Time Traveler Gmt And Utc

Both local time and world time watches are always endowed with a feeling of nostalgia for home time. The GMT watch that people are familiar with is based on the standard time of Greenwich Observatory, and UTC is more precise and precise than the GMT because of its rigorous calculation process. In this issue, the extravagant class brings you the difference between GMT and UTC, allowing you to easily master the world time.

 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) refers to the standard time of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in the suburbs of London, because the prime meridian is defined by the meridian passing there. Theoretically, noon in Greenwich Mean Time is the time when the sun crosses the Greenwich Meridian.

 GMT watches are watches that can display time in two or more time zones-no matter what method is used, the most direct way to display multiple time zones is to install multiple movements in a case, but the most economical and most common method Or add a rotating bezel with a 12-hour or 24-hour time scale.

 The use of the rotating bezel is very simple. Just align the number on the bezel with the time in the second time zone. If the dial time is London time, then turn the bezel clockwise for one hour to indicate continental European time , Eight hours counterclockwise, is the West Coast time. Setting the dial time to the home time or the destination time depends on the user’s preference, but because the 12-hour watch cannot distinguish between day and night, it is usually reasonable to set the local time.

 Chopard 2013 new GMT chronograph

 Internally, the Mille Miglia 2013 watch is a watch with a 24-hour hand second time zone display and a date display. With a diameter of 42.8 millimeters, the Mille Miglia 2013 watch is equipped with a wide bezel with a diameter of 44 millimeters. This smart combination can not only keep the bezel tightly on the watch, but also allow the watch to reach the most slender wrist. The most comfortable base. The pursuit of the best ergonomics is also reflected in the redesign of the lugs. The lugs are short and tilted in order to make the watch fit snugly on the wrist. The beautifully patterned mushroom-shaped chronograph button is in the best finger position. The texture of the integrated rubber strap is like the Dunlop tire rubber of the 1960s, and it is perfectly integrated with the case to make the wearing experience more smooth and comfortable.

 Baume & Mercier new GMT men’s watch

 This watch is 43 mm in diameter, with a date display at 3 o’clock, and is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement known for its reliability and accuracy: ETA2893-3. Its dual time zone function allows the watch to display the second time zone at the same time. It is indicated by the red dot on the end of the slender hands that rotates around the dial every 24 hours. The operation is very simple and can be used for daily use. The watch comes with a black or maroon alligator leather strap and a triple folding safety clasp.

 Coopers presents GMT 5N red gold watch

 At 8 o’clock, this watch is set with a striking small globe made of titanium, showing the world’s time, and at 5 o’clock, there is a 24-second tourbillon. In addition, there is a second time zone small plate at 11 o’clock, a small second dial at 2 o’clock, and a power reserve display at 3 o’clock.

 This three-dimensional small earth is in the same direction as the natural rotation of the earth, and rotates counterclockwise every 24 hours. It is amazing for both the technical aspect and the creativity and imagination in it.

 The small earth can be seen from the faceplate to the northern hemisphere. The window on the side of the case can almost admire the entire southern hemisphere. Through this design, you can see the time around the world. Because the small earth and the earth rotate at the same time, With the ring around the small earth, you can distinguish the day or night time of the area. The axis of the suspended small earth is fixed at one end of the South Pole.

 The GMT watch is equipped with a specially developed movement by Gopherfuss. The tourbillon tilted 25 degrees and rotates once every 24 seconds is one of Gopherfus’ main patented inventions. In addition to its precise travel time function and reliability, its small size can provide more space for other complex devices.

 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

 On January 1, 1972, UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) became the new world standard time, and its appearance complicated the definition of GMT. ‘UTC Coordinated Universal Time’, also known as Coordinated Universal Time or Coordinated Universal Time, is the average solar time (based on Greenwich Mean Time GMT), the new time scale after correction of the Earth’s axis, and the international time in seconds. The time calculated by the atomic time is quite rigorous and precise, so from the perspective of world standard time, UTC is more accurate than GMT.

 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is very important for pilots. It is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which makes the time difference around the world consistent. The letters UTC are a mixture of English Coordinated Universal Time and French Temp Universelle Coordinee. For convenience, it is usually recorded as Universal Time Coordinated. For the same convenience, GMT and UTC are usually regarded as equivalent when it is not necessary to be accurate to the second. Although UTC is more scientific and accurate, GMT is still more popular for watch players and collectors. Many people think that UTC is a means for Paris to conquer the status of a world timing center.

