Bvlgari Bvlgari Incarnation Of Magic Dreamworks Wishing Stars Building Dream Winter Day

A joyful winter holiday is coming. Bulgari captures the magical magic from the eternal city of Rome. It combines rare gems, bold creativity and unruly souls into a Bulgari magic dream factory, shining The stars are shining, listening to every wonderful wish in the winter night, turning the romantic dreams of wishers into a warm heart to accompany and to spend a happy winter.

BVLGARI Bulgari incarnates the Winter Magic DreamWorks

Fun adventures on the road to dreams

BVLGARI Serpenti Jewelry
   The sparks from all kinds of collisions, the magical inspiration from the sky, the irresistible wonderful temptations … the colorful stories encountered in the time of chasing dreams, exciting adventures, and the determination to adhere to dreams are like the distant and clear in the Milky Way The fascinating starlight is timeless and shining forever.

BVLGARI Divas’Dream Jewelry
   Put the unforgettable charm of Serpenti in my mind, and engraving the glamorous charm of Divas’Dream in my heart, learn from B.zero1’s unprecedented breakthrough and courage, and strengthen my sincerity and continue to move forward with my dreams.

BVLGARI B.zero1 jewelry

The beauty of time, condensing dreams

BVLGARI Lvcea watch

BVLGARI Divas’Dream watch
   The original wish was even more shining in the passage of time. The Bulgari Lvcea series watch is transformed into the ‘Messenger of Light’. It represents your tenderness and strength with rose gold and stainless steel. Just like the peacock’s self-confidence and elegance, the Divas’Dream series watch will make you look more glamorous.

The road to dream building

BVLGARI Octo Finissimo watch
   In the cold winter, I can’t resist my masculinity. The rugged edges of the iconic octagonal design of the Bulgari Octo series are strong and eye-catching, simple and powerful, making them the best choice for attractive men. Don’t stick to dogma, can’t help but think, and don’t shrink from words-Bulgari Octo watches are a perfect combination of classics, innovation and extreme, for the dream of those men who refuse to be mediocre, self-seeking and resolute and confident Bless the courage and enjoy the ultimate life.

BVLGARI Octo Roma watch

Wish the stars, tell the truth

BVLGARI 2017 winter holiday accessories series
   Capturing the magic of each wishing star, Bulgari has specially launched the 2017 winter holiday accessories series, which transforms the beauty of the wish into an irresistible seductive magic, and reveals the true feelings in the heart.

Bvlgari B.zero1 series magic space
   It adopts festive joyful tones and captures the stars with metal texture, and the charming light flashing with the snake head clasp echoes the charming charm of the spirit snake. Just like the sky and the galaxy in the eyes of every wishing person, the new bag uses relief technology and delicate quilting to create winter stars. Each bag is designed with different styles and designs to create unique and exclusive products.

Bvlgari Serpenti Series Magic Space

Bulgari Octo Magic Space
   Bvlgari’s exclusive Magic Dream Factory was created by well-known Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina, combining Bulgari’s unique beauty and bold imagination, and drawing the magical magic of the Roman night sky, perfectly interpreting the occasion of wishing the stars Wonderful scene. In the Bulgari Magic Dream Factory (, you can enter 7 virtual magic spaces, from the classic logo Serpenti series to charming The charming Divas’ Dream series, the experiencers can feel the creative charm of 7 Bulgari iconic products one by one. When you make a wish for the stars, it is like making a wish for Bulgari. Bulgari’s works contain the purest dream-making magic.

2013 Sihh Geneva Fine Watchmaking Salon-iwc Engineers Constant Power Tourbillon Watch

IWC Schaffhausen, a Swiss watchmaker, is proud of its superior engineer constant-power tourbillon watch in the high-end watch industry, consolidating its top position in watch design. In order to achieve an extremely uniform travel time, the watchmaker integrated a patented constant power mechanism into the tourbillon—a masterpiece of engineering.

