2013 Mother’s Day Featured Gifts Mido Beauty Watches Magnificent Style Baroncelli Eternal Series

Warm May, the spring breeze reminds me that ‘Mother’s Day’ is about to come. Intimate children can take advantage of the opportunity to express gratitude and love to their mothers once a year. MIDO particularly recommends that Mummy use the magnificent rose gold color to set off women’s elegant atmosphere, carefully selected Baroncelli Lady eternal series two-tone rose gold ladies watch and Baroncelli Lady Smile eternal series smiling ladies watch for different styles of mom mum.

Supermodel Wang Xintian and Star Mommy join hands to perform

The Baroncelli Lady Timeless Two-Tone Rose Gold Women’s Watch features a 29mm pocket for women’s preferences. The rose gold dial with Roman numerals shows classic aesthetics; the Baroncelli Lady Smile Timeless Smile Women’s Watch, chocolate dial with roses The gold dial and the big three hands, the meniscus-like meniscus-shaped date window, selects the date through careful concentric round diamond rings. The design ingenuity makes this model a brand’s best-selling women’s watch.
Lan Kaiyu, vice president of MIDO brand, said: ‘Beyond the concept of mother’s day gifts, choose memorials that can echo each other, such as a table to honor the taste and the miss of each other. It is also a very worthwhile choice. In the selection of models, you don’t have to choose the matching watch with the same style, but you can use materials or designs to interact with each other as the best portable memory. MIDO Mido 2013 special Presenting 2 unique models with rose gold as the theme, the Baroncelli Lady Timeless Two-Tone Rose Gold Lady Watch and the Baroncelli Lady Smile Timeless Smile Lady Watch are recommended for elegant women who prefer different styles. ‘
Temperament Mummy Favorite! Baroncelli Lady Timeless Two-Tone Rose Gold Lady’s Watch
The Baroncelli Lady timeless two-tone rose gold ladies watch continues the classic aesthetics of the Baroncelli series, with a noble and elegant European-style arc curve. Through the delicate color stack of rose gold, the delicate 29mm watch diameter of the rose gold embellishes the wrist. In the style, the Roman numerals are set against the ivory white faceplate, and the classic beauty is naturally oozed. The MIDO watch reflects the beauty of the Swiss mechanical watch from the building, and the structure of the Rennes Opera House in Brittany, France. The beauty is transformed into the myth of the new generation of Baroncelli’s eternal series. The romantic arc of rose gold with smooth lugs reproduces the geometric curve of the Rennes Opera Amphitheater. The delicate changes in the light and shadow are like flowing notes, which hide the wrist. It is strikingly bright and the golden color of the watch is dominated by the overall vision. Like the Rennes Opera House in the twilight, it shows a warm halo and fully conveys the feminine style.

Baroncelli Lady Timeless Two-Tone Rose Gold Lady’s Watch

With a 29mm mini diameter and a water resistance of 50 meters, the Baroncelli Lady timeless two-tone rose gold women’s watch combines architectural aesthetics and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship to bloom its own unique aesthetic light. It is a watch that women must not miss. .

 Baroncelli Lady Smile

Fashion mommy’s favorite! Baroncelli Lady Smile with mysterious smile for women
The Baroncelli Lady Smile timeless smile watch is a continuation of Baroncelli’s previous concept of the classical arc of the stringed violin. The MIDO watch reflects the aesthetics of the Swiss mechanical watch from the building, and the Rennes Opera House in Brittany, France. (Rennes Opera House) has become a new generation of Baroncelli’s eternal series of myths. The main body of the amphitheater and the neoclassical architectural aesthetics present the soul of ancient Greek and Roman architecture in a clearer and clearer way. Vividly presented on the PVD rose gold dial, the delicate interlaced satin ripples of ivory and rich chocolate color dance out of the glorious beauty of the Baroncelli Timeless Smile Women’s Watch, as the same mysterious smile as the meniscus date window The most eye-catching surprise design, through 12 Wesselton diamonds at 6 o’clock, cleverly selected the date display, excellent dial configuration, elegant and refined texture, for the watch This piece provides an art-like visual experience. A luxurious classic beauty like an amphitheater.

Wang Han And Li Xiang Didn’t Host Well, So They Started To Compare The Table?

