Exclusive Agreement And Exclusive Production Space: Richard Mille And North Thin Ply Technology Go Hand In Hand And Continue The Journey

CarbonTPT® and QuartzTPT® are composite materials produced by the world’s ultra-light prepreg giant NorthThinPlyTechnology (NTPT®), which are inextricably linked to the style of RICHARDMILLE. Recently, two long-standing partners have signed an exclusive agreement announcing that they will open a 300-square-meter production facility in their Renens (Switzerland) plant next May. The facility will be dedicated to R & D and production of RICHARDMILLE brand materials.
   The cooperation between the two companies has achieved fruitful results. The QuartzTPT® quartz composite carbon fiber material developed by the two companies was awarded the JEC Innovation Award at the French Composites Exhibition (JEC World 2016). In addition, the two parties have also collaborated with the National Graphene Institute of the University of Manchester to develop graphene-infused CarbonTPT® carbon fiber materials.

   RICHARDMILLE hopes to further deepen its relationship with NTPT® by participating in the construction of this production site. The site contains a clean room equipped with a composite material production line for the production of prepregs, the preparation of prefabricated parts on an ATL (Automatic Fiber Lamination) machine using automatic multi-axis lamination technology-and an autoclave. There will also be a live exhibition room in the venue, where visitors have the opportunity to appreciate the high-precision technical operations used in the production process. These new installations are guaranteed to provide more than 7 metric tons of TPT® composite blocks for a total of 7,500 kilometers of ultra-thin fiber materials. In 2018, the RICHARDMILLE watchmaking workshop will use these composite materials to machine more than 2,000 cases, including the RM11-03 McLaren watch, which was recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.
   The two sides will also cooperate with a complementary laboratory to cooperate with these cutting-edge cutting-edge devices, complement each other, and jointly accelerate various research and development work. These new tools will also be used to develop higher purity quartz fiber materials to produce the highest quality composite materials. This time together, NTPT® and RICHARDMILLE can jointly explore the application potential of these technologies.