Inventory 4 Classic Moon Phase Watches

‘Every time the sun and the moon pass over the shoulders, the mountains and mountains look to the palm’ The lofty pursuit of the original meaning of spirit and the broad mind of people of insight, today take stock of 4 classic moon phase watches Wang watch purchasers also have such a state of rotation, the nature of immutability. 2007 Patek Philippe Grand Complications Ref. 5159
As Patek Philippe’s prestigious classic style, the Office model features a dust cover on the case back. Ref. 5159 reinterprets this legendary series. It has a perpetual calendar function and an automatic date return function. The case is slightly larger and the dial has been redesigned. The new Ref.5159 takes the Office watch into a new field. The case diameter is 38 mm, which is slightly larger than the Office 2 mm. The gold dust cover protects the transparent sapphire glass cover. The dial has been completely redesigned to reflect the solemnity and excellence of this watch.
Through the sapphire crystal transparent cover, you can see the famous self-winding caliber 315 S QR movement. This movement can be automatically adjusted according to the number of days per month and the change in leap years. S indicates a large second hand, Q indicates a perpetual calendar, and R indicates an automatic return to the date hand. Automatically returning a date pointer is an amazing complication. The date hand moves along a circular arc of 270 degrees and jumps back to the number 1 position at midnight on the last day of each month. During the precisely controlled flyback process, the pointer is disengaged from the rotating device and immediately returns to 1, so that no accidental jump of 1-2 days will occur.
的 The complexity of the moon phase device is equally amazing: the precise travel time is 122 years and 45 days. After that, the adjustment range was only 1 day. To achieve these complications, the 361 individual parts in a watch must interact perfectly. Patek Philippe has the best technicians and watchmakers who adjust all parts until all parts meet the strictest quality standards of Patek Philippe. For example, the teeth of steel wheels are manually polished and polished one by one, and the surface is extremely smooth, thereby reducing friction and wear. Needless to say, such a movement meets all the standards of the Geneva Quality Seal, representing the highest specifications of horological craftsmanship.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch
Originated from the Portuguese series of IWC in 1938, it is the factory’s famous large-sized timepiece. Its 50611 movement is a member of IWC’s 5,000 movement family, and the operation of the perpetual calendar watch is the same as that of the Da Vinci watch.
万 This perpetual calendar watch is a delicate handicraft, featuring the hands to indicate the day, date and month, and a 4-digit year display window, which can only be achieved by IWC. Another outstanding feature is its moon phase profit and loss display, which has always been an integral part of the IWC Perpetual Calendar watch. But the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch is different in that it shows the moon phase profit and loss at the same time in the northern and southern hemispheres. Not only that, it uses a larger moon phase disk, so it can accommodate a larger number of gears than other watches, and it is accurate Degree has also been greatly improved. The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch has an error of only one day every 577 years, and so far no other mechanical watch can match it.

Breguet Classic 3330BA / 1E / 986 Watch
宝 玑 launched the Classique gold moon phase watch in 2009, showing the oldest design pattern in moon phase clocks. The semi-circular moon phase display and the carved smiley pattern on the surface of the moon are now rarely used by ordinary moon phase watches. This highly sensual design orientation is to fully expose the smiley face at the full moon for the wearer. Convey a simple and pleasant look. In addition, the corrugated carvings of the clouds in the moon phase disk, and the star cluster that interprets the dazzling movement of the moon to the left and right, all show Breguet’s attention to detail.

Omega (Omega) Speedmaster Professional Moon Phase Table
No watch has a deeper sense of adventure than the Omega Speedmaster. Since 1965, the Omega Speedmaster has become an important member of every manned space mission of NASA, and has established an outstanding reputation on July 20, 1969. On this day, the Apollo 11 lunar module landed on the surface of the moon, Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon, and the Speedmaster professional watch fixed outside the space suit has a special name-‘ ‘Moon watch’, to this day, ‘Moon watch’ has become synonymous with the Omega Speedmaster watch series.
米 Omega launched a new Speedmaster watch, which is more closely related to the moon. This model not only includes all the famous chronograph functions of the Speedmaster series, but also has moon phase function and date indicator.
米 Omega Speedmaster professional moon phase watch with blackened aventurine dial, there is an hour mark on the dial. Aventurine is an unusually dazzling, highly reflective crystal formed by adding metal oxides during the melting process of glass. The moon phase disk is also aventurine, while the moon phase itself is made of mother-of-pearl. The date hand floats above the moon phase display.

Two Omega Women’s Golf Celebrity Ambassadors Cut The Winning Cup

On November 25, 2013, two world women’s golf leaders and OMEGA celebrity ambassadors demonstrated their outstanding talents and excellent golf skills on the field of Florida, USA, and explained the international influence of golf. : Among them, Chinese star Feng Shanshan won the LPGA Tour Championship; while American star Stacy Lewis won the Vare Trophy with the lowest average score of the year.

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Stacey Louis

Chinese famous Omega celebrity ambassador Feng Shanshan wins the LPGA Tour Championship
   Feng Shanshan won the LPGA Tour Championship this season with a 72-hole, 15-under par. Feng Shanshan achieved an amazing record of six birdies without bogey in the final round. At this year’s LPGA Finals, where top women’s golfers gather, Stacy Lewis and Michelle Wie, who are also Omega ambassadors, performed well in the game, ranking sixth respectively. And the eleventh record ends.
   With her strong offense between matches, Stacey Louis finally scored a minimum average of 69.484 shots per round to win the Vera trophy, which was impressive. This marks the first time an American player has won the award since 1994.
   Omega Global President Stephen Urquhart praised the celebrity ambassadors for their outstanding performance: ‘We are proud of Shanshan and Stacey’s trophy in last weekend’s competition, and Wei Shengmei’s performance It’s also very good. Women’s golf is getting more and more popular. There are many outstanding players who have improved the standard of golf. We are very happy that we will see a lot of players in the Omega Dubai Women’s Masters. It will be an exciting game. ‘