As a variety show that has been broadcasting for more than ten years, the brother group of Mango Channel ‘Everyday Up’ has changed a lot. From the beginning, Ou Di, Tian Yuan, Yano Haoji and Yu Yueming have been replaced by Wang Yibo With the great Zhang Wei, the veteran host is only Wang Han and Qian Feng. This program seems to have changed some flavor compared to the previous one. When I changed channels a few days ago, I accidentally saw this program being played again. I found that every show guest wore a watch! This is not an ordinary ‘Daily Up’ issue, this is simply a ‘watch-reading conference’!

Li Xiang appeared as a guest on the stage of ‘Daily Up’
 First of all, speaking from the host, Wang Han likes watches. In the previous article, ‘Wang Han and Wu Xiubo are partners in the host, in addition to their talents, they also like watches.’ Watches, including Panerai, Rolex and many more. Recently, Han Han prefers to wear Panerai in the show. In the last two episodes, he wore two different Panerai. They are a California face and a LUMINOR PAM 00024 watch.

Han Han and Qian Feng are on the show

Han Han wears Panerai Limited Collection PAM00448

 This California noodle, Wang Han, has been worn many times in the show, and it also has a unique flavor with a suit. In addition to this California noodle, the most commonly worn Panerai by Wang Han is the LUMINOR series PAM 00024, which also has a high appearance rate.

Han Han wears Panerai LUMINOR series PAM 00024 watch

Han Han wears Panerai LUMINOR series PAM 00024 watch

 In addition to Wang Han, the newly-increased (and actually stayed for a long time) Wang Yibo, a ‘brother every day’, is also a watch fan. In Li Xiang’s ‘Everyday Up’ as a guest recording program, he wore a watch but did not see the dial. According to his usual habits and preferences for wearing watches, it should be a Rolex watch.

Wang Yibo wore a watch during the show

Wang Yibo private photo

Wang Yibo wears an antique Rolex Daytona (similar)

Rolex has a high appearance rate in Wang Yibo’s private photos

 Wang Yibo was young. He was born in 1997 as a singer. In addition to this antique Rolex Daytona, he also has a Rolex watch, which is a Rolex Submariner 116610LN-97200 black dial watch ).

Wang Yibo wears the Rolex Submariner 116610LN-97200 black dial watch (black water ghost)

 In addition to Rolex, he also has some cooperation with some watch brands, with a long span. From the people-friendly Daniel Wellington to the luxurious positioning of Bucherer, it seems that the true watch fans are right.

Wang Yibo wears Daniel Wellington watch for commercials

Wang Yibo wears the Bucherer Plavi series 00.10632.22.53.01 watch

Wang Yibo wears the Bucherer Plavi series 00.10632.22.33.01 watch

 On the same day, the watch worn by Li Xiang, the mango family’s maiden who came to participate in the show as a guest, was a steal. Li Xiang is wearing a full gold Rolex Submariner 116618LN-97208 black dial watch, which is in line with the domineering temperament of ‘One Sister’.

Li Xiang participated in the recording of ‘Everyday Up’

Li Xiang wears Rolex Submariner 116618LN-97208 black dial watch

 After so many years, Li Xiang’s sharp style of hosting has not changed at all, and he still speaks straight. On the same stage as her husband Wang Yuelun, Wang Yuelun also wore a watch-black and blue dial, gold bezel (no prize quiz), everyone guess what brand of watch.

Li Xiang and her husband Wang Yuelun are on the same stage

 Written here, the total price of the watches worn by Wang Han and Li Xiang on the show was only about 300,000, but I did not expect that I saw a watch worn by another guest-Du Chun, the dark horse wearing a watch on the show that night.

Du Chun (middle)

 Actor Du Chun has always been low-key, but on that day’s show, he was very ‘not low-key’ wearing a ‘big gold watch’. But I immediately recognized the identity of this ‘big gold watch’-the Royal Oak offshore series 26470OR.OO.1000OR.01 watch from Audemars Piguet.

Du Chun wears Royal Oak offshore series
 In the picture above, is Wang Yibo’s eyes staring at Du Chun’s watch? What is this variety show? ? It is simply a ‘watch reading conference’! Seeing the watches of Wang Han, Li Xiang, Wang Yibo and Du Chun in the show, which watch do you prefer? Remember to tell me below the comments!