Casio Watch Strap Is Too Long How To Remove Casio Strap

What should I do if the Casio strap is too long?
  The bands of new Casio watches are basically longer, which is common to meet the needs of multiple users. If it’s a common steel band, just cut a few paragraphs. If it’s a leather strap, just make a few adjustments. However, if it is a special material strap, it is recommended to adjust it at a repair point specially repairing a Casio watch.
How to remove Casio strap?
  Before you remove the strap, make a rough measurement. How many straps should be removed?
  1. Temporarily remove the ring-shaped strap from the buckle so that the strap can be flat on the table. To facilitate the next move. It is best to pad a flannel underneath to protect the watch
  2. After flattening the strap, use a pointed tool (I use small scissors) to find the position of the latch along the arrow on the back of the strap, against the small round protrusion, use it outwards in the direction of the arrow. Push hard to push the latch.
  3. After removing the strap of appropriate length, you can put the strap back on. The latch may be a bit tight. Find something soft and hard (I have a plastic lighter), tap it a few times, or push it hard to replace it. Remember to put the buckle on.
  ★★★ Note that the watch band must first be determined that the watch band particles are not connected by screws but by pins or cotter pins (also called bulging ears).
  How to use the strap remover: Put the watch strap in the groove of the strap remover, and align the strap removing needle (also known as thimble) with the removal hole on the side of the strap and turn the handle clockwise. See below for details. Because the stripping needle is a wearing part, please keep the needle and the nail of the strap vertical, otherwise it will break easily. Purchase price: 3 yuan / root
  1. Most detachable straps have arrow signs on the back of the strap, which can push the spikes of the strap in the direction of the arrow;
  2. If there is no arrow mark, the end face of the spike in the hole can be observed. If it is flat and also has a tight gap, we will call it the A end, and the other end is a round end, and we will call it B. We need to push the pin in the direction from B to A.
  Method for replacing the tap remover: Rotate the tap remover handle counterclockwise, and then pry off the ring at the tail, and separate the handle by a slit to remove the bad needle.
  Then install a new tape removal needle, buckle the ring, and you’re done! !! !!

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