Constant Returns With Rare Maritime Complication Watches To The Sailing Enthusiasts

This watch came out in 1997 and has a countdown function before the game. Frederique Constant returned with a rare maritime complication watch to present sailing enthusiasts.

   The Frederique Constant family watch brand has only spent less than ten spring and autumn from its creation to the launch of the first regatta watch. This landmark watch was subsequently included in the YachtMaster series. This powerful and powerful representative work in-depth interpretation of the brand’s co-founder Peter Stas’ passion for sailing.

Classic return

   Twenty-two years later (1997-2019), Regatta watches are back. The series was renamed the YachtTimer series. The name of the YachtTimer series fits this watch very well: the Regatta watch is equipped with a special ‘timer’ that can set the countdown to 10 minutes before the sailing race.

   This timing function allows contestants to occupy an advantageous position compared to other players. With the help of wind, you can seize the ideal time to punch out without a virtual starting line. This tactic-oriented sport has extremely strict requirements for accuracy. Sailing athletes must accurately measure the timing of sailing and sailing down to the meter. Therefore, an accurate and clear timepiece is naturally essential.

Competition core

   Frederique Constant is not just a timepiece that draws inspiration from sailing, but a veritable regatta timepiece designed to cope with the harsh conditions of the race. This watch is clear and easy to read, retaining the original display design of 1997. There are five points on the upper part of the dial. Each point represents 1 minute. The first countdown (started by the top button) passes through all the points in turn to make it white or blue (the color is the opposite of the dial color). When all 5 dots are colored, it indicates that 5 minutes have passed.

   Then a second countdown was started, the last 5 minutes before the start of the game. This time, the five dots turn orange in turn. When the fifth and last point turns orange and the second hand points to 12 o’clock, the game officially begins!

The details are carefully crafted

   All designs of the YachtTimerRegatta Yacht Countdown Watch are designed to continuously optimize the readability of the timepiece. Equipped with no complication other than the crucial countdown function, this watch has a checkered dial that captures the sparkle of every ray of light. The delicately polished time-marker surface presents a fascinating and polished effect. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, the display is clear. The hands and time scales coated with fluorescent material are still clearly visible during rainy and rainy periods.

Change as you want, upwind

   The four watches in this new collection are particularly eye-catching. Two of them have rose gold finishes with a navy or silver dial and an alligator leather strap. The third model combines stainless steel and rose gold tones with a two-tone bracelet. The fourth model has a simple and stylish gray tone, with a stainless steel case and a silver dial. All watches are equipped with a black alligator strap. Frederique Constant also has an extra black rubber strap for each watch, which has excellent anti-fog performance.

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