Easy To Go Simple, Elegant As It Is, Zhang Zhen Interprets Cartier’s New Clé De Cartier Watch

Whether it is the Lingling Street boy under Yang Dechang’s lens, or the lovers who passed through three eras in ‘The Best Time’, or the boxer Yitiantianhe, ‘Wu Qingyuan’ in ‘The Grand Master’ ‘As one of the most talented male actors in the Asian film industry, Zhang Zhen continues to break through, boldly try new themes and roles, and perform to the extreme. As a pioneer in creative watchmaking, Cartier always upholds the pioneering spirit and leads the era, creating a series of classic timepiece shapes: square Santos, rectangular Tank, round BallonBleu … and the new Cléde Cartier series watches are also round and square The smooth design also carries the bold and innovative brand DNA. This season, Zhang Zhen will perfectly display the new Cléde Cartier, bringing ‘the best time’.

  Zhang Zhen, who was nominated for the Best Actor in the Golden Horse Awards at the age of 15, has always maintained a peaceful attitude and pursued a simple and simple lifestyle in the face of the changing nature of the performing arts circle. He said that his favorite place in the world is his hometown of Taiwan. He loves to climb mountains. He can walk away from the busy city and be surrounded by nature in a few steps in his hometown. He loves visiting Taiwan’s night markets and also loves fried side dishes and braised pork rice. Fading the halo of the Emperor, he is Zhang Zhen who likes to find himself in the nature and peace of mind. Just like the simple and timeless Cléde Cartier watch, it is balanced, clear and restrained, and draws inspiration from contemporary architecture. The simple and compact lines outline the flawless and simple outline. The entire watch is shaped as ’rounded’, with the meaning of ‘elegance’, giving people the feeling of flowing clouds. The simple design aesthetic not only brings new inspiration to Cartier’s watch creation, but also reveals a minimalist nature of life: bravely go forward without forgetting the original intention, advocating pure simplicity and simplicity. Just like Zhang Zhen outside the show, he lifts his weight lightly and lives very ego. Although he is a sword and sword, he interprets real life.

  Zhang Zhen said, “Whether visiting in the city to explore or attend the premiere on the red carpet, the elegant and low-key Clé de Cartier watch design exudes a sense of quietness, which complements my personal style.” Zhang Zhen is from the inside out. The quiet field of strength and self-confidence emanating from it, like the Cléde Cartier watch that he wears on his own, embraces peace and strength in his heart after eliminating all the clutter.

  In this 90-second short film, Zhang Zhen lives in the bustling Hong Kong city, lives in the spotlight and busy schedule, and explores a secret relationship with the heroine. Through a series of casual eyes, mysterious stationery, and short moments, the climax of the story will follow when the couple wearing Cléde Cartier watches meet in the roof garden.

  Cléde Cartier series is another classic of Cartier since the birth of BallonBleu series in 2007. Inspired by modern architectural art, this series presents tactile and visually simple charm with simple innovation, simple contours and simple curves. ‘Clé’ means ‘key’ in French. The design of the new crown of this series is like a key, reminiscent of the ancient tradition of using a key to wind a watch. The watch is available in three sizes, of which 35mm and 40mm models are equipped with Cartier’s self-developed new 1847MC self-winding mechanical movement. ‘1847’ is not accidental, but represents the year the brand was founded.