 High-end watchmaking has one thing in common with F1TM-Formula One: Only when engineers make all parts work together perfectly can the technology be used to its full potential. Only in this way can high-tech masterpieces achieve the best performance, whether on the track or on the wrist. Just as the V8 engine is suitable for acceleration and braking at extreme speeds, the manual winding device of a mechanical watch should also provide as stable power as possible during the travel period. However, the tension of the mainspring of a conventional manual winding movement in the initial state is always greater than the end state, and the resulting power is constantly changing. IWC’s research and development team consisting of engineers, watchmakers and designers took 10 years to explore this challenge, and the end result is remarkable: a very complex constant power integrated into the tourbillon The mechanism was born. This IWC research and development was first applied in the engineer’s constant-power tourbillon watch (model IW590001) in the engineer’s watch family in 2013, the watch uses platinum and ceramic case.
Constant power tourbillon-the heart of timepieces
 The constant-power tourbillon is located at the ‘9 o’clock’ position, which is breathtaking and breathtaking, giving people a glimpse of the fascinating architecture of its multilayer structure. For precision machinery enthusiasts, it is a special enjoyment to watch the high-precision and complex operation of clockwork, gear trains and forks. The black tourbillon bridge is very eye-catching, with a countdown and black screws, which emphasize the technological temperament of the dial. In sharp contrast is the delicate, gold-shimmering Glucydur® * beryllium alloy balance wheel, which is equipped with a high-precision fine-tuning cam. The tourbillon makes one rotation in 60 seconds, which is designed to offset the error caused by the gravity of the balance wheel on one side, and thus offset the deviation of the travel time rate. Visible inside the tourbillon is the constant dynamic mechanism integrated into it-the true heart of the timepiece. This ingenious mechanism decouples the escapement from the direct power transmission of the gear train, thereby ensuring that the amplitude of the balance wheel is stable, thereby making the travel time rate almost constant. The power is temporarily stored in the hairspring and delivered to the escape wheel. The hairspring is tightened once every second. You can observe that the tourbillon hand also jumps forward in seconds. After every 5 single swings of the balance wheel, the brake wheel and tourbillon carrier also start to operate. The rotation of the brake wheel causes the tourbillon carrier to rotate, thereby causing the hairspring to be tensioned again. After about 2 days, the constant power mode will switch to normal mode: At this time, the second hand will jump in every fifth of a second. The constant-power tourbillon can ensure an absolutely even and accurate travel time for at least 48 hours.
Instrument-style accumulator
 The newly-developed IWC manual-winding 94900-based basic movement combines the power of two barrels into one, which can provide the larger torque required for a constant-power tourbillon. In addition, it provides the power needed to drive the moon phase display. IWC’s classic dual moon phase display in the northern and southern hemispheres also debuted with a completely new look. As far as its position on the upper right is concerned, it is already outstanding, not to mention the moon is so vivid. With the help of a special three-dimensional laser processing procedure, its surface can be as realistic as possible, and even tiny craters can be seen. The countdown display on the outer circle of the totalizer is used to display the number of days from the next profitable month. The power reserve display between ‘4 o’clock’ and ‘5 o’clock’ is an innovative masterpiece of IWC. It adopts a retrograde design and displays the remaining winding power through a triangular pointer. The connecting bridge is cleverly designed and will not hide the IWC logo during the 96-hour walk of the watch. Three accumulators are embedded in the bezel, the design of which is inspired by technical instruments, further highlighting the chic sports characteristics of the watch. The dial’s black tones are subtle, with a black high-tech ceramic bezel and a solid platinum crown guard, making the watch’s quiet, technological temperament a natural fit. On the inner circle of the watch, you can see a classic icon with a long history, which is composed of a nested uppercase letter ‘I’ and a slender serif. The letter symbolizes the engineer (Ingenieur) and also gives the relief pattern a special depth.
A closer look at the ‘engine’
 Looking at the engineer’s constant-power tourbillon watch from the side of the movement is like looking at the engine compartment of a sports car. Corresponding to the drilled holes in the bezel of the front cover, the sapphire glass ring on the case is also embedded with 5 titanium screws with ceramic screw caps. The sandblasted and satin-finished surface of the movement’s base plate and the polished corners complement each other, reminiscent of high-performance cutting-edge engines. The intermeshing gears make the sight linger, and the engravings show the technical details-all the design elements are carefully selected and cooperate with each other, which is an excellent expression of power and dynamics.
IWC Schaffhausen
 Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen has dedicated itself to technology and research and development, and has been making watches of lasting value since 1868. The company eagerly pursues innovative solutions and original technologies, and has won wide acclaim internationally. As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of luxury watches, IWC combines precision and unique design to create a model that reflects the highest state of fine watchmaking art.
Technical characteristics
Mechanical movement — Power reserve display — Precision moon phase display — North and South hemisphere dual moon phase display — Countdown to display the number of days from the next profitable month — Constant power tourbillon — Glucydur® * beryllium alloy balance wheel, balance arm configuration Fine-tuning cam — screw-in crown — transparent sapphire case back
Caliber 94800 Vibration frequency 18000 times per hour / 2.5 Hz Gems 43 pieces Power reserve 96 hours
Winding up Manual winding
Material of the watch Platinum and ceramic case, black dial, black alligator leather strap, platinum pin buckle Table mirror Double-sided anti-reflective flat sapphire glass Water resistance 12 bar Diameter 46 mm
Thickness 14 mm

