Lange A.Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Twenty Years

A.LANGE & SÖHNE LANGE 1 was officially launched on the 24th of October 2014. LANGE 1, first introduced on October 24, 1994, fully demonstrates the core values ​​and characteristics of the Lange brand after its reconstruction. This watch cleverly combines classic style elements and innovative technology, symbolizing the determination of Saxony Lange Manufacture to create the best watch in the world. After 20 years, the famous LANGE 1 watch series still shines today.
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Simple, practical and efficient-these are the characteristics of classic German design. To pursue perfect product form, we must have extremely enthusiasm. There is no doubt that forward-thinking designs such as the Barcelona chair, the Braun radio or the Porsche 911 continue to be popular decades after their introduction. Many designs were a bit slanted at the beginning, but after years of persistence, they eventually became their own, LANGE 1 is an example of this.

LANGE 1 and GRAND LANGE 1 in front of the Hausmann tower in Dresden Palace

This fixed-production watch with an asymmetrical dial, a three-day power reserve movement and a large calendar display was highly regarded immediately after its debut on October 24, 1994. With superb technology and superb craftsmanship, this watch has also been convinced and supported by watch enthusiasts who have a new look.
Twenty years later, this unique watch became a model of classic timepiece style. The watch is still in production and has a long history. But this does not mean that LANGE 1 has remained unchanged for the past two decades. On the contrary, the popular LANGE 1 laid the cornerstone of the entire watch series, and launched 15 different models. Each watch is available with multiple case diameter options, as well as manual or automatic winding models. Additional features are constantly being added throughout the series, such as a moon phase display and a second time zone, or combined with a tourbillon and perpetual calendar. Many special editions and limited edition models have achieved record sales at auctions, and are highly sought after. Looking forward to a better future, let us review the milestones of this success story together.
LANGE 1 launched twenty years ago The birth of a watch series (1994-2010)

LANGE 1 (1994)

LANGE 1 continues the long tradition of Lange. This watch immediately attracted outside attention when it was launched 20 years ago. This is due to its unique Saxon watchmaking traditional elements, such as 3/4 plywood, screw-fastened gold sleeves, screw balances, and breakthrough innovative designs, including large calendar display, asymmetric dial layout and three-day power reserve The core, each fused with each other, has a unique style. With this watch, Saxony’s precision watchmaking technology is reborn.

 LANGE 1A (1998, limited to 100 pieces)

LANGE 1A is one of the most popular Lange watches among collectors. Its guilloché dial in soft tones complements the 18K yellow gold case. In addition to the dial, the hands, inset scales and even escapement of the watch are made of solid 18K gold.

LANGE 1 TOURBILLON (2000, 18K rose gold limited to 250 pieces; platinum 950 limited to 150 pieces)

Entering a new era, Lange presents the remarkable LANGE 1 TOURBILLON, and reviews the wonderful history of the brand in a meaningful year. This watch is specially equipped with tourbillon and power reserve indicator, paying tribute to the ‘Centennial Tourbillon’ exhibited at the Paris World Exposition in 1900, these two masterpieces appeared just over two centuries.


Continuously running, accurate and true moon phase profit and loss display, showing the superb technology and unique aesthetics of LANGE 1 MOON PHASE. Like other Lange works, this watch is meticulously crafted, and its moon phase display is only one day away from the actual cycle every 122.6 years.

GRAND LANGE 1 Luna Mundi (2003, limited to 101 sets)

GRAND LANGE 1 Luna Mundi is Lange’s first paired watch. Both watches correctly show the positions of the moon phases in the northern hemisphere (18K white gold) and the southern hemisphere (18K rose gold).


Lange 1 TIME ZONE is equipped with an innovative home and regional time display, as well as an external city circle, which is definitely a good companion for frequent travelers and business people. Clear and legible display is the focus of this watch’s development. The well-organized dial structure makes the home time and the second time clear at a glance.


The first self-winding LANGE 1 sets a new chapter in the success story of Lange’s famous watch series. LANGE 1 DAYMATIC cleverly distinguishes between automatic and manual winding design through the mirror dial structure. The retrograde week display replaces the power reserve indication, which is less associated with automatic movements.

LANGE 1 TOURBILLON 165 Years Homage to F. A. Lange (2010, limited to 150 pieces)

Launched in 2010, LANGE 1 TOURBILLON 165 Years Homage to F. A. Lange cites the fact that watchmaking is never bound by boundaries. This watch with Lange’s patented stop-seconds device and a case made of 18K honey-colored gold alloy creates an innovative and sturdy design never seen before.

Simple And Timeless, Celeton Full Calendar Chronograph Appreciation

As usual, the major watch brands of the SIHH period arrive as scheduled, highlighting craftsmanship, pursuing creativity, or paying attention to extraordinary taste. Just like its name, the Baume & Mercier watch pays great attention to details and pursues classic and modern design to meet the discerning vision of ‘Mingshi’. In 2016 SIHH, the Mingshi Crichton series launched a new full-calendar chronograph. Prior to this, the series already had a number of small complication watches, including chronograph, full-calendar moon phases, two places and so on. This year, Baume & Mercier directly placed the timekeeping and full-calendar moon phase functions in a watch, which is really a selection for daily wear. Stainless steel style, the official model is: MOA10278

    The Clayton full-calendar chronograph, launched this year, has a total of three styles, which perfectly integrate elegant design and high-end watch technology, reflecting the brand’s motto ‘Aestheticism, only the highest quality watches’. The classic watches of the Clayton series introduced by the brand in the 1950s were created for design inspiration, with a timeless style and full of masculinity.
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