Connecting The Inside And Outside Of The Green: Tag Heuer Launches Watches And Apps For Golf Lovers

Combining advanced watchmaking technology and passion for golf, Swiss pioneer watch brand TAGHeuer launches the TAG Heuer golf app and watch, bringing a brand new TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 smart watch service.

   The new TAGHeuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch is designed for golf enthusiasts and can be connected to the Tag Heuer Golf app to help players demonstrate their superb golf skills on many courses.

   In keeping with the pioneering watchmaking tradition, Tag Heuer became the pioneering brand in 2015 to develop a trend-setting, full-featured smartwatch. Following the launch of the second generation of products in 2017, TAG Heuer is now putting its passion for sports and innovation into the world’s most popular personal sport-golf. The TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch and the unique 3D course map function provided by the TAG Heuer Golf app are the accessories that are enthusiastic for golfers.

   MatthieuSoudan, Project Manager at TAG Heuer, said: ‘The TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch is designed for golfers and anyone who loves the sport. Every aspect of smart watches and apps Regardless of design or function, it is aimed at improving player performance. Outside the court, this watch is also a stylish accessory equipped with advanced digital technology. It should be noted that this is first a smart watch, golf Apps are just one of many apps and features you can use with timepieces. ‘

Tag Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch

   This smart watch combines golf-style design concepts, shock-resistant materials, and personalized and advanced golf applications. It has 3D renderings of more than 39,000 courses and provides comprehensive performance analysis.

   The black ceramic bezel with 1 to 18 laser markings symbolizes 18 holes in a round of golf, which is also the most prominent feature of this classic 45 mm timepiece. The scales are painted white, which stands out on this lightweight watch with a black background. The striking black ceramic lugs complement the sandblasted case and case back and are made of black PVD titanium. This smart watch with a white strap with green stitching is a good choice on the court. Black, white and green colors are inspired by enduring golf fashion trends.

   TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Edition smart watch technology is as cutting-edge as its design. The touchscreen is covered in scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This golf-themed smart watch is equipped with multiple sensors, such as Global Positioning System (GPS), Near Field Communication (NFC), accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone. Any operation of the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch, including sending messages, receiving notifications, playing music and downloading other applications.

   A black rubber strap is included in the watch case for everyday use outside the golf course. The unique package also includes three golf balls with the Tag Heuer logo.

Tag Heuer Golf Mobile App

   For the first time ever, Tag Heuer has developed applications for iOS and Android smartphones. The golf app is free to download for TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watches and other TAG Heuer ConnectedModular Smart Watches. This application provides key links to improve performance on the course, including recording distance and performance, and displaying 39,000 golf courses around the world through accurate 3D map technology, which is outstanding among similar technologies currently on the market. This professional sports watch and app can even be used in amateur events.

Highlights of the TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch and the TAG Heuer Golf App:

– Get instant information on the distance between your location and the green and obstacles: TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 smart watch can display the distance from the current location to the green and obstacles. The information is clear and easy to read, and the accuracy can reach within one meter. An integrated GPS sensor inside the watch captures the position and displays it on the watch.
– Clear and easy to read 2D and 3D course maps: This golf smartwatch stands out with its unique interactive 2D course map function. On mobile phones, highly realistic 3D renderings provide the best view of the field. Compared with other applications that use satellite mapping technology, TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch does not simply display distance, but uses vector technology to display a high-level map of the entire course, using a scroll-type interactive mode to provide more detailed courses Information, including bunkers, fairways and grassy areas.

– Record the scores of up to four players: This application replaces paper scorecards with interactive scoring and incorporates 21st century technology in golf. In just a few seconds, players can enter their own (watch wearer) scores and the scores of other players in the same group, and update the ranking at any time. Whether it’s a stroke play, a match play or a Scottish scoring match, the TAG Heuer Golf app can record results on the wearer’s wrist.
– Accurate shot distance: When the shot recording function is activated, the watch can record the shot distance when the player walks towards the golf ball, with an accuracy of up to one meter.

– Post-match information statistics: All information entered into the app from the watch can be sent immediately to the smartphone, or stored in the watch when the phone is not nearby. At the end of each round, players can obtain detailed statistical data, including the average number of putts per hole, the longest kickoff distance, and performance distribution.
– Swing on many courses around the world: The TAG Heuer Golf app has a map of more than 39,000 courses around the world and accompanies every player to any course they arrive for because they love the sport. The constantly updated database will include the latest course or changes of existing courses to ensure the high accuracy of the 3D map.

   The TAG Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch and the TAG Heuer Golf app are designed for this world-famous individual sports enthusiast, demonstrating the brand’s expertise and superior accuracy in time and distance measurement. Sports is a vibrant element in TAG Heuer DNA, and the brand has spared no effort to raise industry standards in terms of timing technology innovation and improving sports performance.

Technical information: TAGHeuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch
Model SBF8A8031.82EB0172

The Tag Heuer ConnectedModular45 Golf Smart Watch uses an Intel Atom processor with 512MB of memory and 4GB of storage. The touch screen has a resolution of 400 × 400, a pixel density of 287ppi, and is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The Modular45 Golf Smart Watch is equipped with multiple sensors including Global Positioning System (GPS), Near Field Communication (NFC), accelerometer, gyroscope, tilt detection sensor, microphone and vibrotactile engine. The battery power is 410mAh, and the battery life is up to 25 hours under normal use.

The diameter is 45 mm, the thickness is 13.75 mm, and the module weighs 64.4 grams. Sandblasted titanium case and case back with black titanium carbide coating. At 3 o’clock, there is a single button made of stainless steel with a black carbonized coating and black line trim. The microphone is at 3 o’clock and the proximity sensor is at 6 o’clock, visible from the case back. Water-resistant to 50 meters (5 bar). Black ceramic bezel on a matte surface, representing 1 to 18 laser lettering on the hole, painted white.

White or black (interchangeable) leather / rubber strap

Special package includes three golf balls