Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition Watch

Every detail of the Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition is perfect, perfectly showing that this timepiece is from the hands of an extraordinary watchmaker. The case is hand-crafted in 41mm 950 platinum, and the 360-degree transparent sapphire case body is tightly embedded in it. Through the transparent sapphire case body on the side of the watch, the unique Omega coaxial 8403 movement driving this extraordinary watch is clearly visible. The eye-catching sapphire dial features a matte-finished blackened grooved hour ring and is engraved with the words ‘Limited Edition’. The polished hour scale is made of 18K white gold. At the heart of this masterpiece is a movement equipped with Omega’s revolutionary three-layer coaxial escapement device with time zone function-the hour hand can be adjusted independently without stopping the hour, making it ideal for travelers need. The screws of the Omega Coaxial 8403 movement have been polished. The 18K gold plate is automatically embossed with a sapphire bottom plate. The bottom plate is engraved with the Omega logo, the English name of the movement and the limited number (00/88). Omega has discarded unnecessary materials on the base plate and bridge, in order to present a unique hollow visual effect, showing the ultimate beauty of the watch.
     The Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Cutout Platinum Limited Edition features a matte black leather strap with a polished 950 platinum buckle. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters. Limited edition of 88 pieces.