The Pinnacle Of Craftsmanship Miss Golden Bridge Watch Tasting

The Kunlun watch brand was established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1955. The brand was originally transformed by a pair of uncles and nephews into their own independent brand, and the new company was named CORUM. This uncle and nephew are watchmaker Gaston Ries and designer Rene Bannwart. With the joint efforts of the two, the first watch was launched in 1956 and got people’s attention. Kunlun was run by the Wunderman family in 2000. Although it changed hands, the attitude and direction of Kunlun watches has not changed. Subsequently, it has innovated a number of extraordinary wristwatches. Today, Kunlun has become known to everyone. Watch brand. This watch to be introduced today is one of the more famous Kunlun Bridge members of Kunlun, the official model: 113.102.85 / V880 0000.

   The Kunlun Bridge series is the flagship complex function model launched by Kunlun in 1980. It is equipped with a patented rectangular movement, making it a benchmark in the industry, and it also reflects the peak of watchmaking technology.

   The Kunlun Bridge watch can be called the most representative work of the Kunlun watch. The characteristic rectangular case design and the shape of the linear transparent dial make it memorable.

   The barrel size of the watch is 43×21 mm, the case thickness is 11.24 mm, and the whole is made of 18K rose gold. The dial is uniformly inlaid with 90 diamonds of the same size, each of which has a bright color and pure purity.

   Like the design of a suspension bridge, the movement splint can not only fix the movement in the case, but also effectively disperse the external impact force, and protect the movement of the movement from being affected and damaged.

   This watch does not have a dial. From the front of the watch, we can directly see the internal structure of the watch. The movement of the watch, the movement splint, the balance spring and other parts are clearly visible.

   From the picture we can see that the side of the watch is still made of sapphire crystal glass, which can clearly see the precision movement of the watch’s internal movement.

   The watch with strap is also made of 18K rose gold for comfortable wearing. The buckle is also made of the same material, using a pin buckle design, and the buckle is also engraved with the Kunlun brand name CORUM.

   The crown of the watch is located at 6 o’clock, and it is designed in the middle of the two lugs of the watch. In appearance, the watch is more integrated with personality. The top of the crown is engraved with Kunlun’s iconic upright key LOGO.

   The watch is equipped with a CO113 manual mechanical movement with a diameter of 33.27×11.28 mm, a frequency of 28,800 hours per hour, 19 gemstones, and a 40-hour power reserve.

Summary: The Kunlun Bridge series watch has a unique design, using a rectangular full-perspective case, the movement is wrapped in transparent sapphire crystal glass, which is very unique and eye-catching, making it an avant-garde design work in the watch industry. The current domestic reference price for this watch is 397,000 yuan.
For more watch details, please click: corum / 17236 /

