Introduction To The Omega Coaxial Escape Calendar

OMEGA’s annual calendar is very special, it has a special calendar display, and also uses coaxial escapement structure, silicon springs and other high-tech internals, from the inside to the outside is full of special light.
 The De Ville series is a very successful design model. Its appearance is rich in the inherent characteristics of Omega, and it is constantly using the latest technology to enrich it, whether it is the famous coaxial escapement of Omega, or silicon Gossamer is used on various movements without hesitation. These materials and institutions developed with huge capital make Omega a model worth learning in modern Swiss watch factory.

 This watch uses the coaxial escapement movement No. Cal.8611, which is already an improved second-generation coaxial escapement structure. The original two-layer three-dimensional structure has been changed to three layers, and the probability of error of the escapement component has been greatly reduced; Omega’s long-developed Si14 balance spring is also one of the standard parts. With its card-free structure and precision adjustable torque titanium alloy balance, it has been used for a considerable degree of accuracy. This movement uses a dual barrel and has a stored energy of 55 hours.
 Its annual calendar function is a jumping type, only the date and month windows, both of which are arranged at three o’clock. Omega has not stated the source of the calendar structure, but because of its group background, it is speculated that it should be applied in 2005 using ETA. The annual calendar patent pushes the date ring with a double-layered hour and day. Because of its double-layer structure and the default size of the month wheel (respectively long and short teeth), it is only necessary to adjust the date every February in the most special month.
 Precision is its nature, Huamei is synonymous with movement 8611. The movement used to match the gold case is especially equipped with K gold automatic disk and K gold balance bridge, as well as the other rhodium-plated bridges. With radial lines, it looks dazzling. Coupled with De Ville’s polished matte staggered case surface treatment, it makes it a very moving model. Relatively speaking, although the overall shape is not overwhelming, the case lines are actually very complicated, and this tendency can be seen from the lugs, side and bottom cover.
 Compared with several other Omega series designs, the design of the De Ville faceplate is relatively simple. The raised Roman numerals and trademarks, the mercerized double circle faceplate, the white disc flying lettering, and the rather traditional stick shape (Baton). Hands; compared with the case lines, it is really interesting and contrasting design thinking.

Date and month windows stand out
Caption: The successful faceplate design makes the date and month windows stand out. The disc calendar series is more legible than other series, and all transfer fonts on the faceplate are impeccable.
Technical data
■ Model: 431.
41mm rose gold round case
■ Time indication, date and month window
■ Cal.8611 automatic movement, 39 stone, double barrel, energy storage 55 hours
■ Brown lacquered dial, golden hands
■ Double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
■ The transparent bottom cover is locked with 4 screws
■ Alligator strap with pin buckle
■ 100 meters waterproof
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