Design Should Not Go The Ordinary Way Four Beautiful Watches Recommended

Many people say that a woman’s personality is like a cat, sometimes weird personality, sometimes cute and cute, sometimes fierce and angry. Although the eyes contain tenderness, it is difficult to understand the sadness and stubbornness. Women are emotional animals, so women’s hearts seem more changeable. Designers deftly interpret the tenderness, elegance and charm of women from different angles, and integrate them into the design of the watch. It requires that the lines of the watch be smooth and meanwhile, and that the watch be accurate while timing. There is no shortage of fashion and beauty. When you open the ladies’ watches of each brand, you will find that there are so many colorful inside. Do you want to read the works that contain designer inspiration? Below, the editor brings four watches to the ladies, all kinds of styles, just need their own experience.

  Radar Esenzatouch R53094732
Comment on the watch: RADO Esenzatouch series R53094732 watch with elliptical shape design, smooth design flow down. The single-structure case, which is made under high pressure using a sophisticated injection molding process, guarantees the success of high-tech ceramic touch technology. The watch case made of metal acts as a barrier between the outside and the internal circuitry. Due to the insulating nature of high-tech ceramics, this watch gives the wearer the ability to control the watch’s core circuits. The design without the crown is obviously very novel. The electrodes can sense the fingertips on the case through the ceramic medium to adjust the time. The 534 rare natural stones set on the dial contrast with the bright black. On a black background, they are perfectly arranged in the Fibonacci manner. This pattern commonly used in plants and flowers makes the entire dial design proportion achieve perfect harmony. With the swing of the wrist, the multi-colored dial is more reflected The ground is dripping.

  For Swiss radars, design is a reflection of inherent beauty. Every Swiss radar watch has smooth lines and elegant design. Elegant black is a masterpiece of technology and design. Three rows of black polished high-tech ceramics with folding clasps, the ceramic touch is very good, very smooth without sharp edges, comfortable and skin-friendly to wear. In terms of life, the watch has a water-resistant depth of 30 meters to meet daily life needs. In addition, in order to meet a variety of purchase needs, the Swiss Rado Isa touch series high-tech ceramic Fibonacci Touch watches are available in four colors, which are white, blue, red, and green, to meet women Their different preferences and styles have become the brightest equipment on the wrist.

Basic Information
Item: R53094732
Brand: Radar
Series: Isa Series
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 78,500
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Comment on the watch: What role does the watch play in our lives? Dior watches use professional design and different perspectives to explain the true meaning of time. When the ball started, the woman appeared in front of everyone with the most swaying posture, the most gorgeous clothing, and the most noble jewelry, and became the most dazzling star under the spotlight. The size of this Dior DiorVIII GrandBal CD124BE3C001 watch is 38 mm It is very suitable for Asian women’s wrists. The round case is engraved with carefully polished diamonds, making each diamond exude an attractive luster. The black ceramic bracelet is stylish and mysterious, contrasting the diamond sheen even more. Black high-tech precision ceramics and slender tapered hands can all see the shadow of Mr. Dior’s ‘slim fit’.

 The Dior VIII GrandBal series CD124BE3C001 watch is as smart as a dancer and looks enchanting. The delicate diamond-like decoration on the dial, like a lace hairnet, is a hollow and practical pendulum of the watch. It will swing left and right over time, as if a woman wearing a dior dress is dancing. The simple hour and minute hands turn the track of time. The simple Dior letters appear at 12 o’clock on the dial, which highlights the brand’s intentions. In addition, the watch has a 42-hour power reserve and a water-resistant depth of 50 meters, ensuring the daily needs of the wearer.

Basic Information
Number: CD124BE3C001
Brand: Dior
Series: DiorVIII
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: No
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Comment on the watch: To create a watch series named after an unforgettable character is a challenge and a great glory for Montblanc designers and jewelry designers. The exquisite elegance and taste emanated by this well-known European and American representative inspired Montblanc’s design team, allowing them to design endless ideas to create a new watch series that is commemorating the name and memories of Princess Grace of Monaco. To pay tribute to the classics. This series of watches is elegant and beautiful. The Monaco Princess Series 106499 watch is 34 mm in diameter, showing a modern sense of time. Equipped with a round round dial and a strap with a strong sense of extension, its unique design and meaningful meaning are irresistible. The beautiful impression can also be seen from the side. The lugs are slightly downward, and the ergonomic design is completely close to the wrist, which looks like a one-piece design.

  The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, which adds a lot to this timeless and elegant watch. It is a breakthrough in terms of technology and once again emphasizes its spirit of loyalty to watchmaking. Calibre MB4810 is Montblanc’s very top-quality movement. It is made following the traditional Swiss watchmaking process and inherits hundreds of years of watchmaking experience and the latest watchmaking technology. The self-winding movement can store energy from the wearer’s wrist when it is vibrated and automatically wind the mainspring. These qualities can perfectly satisfy women who want a timeless and reliable watch, which is not only in keeping with the times, but also can recall the past and look to the future from such a combination of elegance and modernity.

Basic Information
No. 106499
Brand: Montblanc
Series: Princess Monaco
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 53,110
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Comment on the watch: The Omega Disc Flying Elegant series of women’s watches show elegance and femininity and low-key luxury. These timepieces are classics of timeless and exquisite watches, and they will surely be cherished by female wearers. This watch incorporates a hint of retro style in modern design, while combining fashionable avant-garde luxury materials with revolutionary top-notch movements. This series of watches is simple in style, elegant and gorgeous in appearance, highlighting the striking timeless beauty. On this watch’s charming mother-of-pearl dial, the unique butterfly pattern on the dial is carefully crafted with the ‘ramolayage’ carving process, creating an aesthetically romantic atmosphere. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this dazzling dial. The 36.8mm 18K red gold case is equipped with a diamond-set bezel and a white lacha sanded belt with a mother-of-pearl effect. The arc-shaped polished Roman numerals and diamond scales are matched to highlight the impressive texture. It is equipped with nine 18K red gold setting diamond hour markers, Roman numerals at 12 o’clock, and a round calendar display window at six o’clock.

  The Omega Disc Flying Elegant Butterfly Watch is paired with a dazzling dial and an elegant satin leather strap. It presents natural charm and beauty in its exquisite luxury. This timepiece is equipped with a coaxial escapement self-winding chronograph movement-the 2500 coaxial movement with a stern-plated surface and a power reserve of 48 hours. With its classic and elegant design, the Omega Disc Flying Elegant Series has attracted many loyal supporters. I believe this watch will also attract many women.

Basic Information
Number: 424.
Brand: Omega
Series: Disc Flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Price: ¥ 167,700
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In summary: ‘Life is not lack of beauty, but lack of eyes to find beauty’ is simple and true, but it is very real. It is actually a wonderful thing to pay attention to the change of time. The rising sun that rises slowly in the morning is full of vitality, the mysterious and starry night sky is deep and beautiful, and the four seasons of reincarnation have different Yangguan air and rain dew every day. Do you pay attention to the pace of time when you are on the road? The footsteps of life are always busy, we always run on the road of struggle, often overlooking the scenery and beauty around us. When the watch is turning on your wrist, please take a break in the afternoon, please listen to the sound of time at night to keep the good life. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)