Introduction To Independent Watch Brands

In addition to the three major watchmaking groups LVMH, Richemont Group and Swatch, there are also some independent watchmaking brands, which are collectively referred to as independent watchmaking. Independent watchmaking brands are even more top-end, and they are luxury products among luxury products. For one thing, this type of watch is limited in number and precious; for another, it has a unique personality style and technology, which is very collectible. At present, well-known independent watch brands include Patek Philippe, Parmigiani, Frank Muller, Zunda, Haojue, Daninov, Filidev, NHC, MB & F, Harry Winston, etc.

What is an independent watchmaker

When major brands can use modern computers and mechanization to produce tens of thousands of watches each year, independent watchmakers choose to return to classical watchmaking methods, in order to reduce the horological modernization of the watch industry in these years is too fast.

怎样 What kind of people are independent watchmakers? First of all, most of them are Swiss, but also from countries around Switzerland, such as French, German, and Chinese. Although they come from all over the world, their number is poor. There are no more than 40 independent watchmakers (plus deceased and alternates) registered with the AHCI (Independent Watchmaker Institute). Although not all independent watchmakers have to join AHCI, this number can basically be obtained from The side reflects the true condition of the independent watchmaker.

In the quiet valley, independent watchmakers are trying to help the watch industry to recover lost craftsmanship and traditional production methods; they have seriously enlarged the ‘artistic’ characteristics of mechanical watches, and the independent watchmaker is characterized by the structure and function of the movement. The brand-new ideas also include the unique design of the layout and appearance. Each person must independently design, process, assemble and adjust a watch or clock to complete a completely new concept. Therefore, the craftsmanship of independent watchmakers is often higher than ordinary. ‘Industry Standard’.

Goals of independent watchmakers

Well-known independent watchmaker Richard Mille spent a full 3 and a half years in designing his personal works RM011 in order to reach the level of satisfaction. He said that his buddies would collapse when they finally assembled the watch. Watchmaking itself is a technical work, and the manufacturing process is very flexible. It takes a certain amount of time from the budding of inspiration to the judgment of its feasibility. Therefore, the finished product of each watch is valuable and has been repeatedly collected by billionaires. .

Although the value is high, making money is not the sole goal of the industry, and sometimes it is easy to fall into a dilemma because of this untimely persistence. The independent watchmaker’s personal brand is full of the strong personal style of the watchmaker. From the dial design to the material, it is determined by himself. The watch parts are polished by smart hands. The consumed workmanship and energy are far from mechanized watches. As a result, this has increased the number of followers, but the too expensive price has discouraged many people.

Major independent watch brands

2. Parmigiani Fleurier
3. Franck Muller
4. Rolex
5. Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet)
6. Girard-Perregaux (Girard Perregaux)
7. Chopard
8. Gerald Genta
9.MB & F
10. Harry Winston (Harry Winston)

Parmigiani: Toric Quaestor Ripple

The aesthetic inspiration of the Toric Quaestor Ripple watch comes from Japanese gardens. Japanese poetic and picturesque gardens sometimes have small fine sand islands carved into concentric layers of ripples, which reminds people of the still water. The unique Toric Quaestor Ripple watch reproduces this pattern on its dial to pay tribute to the Zen culture deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

    The Toric Quaestor Ripple watch is made of pure gold. Ripple patterns in varying shades are engraved by hand, creating a charming three-dimensional depth of field. Each wave is engraved and hammered by hand to ensure that it has a clear boundary with its adjacent waves, delicate and delicate. The white gold case is decorated with the typical circular engraving and knurling of the Toric series, as if spreading the engraved ripples. The crown is inlaid with a convex round ruby, which makes the whole picture perfect. This exclusive watch comes with a Havana cigar-colored Hermes crocodile leather strap.
Three questions

    The minute repeater of the Toric Quaestor Ripple watch replaces the traditional pallet fork with a flywheel, demonstrating the innovation of Parmigiani’s ‘high-end watch’ series. In addition to ensuring that the clockwork has a stable source of power and thus adjusting the striking speed, the flywheel can reduce mechanical noise, thereby improving the performance of the three-question device. Compared with the unstable operation of the pallet fork driven by gears, the flywheel ensures the complete elimination of mechanical noise, and only the beautiful cathedral clock melody is passed into the ears.
    The quality of this melody is by no means accidental. The platinum case is specially forged to ensure the perfect sound quality of the three-minute bell, that is, the sound waves oscillate in the case at the optimal frequency. The Toric Quaestor Ripple watch uses a ‘cathedral’ timekeeping device, a watchmaking term that refers to two sets of gongs around the case. Compared with the single group of reeds, the double group of reeds can amplify the sound quality, but it also requires watchmakers to work harder on the case. The minute repeater plays the hour, quarter and minute with unique melody, making Toric Quaestor Ripple a masterpiece of timepieces.
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