Design Competition Is A Ruler For Measuring Strength

Freeman Lau, a well-known designer and brand consultant, has won more than 300 Hong Kong and overseas design awards since 1984. He has been actively creating for many years, and has participated in many events held in various places around the world. exhibition. The award-winning Freeman has not stopped because of this. Instead, he participates in some large-scale design competitions from time to time. He laughed: ‘These competitions are like a ruler, allowing designers to measure their own strength and inspect the space for improvement. If the competition is international In terms of sex, you can better see how you are positioned on the world stage. ‘
    Freeman has been involved in the design industry for many years, and he has been paying attention to new things and new scenes in the industry. He believes that good design can improve the quality of human life in many ways, including functional, sensory, and even cultural values. Abstract concept. When it comes to design, many people immediately think of artistic creation, but in fact, design can also be a new tool to solve social problems. The social problems referred to include environmental protection, sustainable development, and even disaster, Freeman explained: ‘After the disaster, how to deal with the aftermath is one of the first problems to be solved in the disaster area. Take the earthquake in Japan as an example. Many architects have created new temporary houses shortly after the disaster to solve the housing problem of the victims. A group of young Japanese The designer even planned a project called ‘OLIVE’, publishing books to educate victims how to turn simple things around them into practical daily necessities, and cutting plastic bottles as rice bowls is one example. ‘
    If designers want to stay competitive, how can they build cars behind closed doors? After participating in many design competitions, Freeman has a unique set of insights: ‘Design competitions are an important exercise for designers. Of course, winning the competition will feel joy and excitement, but even if you lose, it can be regarded as a valuable lesson. , Analyze and review the reasons for the loss, so as to learn from the experience and do better next time. Of course, different competitions will have different requirements for the entries. The same work may lose in this competition, may win elsewhere, and the work is successful. Whether or not, it is often ” different from time to time, from place to place, and from person to person ‘.’ He also encouraged young people: ‘Don’t feel discouraged by the failure of the game, as long as you have your own persistence and listen to all aspects with an open mind The opinion will definitely progress slowly, which will also be helpful to the future development of the cause. ‘

    Freeman has recently been invited to be a judge of the RADOSTAR PRIZE RADOSTAR PRIZE competition. The competition is divided into three major areas of visual design, product design and fashion design, providing a full range of display strength for young designers and artists aged 18 to 35. Opportunity. Freeman will work with the remaining six judges to select outstanding works in each group and carefully select the stars of tomorrow for the Hong Kong design industry.
Liu Xiaokang Freeman Lau
    Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic (the predecessor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and has received more than 300 Hong Kong and overseas awards since 1984.
    He has been actively creating for many years and has participated in many exhibitions held around the world. He was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star in 2006 and was awarded the title of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2010. Currently holding a number of positions in non-profit design agencies, he often lectures at various institutions at home and abroad, and is committed to promoting Hong Kong design.
About Radostar PRIZE
    Adhering to the brand spirit of Unlimited Spirit, RADO has been actively promoting the development of global art for many years. In order to support young designers and select cutting-edge design forces, it has also held radars in Sweden, Japan, South Korea, China and Malaysia. The watch creation star competition RADOSTAR PRIZE, the Hong Kong competition has officially accepted registration last month. The judging lineup includes Mr. Chen Youjian, a famous designer and brand consultant, Mr. He Zhouli, a famous architectural designer, Mr. He Guozhen, a famous fashion designer, Mr. Liu Xiaokang, a famous designer and brand consultant, Mr. Huang Bingpei, a famous designer, and famous fashion Designer Mr. Yin Taiwei and Mr. Patric Zingg, RADO Vice President of Global Marketing. The competition is divided into three groups: visual design, product design and fashion design. Participants aged 18 to 35 must log in to the “Radar Star Creation Competition” website from now until September 30 to register and upload their works, or submit to the Rado flagship Shop, you can enter. Graphic works must be in JPEG or GIF format (RGB mode), multimedia works in Flash, MP3, MP4, wmv, avi, mov, MPEG, and wav formats. The file size must not exceed 5MB. Participants must also submit a design brief within 300 words, deconstructing the work, including (1) the perfect embodiment of ‘Unlimited Spirit’; (2) breakthrough innovations in materials and technology; (3) smart practice of production techniques; (4) The unremitting pursuit of beauty. Once the work is selected, participants will be notified by special persons to submit physical objects, participate in the ‘Unlimited Spirit Works Exhibition’ held in Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City for public display from October 31 to November 2, and the shortlisted designers will receive Certificate of Commendation and HK $ 2,000 material donation. In addition, one winner in each group will receive a cash prize of HK $ 10,000 and a Rado Swiss radar watch.