Plum Blossom Launches Slim Series Watches

In summer, I always want to simplify all the decoration on my body. The new Slenderline Slimline watch from Plum Watch meets your wishes. The dial is designed with a silver radial texture and 12 elegant and long Roman numerals, forming a flawless visual enjoyment.

In addition, the delicate small second hand under the dial allows the wearer to grasp the accurate time and enjoy the small second hand’s elegant movement. The slim dial with a smooth 9-link bracelet gives the watch a unique signature. The best part of this series is that the most basic elements of thin watches are fully used, while maintaining the brand’s requirements and enthusiasm for precision and quality of watches.

Epo Watch Kana Kana Limited Concept Watch ‘dream’

Ebo was founded in Shenzhen, China in 1991. It is a group enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing brand watches, precious metal jewelry and refined products. Yibo owns many independent brands such as EBOHR—Yabo Watch, KANA—Kana Women’s Jewellery Watch, EBOHR COMPLICATION—Yufei Complex Mechanical Watch, Berliget, EBOHR JUNIOR—EJ Student Watch, and also owns the Swiss brand CODEX—How Du mechanical watch Asia Pacific region exclusive agency rights and sales network and after-sales service centers throughout mainland China.
   KANA is the first high-end women’s jewellery watch brand in China with bright natural stones as the inlaid feature; it is the strong crystallization of Yibo and the internationally renowned company Swarovski. KANA watches are all hand-set with natural gemstones, with noble materials and exquisite craftsmanship, which are the only choice for wise and elegant women. KANA is the symbol of the goddess of fortune. She will protect every wearer of the heart, so that they can enjoy the beauty of self-confidence and self-love.
   The majority of Cana watches use Swiss original quartz movements, which are small in size and accurate in travel time; the bridge-shaped watch body makes the watch look smooth and beautiful, and completely fits the wrist; each Cana watch has a pleasant Names, different color treasures, and various types of star language imply a woman’s beautiful pursuit of life and ideals.

波 EBO watch KANA limited edition concept watch ‘Dream’
   This watch is a 2012 limited edition concept watch ‘Dream Enjoy’ launched by Ebokana KANA, following the magnificent and elegant flower design of the ‘Xingfu’ series, and also made with precious materials. The watch instrument selects lucky gemstones that reflect the lucky colors of life, integrating superb jewelry processing skills and excellent watchmaking art.
   On a three-dimensional flower case covered with 18K rose gold, up to 204 luxurious diamonds and 257 magnificent rubies are hand-paved by superb jewelry masters, like ripples of blue waves; lingering on the round dial, 8 A few carat-grade purple, yellow, blue and other Swarovski colored natural gems embellish it, the stunning look and peerless style are fascinating, and the rose red gold edging and the minute hand are more elegantly expressing the elegant and noble characteristics To be vivid. The limited edition of “Dream Enjoy” is limited to 60 pieces, which further highlights its sense of dignity. The crystal clear sapphire crystal and the rare red leather strap of the devil fish always show the wearer’s elegant temperament and fashionable taste. The concept of ‘Dream Enjoyment’ permeates the complete development process of ‘Dream Enjoyment’ and will inject beautiful blessing, luck and love into the owner’s life.

Incarnation Of Light A New Gem In The Bvlgari Watch Collection

The BVLGARI Lvcea ladies’ watch series becomes brighter and brighter at any time, and the newly presented gems make it bloom like never before. And this time we have the opportunity to have an exclusive dialogue with Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, the senior director of Bulgari watch design, to have a glimpse into the design process of Bulgari watches.

  At present, LVCEA has become one of the most loved classic series in the world. Bulgari draws inspiration from the eternal connection between ‘time’ and ‘light’, and injects new vitality into the series. LVCEA has reached a perfect balance between Jane and Fan, and it is full of brilliance. As one of the best Bvlgari ladies’ watches, LVCEA combines all the unique characteristics of Bvlgari.
  LVCEA combines powerful lines with sexy design. Its exquisite craftsmanship is the best proof of the extraordinary metal processing ability of Bulgari, a well-known Italian jewelry brand. The V-shaped chain link design coincides with the V in the LVCEA name, and is also a light inspiration from the Serpenti series, whose serpentine design has become the iconic symbol and symbol of Bulgari. The unique winding bracelet is perfectly balanced with the luxurious and round case, with a harmonious dazzling style, which interprets the charming and complex connotation of contemporary women.

  In addition, the LVCEA watch is soft and smooth without losing its strength and sophistication. From early morning to sunset, LVCEA, which is suitable for all occasions, is loved by celebrities, and reflects their unique personality and charming style on different occasions. As a tribute to Bulgari’s Roman ancestry, LVCEA’s design is a tribute to the ancient sundial, the ancestor of the timepiece, symbolizing the power of capturing light (‘luce’ in Italian means ‘light’). LVCEA’s case is shiny and round, highlighting the dial decorated with Roman numerals and hands, which looks like a sundial-a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, practicality and preciousness.

  New color interpretation from day to month

  In 2015, LVCEA became more and more brilliant. New features and dimensions have greatly enriched the original product series. At the Baselworld Watch Fair, BVLGARI Bvlgari will release colored sapphire blue, Bordeaux pink and pale pink alligator leather straps to match the colorful and personalized look of the LVCEA series. The white and rose gold finishes complement this color feast. A sapphire blue and pink Bordeaux leather strap with a luxurious diamond bezel and gold chain links, and a delicate cream-white silver dial with a sun motif, reminiscent of the ancient Roman sundial that inspired this collection. In addition, a pale pink leather strap LVCEA watch with rose gold chain links in the same hue, and a milky silver dial decorated with sundial Roman numerals XII and VI hour scales, rendering a nostalgic flavor of ancient Rome.
  Platinum shines sexy
  In addition to the classic stainless steel and rose gold models, LVCEA has launched two new white gold watches, which has enriched the choice of precious metal materials and became two dazzling stars in 2015. One is set with luxurious diamonds on the bezel and bracelet; the other is set with diamonds on the dial, shining like the sun.

  New size highlights women’s sexy charm
  In 2015, BVLGARI expanded LVGEA’s original 33 mm classic size and launched four 36 mm models. The milky silver dial is like a hypnotic charm that focuses on the eyes of everyone. The case is boldly made of stainless steel, which is soft and soft. The stainless steel model with diamond hour markers and mother-of-pearl dial adds a touch of softness to the large case. The bracelet of another LVCEA watch is made of rose gold and stainless steel, reflecting the rich and multifaceted personality of a modern woman with a strong appearance. The creamy silver dial is decorated with Roman numerals, which highlights the luster of LVCEA. The most luxurious rose gold model uses a 36mm rose gold bezel and a two-tone precious metal bracelet. The soft luster of the mother-of-pearl dial and the brilliant brilliance of the diamond scale complement each other.

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