 In fact, it is a time measurement system based on atomic time and as close to the universal time as possible. Its emergence is the need for precise timing in modern society. Atomic time is different from previous timing systems. It is very accurate and not based on the average solar time of a place. However, when the rotation speed of the earth is uneven, the time difference between the atomic time and the world time accumulates. Therefore, UTC will Add a positive or negative leap second after a period to compensate. As a result, there are several whole-second differences between Coordinated Universal Time and International Atomic Time (TAI). The International Bureau of Earth Rotation Affairs (IERS) in Paris decides when to join leap seconds.

 Hamilton Khaki UTC

 Skywalker’s predecessors during World War II achieved outstanding achievements. Their reliable and accurate performance escorted the on-time safety of naval vessels. The sturdy 42 mm stainless steel case of the new watch, the Swiss timepiece with excellent antimagnetic performance, and the water resistance of 300m are all saluting the WWII military watch. The practical second time zone display also injects modern ideas into the Skywalker. The second time zone window adjusted by the 2-point crown shows the three-letter airport code specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), such as Kennedy Well-known air traffic hubs such as the International Airport (JFK), Los Angeles Airport (LAX), and Honolulu and Pendelgada in the Assyrian Islands. The perfect combination of the present and the past has laid a solid foundation for the brilliance of Hamilton Khaki Skywalker in the future watch industry.

     Radar UTC Dual Time Watch

 The HyperChrome UTC two-time watch that made a stunning debut in 2013 marked a bold attempt by RADO in terms of complex functions. In addition to the big three hands and big date display on the dial, it is also equipped with a second time zone display. The whole red hour or blue hand accurately displays the time in the second time zone through the operation of mechanical parts in units of an hour.

Iwc Launches A Large Pilot Boxer Ali Special Edition Watch

A few days ago, at the ‘Celebrity Gight Night’ charity party held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, the special edition of IWC’s large pilot ‘Muhammad Ali’ won the bid of 60,000 US dollars. The fundraising funds for the charity evening were used to support Mohammed Ali Parkinson’s Disease Center. This is the 18th time that the former boxing champion has invited many friends in the entertainment industry to participate in the event.
Stars Boxing Night Charity Party
IWC ‘Muhammad Ali’ Special Edition Watch

敬 Salute the Legend

The special edition of the large pilot ‘Muhammad Ali’ is a tribute to Ali’s great achievements in sports and society. The faceplate design is flawless following the large pilot watch design introduced in the 1940s. Clearly arranged fog-black dial, 12 o’clock arrow scale, and bold colored fluorescent numbers and hands ensure that time reading is completely independent of ambient light sources. The red hands painted with the logo highlight the uniqueness, dynamics and masculinity of the watch. Red and black color matching is Ali’s favorite, because he always likes to wear red boxing gloves. The back of the watch is even engraved with the signature of Ali, a time-rich athlete, and the words ‘Edition Muhammad Ali, ONE OUT OF ONE’.
IWC ‘Muhammad Ali’ Special Edition Watch

Special edition of ‘Muhammad Ali’ for large pilots, model 500435, 18K white gold case, diameter 46 mm, black dial with fog, hands painted with logo red Super-Lumi Nova, limited one ONE OUT OF ONE worldwide, 51111 automatic winding machine Movement, Pellaton automatic winding system, date display, power reserve display, central seconds stop function, screw-in crown, Glucydur balance wheel, Breguet spring, screw-in crown, glass The mirror is firmly assembled and can withstand the sudden drop in pressure without loosening. The power reserve is 168 hours. The crocodile leather strap has a red inner lining, a folding platinum buckle, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass, a white gold case back with a specially engraved Ali signature, and is waterproof 60 meters.
This is the 18th time that the former boxing champion has invited many friends in the entertainment industry to participate

As any watch player will tell you, a special watch is not just a design with a great reward, but more importantly, the complex machinery inside the case makes it the focus of attention. The special edition of the large pilot ‘Muhammad Ali’ is equipped with a 51111 caliber – the largest automatic movement ever produced by IWC – covering all the functions that have proven to be IWC’s long-loved. Equipped with a Pellerton automatic winding system can provide a 7-day power reserve for the watch, and its display dial is located at 3 o’clock. The huge crown is even more significant in the era of flight. Especially when pilots usually wear flight suits and thick gloves, it is difficult to adjust the watch on their hands. Therefore, the huge crown is a must. IWC CEO Georges Kern was very satisfied with the bidding result, ‘We are very honored to contribute this unique and meaningful watch.’

IWC Big Pilot Edition Muhammad Ali The special case of Muhammad Ali’s platinum case is engraved with the signature of Ali, a time-honored athlete, and ‘Muhammad Ali Special Edition-The Only (Edition Muhammad Ali, ONE OUT OF ONE) ‘.