Not To Interfere With Each Other’s Watch

This year, Baume & Mercier appeared in front of everyone with a brand-new, pure image. From this Chrysmer timepiece, we can see that the changes in the brand’s spirit and appearance have been re-injected with new connotations and breath. The design style of ancient elegance, restrained and noble, and interpretation of seaside life, is a distinctive symbol of the solid middle class. What it reveals is a taste of exquisite life, which reflects the spirit of a nobleman of the middle class.

    Joy, sharing and endurance, condensing precious moments. Baume & Mercier closely linked the philosophy of life with the brand and realized a perfect connection. In fact, in many cases, we don’t buy a cold product, and the watch also conveys something else-emotion and lifestyle. What type of watch you wear reflects your identification with this type of lifestyle.
    In fact, when others see your watch, they can roughly understand your attitude and philosophy in life. Therefore, when we buy a watch, the brand’s level and price are not the first and foremost, choose the watch that you like, suits you, and reflects your attitude to life. In short, wear your watch and let others envy you.