model based on the project plan formulated by the French Air Force. This timepiece is excellent in performance and rugged, and can run freely even under extreme conditions. Today, Zenith draws inspiration from this time-keeping accurate timepiece to design a sporty watch. This is the El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow watch.

 Longines classic replica 1938 military watch

The Longines Classic replica series 1938 military watch inherits the design of the military watch produced by Longines in the 1930s and follows its typical simple aesthetic concept. As a military watch that rides in extreme environments, clear and completely reliable readings are important characteristics of this timepiece. There are three models of this series: three-hand, 24-hour and chronograph. The classic onion crown and round stainless steel case blend perfectly, recalling the original. The white synthetic strap is stitched with white silk, which outlines the beauty of black and white for this new classic.

 Hamilton launches military khaki deep sea monster series

Hamilton’s military Khaki Navy Belowzero series this time, still boldly play the brand’s most proud military elements, but also work hard on waterproof characteristics and structure. The case structure is a deep-sea mission helmet of the WWII diving sergeant. The design model is based on an oversized 46mm diameter case. The case structure is rounded in the square, and four recessed octagonal screws are used to enhance the surface resistance. Impact support and water resistance, internal rotation faucet and excellent timing start and zero button, while greatly improving the wearer’s wrist mobility, while avoiding unnecessary movements and accidentally pressing the handle.

 Bell & Ross Limited Edition Pilot’s Watch

At the request of the French Air Force, Bell & Ross specially produced two limited-edition pilot watches, each of which is limited to 250 pieces. Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation; Excellent tradition and persistent pursuit of excellent performance. The Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation watch created according to this principle contains the genes of a multi-functional professional watch, and incorporates French Air Force-specific colors into the watch design. The reliable timepiece equipment meets the strict requirements of the Air Force, and is more in line with the Belles brand’s four principles of clear reading, precise standards, excellent performance and waterproof function.

Cartier’s Day Of Love And Confession

May 20, one day a year, the most beautiful is you.
   Love, through the passage of time, blooms in different beauty at different times.
   No matter how many winds and rains you have experienced in Haijiao Tianya, on May 20th, a day of happiness, open the red box full of your heart, and say three words that bear thousands of words, moved tears, sweet laughter, life And love is better than this moment …
Ignorance of the sincere, energetic beauty
   The moment of admiration suddenly fluttered, as the sun was golden and dazzling, and met innocent each other in the beautiful years. I wanted to put her vibrant and happy light and shadow with her dazzling gloss colors. The most beautiful woman in her eyes, such as Mu Chunfeng, lights up the whole world and will also tell a romantic romance of a lifetime.

Amulette de Cartier malachite necklace
   Amulette de Cartier series of jewelry, carved with rare gems to open the lucky amulet, to protect her always surrounded by luck. The precious and delicate amulet swayed softly and clearly. The contrasting materials and round and smooth curves complement each other, which is simple yet elegant. Malachite, meaning good luck and hope, opens the love in hope. 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds, Malachite

Cartier LOVE bracelet
   A piece of jewelry that expresses the spirit of freedom, a bracelet that has become an immortal legend. The LOVE series was born in New York in the 1970s, locked in an unwavering vow of love, and witnessed many lingering legendary love. The bracelet is made of K gold and set with brilliant diamonds. The Love series symbolizes the declaration of love. Love is endless …

Cartier Diamants Légers bracelet
   Diamants Légers stands for simplicity and femininity. The diamonds carefully selected by Cartier jewelry masters are set on fine gold chains. 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Cartier Tank Solo
   With its simple and low-key modern design, the Tank series has become a classic since its birth. While retaining the unique beauty that made the Tank watch series so successful, the Tank Solo watch offers many variations in style. Small model, stainless steel, leather strap
Knowing each other, the beauty of tenderness
   After knowing each other and loving each other, we move the time with sincere feelings and soften the changes of every second. She discovered that at this moment, she had more tender feelings like water and gentleness waiting at all times, still lovely. This year, I use the selected love tokens to promise a romantic life.

Cartier Solitaire LOVE engagement ring
   With its iconic screw design and bright and elegant style, the LOVE series conveys hot emotions. Created in K gold, set with brilliant diamonds, the LOVE series symbolizes the declaration of love, love is endless … 18K rose gold, diamonds

C de Cartier necklace
   The Cartier C letter logo is extremely elegant, and its new and unique shape was born from detailed and ingenious ideas. 18K Rose Gold, Diamonds

Ballon Bleu de Cartier
   As light as a balloon and as blue as its guarded cabochon, Cartier’s Ballon Bleu blue watch series adds elegance to a woman’s wrist. The Roman numerals are off-track under the guidance of the deep blue crown. The convex curved case, guilloché dial, sword-shaped hands, and polished or frosted link bracelet … In Cartier’s watchmaking world, the Ballon Bleu blue watch series is unique in its delicate and round style. 33 mm watch, stainless steel
Keep happiness, glorious beauty
   After passing through the glorious years, the dazzling light has receded, and the years have brought the precipitation of temperament, giving off a different gloomy fragrance. She is still the most precious care in her heart, elegant and magnificent, and touches her heart. On May 20, she decorated her beauty with rich colors and wrote a long-lasting love.

Clé de Cartier watch
   Clé de Cartier watches have rounded curves and simple lines, named after the key-like winding crown. Precision, balance and perfect proportions. Cartier uses exquisite skills to create a beautiful and flawless streamlined appearance, elegant and simple style, and a harmonious and unified beauty. 31 mm model, 18K rose gold, leather strap, diamonds

Cartier C de Cartier colorblock handbags

Cartier C de Cartier clutch
   The C de Cartier handbag and the same clutch are detailed and bright, inspired by magnificent gems. The elegant design of the handbag is full of Parisian vigor and set off the French romantic tenderness of women. Pink sapphire taurillon leather with palladium finish

Cartier surplus cheetah perfume L a Panthère Légère Eau de Parfum
   A floral fragrance with a wild scent, blending the hearty gentle gardenia floral fragrance with a velvety musk fragrance. The sculpture in the bottle outlines a solemn and mighty cheetah.

   One day a year, then.
   When all the memories that have become long buried in the heart, the most beautiful face that comes to mind must be this special day. On the opening of the red box, the touch of smile that illuminated the world.

Steel Case Gold Ring Two Tudor Classic Series Beijing Quotes

For a long time, the top fashionable and durable Swiss first-class watchmaking craftsmanship has created the tradition of Tudor, making it worthy of being a model of contemporary active lifestyle. Tudor watches are alive and pulsating. It will take you into the subtle and delicate world. All high-tech components have been rigorously tested, and they are all large and small. Even the smallest parts are not overlooked. It can be said that they are almost obsessive. Today’s Watch House brings you the Beijing quotes of two Tudor classic series watches, I hope everyone likes them.

Tudor week calendar 23013-62113 silver mosaic watch

In-store public price: 27500 (collection time December 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Classic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold-stainless steel
Strap Material: 18K Yellow Gold-Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch details: white dial diamond watch

In-store public price: 36100 (collected in December 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Classic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold-stainless steel
Strap Material: 18K Yellow Gold-Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch details: 010-66011216

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