Golden Horse Pentium Earl Joins Hands With The Stars Fengmang Canya Red Carpet

The 49th Golden Horse Awards ceremony was held at the Yilan Luodong Cultural Factory in the evening on November 24, 2012. This year’s movie event attracted many enthusiasts to participate enthusiastically. In addition to looking forward to returning with gold, The starlight red carpet is also an excellent stage for each to show their taste. Count Piaget, who has always been the best partner of the red carpet superstar, has also joined many artists this year to shine on the Avenue of Stars to accompany the golden moment of glory.
He Yunshi and Fan Xiaoxuan wear Piaget at the 49th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards
     He Yunshi, who was shortlisted for the ‘Best Actress Award’ with ‘Death Gold’, wore a pink dress with Piaget Limelight Garden Party bird ring and Limelight Garden Party II rose mysterious watch, bright color, smart bird The child and the romantic rose have obtained an ingenious balance between elegance and avant-garde, reflecting He Yunshi’s unique style and courage to be his own.
     Fan Xiaoxuan, a talented female musician, was shortlisted for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ with ‘The Wind Listener’, and her red carpet appearance also won numerous praises. Rock makeup with arm tattoos, black different material stitching long dress, wearing Piaget Possession rings, paired with Limelight record earrings and rings embellished with black agate, cleverly echoes the overall color system, with a unique personality; Limelight New York between the necks The theme necklace, like a starlight in the night sky, lights up the night and sparkles.
Chen Yihan and Niu Chengze wear Piaget at the 49th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards
     Chen Yihan, another popular candidate for ‘Best Supporting Actress Award’, was nominated again for the Golden Horse Awards this year with the movie ‘Love’. This short black dress with golden details lined with gold details on the Avenue of Stars shows the vitality of youth without losing its vitality. I also chose to wear the Piaget Rose ring and Limelight vine-shaped earrings, which are elegant and concise, becoming the finishing touch; while the awards were replaced with pink chiffon dresses, with Limelight dangling earrings like dew in the garden, helping Chen Yihan to transform into Romantic atmosphere of little woman.
     Niu Chengze, who was also shortlisted for the ‘Best Director Award’ with the film ‘Love’, wears the Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch to show his personal gentleman taste, and the director’s emphasis on the connotation of details, also reveals his demand for classic and timeless films idea. One of the jury members, Wenli Jiang, this year, Golden Horse also chose Piaget as the red jewellery dress with matching jewelry, just like the red carpet queen’s one-shoulder fishtail long dress, not too much decoration, only Piaget Limelight dangling water drop earrings The sparkling diamond that illuminates her ears, and then oscillates, echoes her own confidence.
Sui Tang, host Zeng Baoyi and Huang Bo wear Piaget at the 49th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards
     Artists who also wear Piaget jewelry also include Sui Tang and Yang Youning who are the award presenters. Sui Tang is wearing a lake blue stitching black one-shoulder long dress, wearing Limelight Garden Party leaf earrings, swaying like a goddess in the wind, and Limelight bracelet with diamonds on his wrist. With black silk straps, it complements the collage dress, and the fingertip Limelight vest shaped orange ruby ​​ring also embellishes the details with elegance. Yang Youning, who won the Golden Horse Awards Best Newcomer Award and was shortlisted for the Best Actor in this year’s Golden Bell Awards. The foreign material black suit dress looks straight and handsome, and the earl black agate white gold cufflinks between the cuffs are the finishing touch, highlighting his extraordinary attention to detail. taste.
     And the soul figures running through the audience-the host Zeng Baoyi and Huang Bo, also chose the Earl to walk on the red carpet of stars. Zeng Baoyi wore a black lace studded feathered backless long dress, wearing Limelight sapphire diamond drop earrings and Limelight ring, elegant and generous, showing the solemnity and style of the host of the conference; put on a purple shoulder asymmetric tailoring dress at the venue, Wearing Limelight vest-shaped necklaces, echoes with the clothing full of personality, but also elegant. Huang Bo, who once won the 47th Golden Horse Film Emperor, was the host of the Golden Horse Awards for the first time. He chose the full-length Protocole XXL diamond-set rose gold watch and the classic Polo platinum-set diamond watch that night to set off his film and television. Status, also successfully became his best partner to master the ceremony rhythm.