French Polar Adventure-paul-emile Victor Delegation Watch

Bipolar Travel & ldquo; French Bipolar Adventure-Paul-Emile Victor Delegation & rdquo; Watch
Longines (Longines) bipolar travel & ldquo; French bipolar adventure-Paul-Emile Victor delegation & rdquo; watch
腕表 The story of this watch originates from 1947. Under the initiative of the famous scientist Paul-Emile Victor, France launched a series of North-Antarctic expeditions. These geologists, surveyors, meteorologists, physicists, biologists, geographers, and glaciologists are equipped with four Longines timepieces and three are set for ordinary time One was set to stellar time, and 15 explorers also wore stainless steel watches made by Longines. The time measuring instrument is mainly used to determine the astronomical position of the expedition (also used to accurately calculate the geodesic).
No doubt, Longines timepiece equipment plays a vital role in the exploration of the furthest regions in the world. In commemoration of this series of expeditions, Swiss watchmaker Longines has re-released this year the ‘Polar France-Polar Adventure-Paul’, which was used by scientists to explore Greenland and the coast of Adelieland during the French Polar Adventure. Emil Victor delegation & rdquo; watch.
Key Point: Like its original, it has a self-winding mechanical movement, a date display at 3 o’clock, a luminous hour scale and Arabic numerals on the silver dial; a deep brown alligator strap or a black leather watch Belt to choose from. The name of the Longines Exp & eacute; ditions Polaires Franaises Missions Paul-Emile Victor watch is engraved on the back of the stainless steel case, reminiscent of the end of the two north and south ends of these legendary expeditions that are swaying across each other & mdash; Arctic and Greenland , And the Antarctic and Adelaide coasts.
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