Jacques Dro Launches Large Enamel Calendar With Large Seconds Hand

Jacques Dro has recently launched a large ivory dated large enamel date display large seconds hand watch, whose escapement uses a silicon balance and hairspring, and then sets a new chapter in extreme aesthetics. Jacques Dro large seconds watch series, this watch series created in 2011 inspired by a legendary model of the brand has ushered in new faces and movements this year, once again proving the excellence of Jacques Dro Watchmaking.

This is the first time that the brand has improved the watch, which uses a silicon balance spring and a chamfered pallet. Silicon is a high-toughness material. At present, only a few brands can master its use method. It is not only resistant to shock, pressure and temperature, but also anti-magnetic, thereby ensuring more accurate travel time.

Each movement is manufactured through a series of sophisticated finishing techniques. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can enjoy the exquisite movement of the movement. At the same time, in order to make the movement more beautiful, the movement is also carved with exquisite The Geneva Ripple also serves as a symbol of brand identity. The gray-black tone of the movement gives a more modern visual impression.

The watch will be available in both rose and white gold with diameters of 39 mm and 43 mm. The watch uses Jacques Dro’s unique technique of firing with large open flame enamel. The Arabic numeral ‘8’ profile formed by the inner dial symbolizes balance and perfection, which is also Jacques Dro’s lucky number.

This watch combines watchmaking technology and aesthetic changes, and pursues the ultimate in aesthetics and craftsmanship without prejudice to high quality, showing the progressive spirit of advanced watchmaking by Jacques Dro. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)