Enamel Clocks And Watches: Days And Nights Of The World

The technique of enamel micro-painting requires decades of study and experience, as well as amazing patience and meticulousness. The artist hand-painted the pattern from the idea to the dial. Each enamel surface is a unique dual display of art and craftsmanship, which has become the ultimate goal of watch collectors. Patek Philippe Model 5131G
     On June 4th, the special exhibition of precious watches and antique clocks in the Beijing Poly Spring Auction ended. A Patek Philippe ‘World Time’ watch sold for 1.15 million yuan and model 5131G will undoubtedly become the most sought after collector on the spot. This watch was first introduced at the World Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland in 2008. It is based on Patek Philippe’s 5130 world timetable, with a filigree enamel dial. The world time model 5131 uses an 18-karat gold body and dial, and the center is decorated with a hand-painted silk enamel world map. This watch model can permanently display the time in twenty-four time zones around the world. This performance device combines a very simple Adjusting the way to show time around the world is a breeze. It’s a technological innovation. Because of its magnificent filigree enamel dial, the watch has been favored by a large number of connoisseurs who love enamel art, and has become the mainstream watch collection in contemporary watch brands.
Enamel painting technology has a history of hundreds of years
     Since its introduction in the late 15th century, enamel has become an unparalleled exquisite decorative art. Enamel watches have always been a collector’s favorite. Enamel has the warmth of jade, the brilliance of jewellery, and the detail of bone china. The most important thing is that this material is new and will not oxidize and fade. Even after hundreds of years, the enamel has bright colors They will not fade, they are like young people who have escaped the law of time. Among the various types of enamel technology, Patek Philippe’s World Time dial uses filigree enamel. The metal dial is first covered with a layer of anti-deformation enamel glaze, and the surface of the disk is baked without any defects. The painter painted the surface with several layers of white enamel before painting. Painters use special stylus pens, use high-power microscope magnification as an auxiliary tool, and paint carefully for weeks or even months. It is then roasted at a high temperature to let the color continue to increase until it emits a dazzling brilliance. Because each glaze has different color changes after heating, it often requires multiple colors and multiple firing to complete. Finally, a colorless transparent glaze is applied to protect the surface and make the colors more vivid and the picture more realistic. Of all World Time models, watches with hand-painted cloisonne thumbnails in the center of the dial are the most popular. Over the years, enamel patterns have diversified: a group of palm trees, lonely lighthouses, etc., but it is undeniable that the most popular is the stylized world map.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon Continents series self-winding watch, one-minute tourbillon device, filigree micro-painted enamel dial chart
     When European civilization began to experience the most turbulent period in its history, the fine arts of enamel experienced the most brilliant moments. It was during that time that Spanish and Portuguese navigators began long journeys and adventures to explore areas that were still not fully understood at the time. Another enamel micro-painted watch estimated at 580,000-800,000 at the auction session-Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon tourbillon watch, shows the appearance of a series of continents of our earth on the dial through enamel technology. To commemorate the breakthrough view of the country at that time, and to commemorate the discovery of the natural phenomenon that the earth is round. The area to be decorated on the dial is hollowed out with a carving knife to form grooves, and decorative patterns are drawn on the gold dial plate; the surface of each continent is carefully carved, in the direction of the four basic points of the compass. The grid is decorated, the bezel is also decorated with corresponding decoration, and the surface of the ocean is decorated with spray waves. The translucent enamel layer reveals a carved geographic pattern, showing incredible depth and density. The bezel is engraved with geographic coordinates, and the center point of the indicator is the center of the dial with a pattern of fixed hands. After repeated firing, the borders of different countries and the contours of the continent gradually appeared on the dial. This extremely precise masterpiece is impossible to mass produce.
A three-question self-satisfied pocket watch depicting Our Lady of Alba
     The world’s only three-question self-resonant pocket watch made in 1896 was sold for 920,000 yuan. This crown-winding pocket watch, made of 18k gold, is amazingly technically complicated. This alone makes it Destined to be called an extremely rare collectible treasure in the international timepiece market. The pocket watch is a micro-painted enamel picture. According to the shape of the case, the rare circular composition work of Raphael’s masterpiece ‘Mother of Alba’ was subtly selected, and the ‘A The immortal classic of Our Lady of Barr is drawn mirror-to-mirror on a double-sided case, which is breathtaking. Unlike the more commonly-painted enamel subjects such as pastoral life or ladies’ flowers, the enamel picture of this three-question self-sounding pocket watch is taken from traditional religious themes, depicting the kinship between the Virgin and Child and John the Baptist bathed in the twilight dusk. In the picture, the Virgin is sitting on the floor, with the baby Jesus on his lap, and the older John the Baptist sitting beside him. The Virgin holds the Bible that has just been closed in her left hand, and puts her right hand on John Baptist’s knee, with a kind face and full of love. The eyes of the three men were doubtfully gathered on the small cross at this moment, as if they all foresaw the heavyness and tragicness of the Son Jesus who would give his life to redeem the sins of mankind. In the dusk and twilight, the fragrant and fresh summer sun sprinkles on the distant scenery with farms and rolling hills, giving the picture a melancholic poetic atmosphere. The figure’s posture is very natural, but it forms an unnaturally excellent balanced composition. The soothing, soft and moving curves, delineating the curved image exactly, successfully preserved all the spirituality of an icon.
     This painting by Raphael was named after his collector Duke Alba, and was collected in the former Soviet Hermitage, and was later tortured by Andre William Mellon, the three US Treasury Secretary, banker and collector Home was acquired secretly in the 1930s for $ 1.16 million and was donated to the country through President Truman in 1937. It is now in the National Museum of Washington. In 2004, the Russian Hermitage Museum borrowed this masterpiece, and the insurance price was as high as 1 billion US dollars.
Vacheron Constantin Mackato Series 97 Hong Kong Commemorative Model
     The 1997 Vacheron Constantin Mackato series is a commemorative model of the 1997 Hong Kong return, with an estimated value of 480,000 to 600,000 yuan. This series is a collection of exquisite enamel timepieces with human characteristics in limited edition watches. The launch of this watch coincides with the return of Hong Kong in 1997. It is made of 18K yellow gold and is limited to 30 pieces. It has a self-winding watch with dual retrograde functions of hour and minute, and a South China map micro-painted on the dial. The dial painted ‘1 JULY 1997’ is also signed by the master enamel painter J & L. GENBRUGGE, which makes it extraordinary significance. Fifteen years passed and the color of the watch was still bright.