Gao Leng Gu Yan’s Timepiece Editing Teaches You To Read The Watch Without Three Pins

Generally, clocks use the three-hand mode to display the time, and people have gradually become accustomed to observing the rotation of the three hands to obtain accurate time. However, some models are good at breaking the rules, or displaying elegant timepieces in skipped, single-handed or more exotic ways, so that they can better reflect the brand designer’s superb watchmaking technology and new and unique ideas. Although there are only a few special-shaped watches without three hands, even in the eyes of many people, they are lonely and gorgeous, but the trendy way of travel is as picturesque as the mood is remote, like a song is beautiful and gentle, like a poem. Enchanted. Next, the editor is going to experience that special timepiece.

  Vacheron Constantin: Year of the Horse Zodiac Watch

  Vacheron Constantin’s masterpieces of art, like its name, are endowed with an artistic soul, showing the timepiece in another way. According to the principle of paper-cutting, people cut out twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac on paper. This process needs to make full use of the blank space of the paper to maximize the paper-cutting process. Vacheron Constantin, with its vast experience and extraordinary skills, has the courage to accept this challenge and apply it to the field of watchmaking. The sculptor and enameler worked together to create this year of the horse watch, made of pink or platinum, each limited to 12 pieces.

  In the center of this watch, a three-handed display of a conventional watch is replaced by a lifelike horse. The mane and horse skin of the horse are extremely finely carved, less than one micron in thickness. The leaf pattern on the plate is derived from traditional Chinese images. The prominent bamboo branches seem to be suspended above the dial. In order to maintain the long tradition of providing various original display functions, Vacheron Constantin uses the hands-free time display method on this movement. Demonstrate its breathtaking watchmaking process and display the hours, minutes, days of the week, and date with four display windows. The window in the upper right corner displays the minute, the window in the lower right corner displays the date, the window in the lower left corner displays the day of the week, and the window in the upper left corner displays the hour.

  The four-corner window display has always been a signature feature of the Vacheron Constantin brand. The first two displays are sliding and the last two displays are skip-type. Each is presented through four windows surrounding the central dial pattern. The reason why Métiersd’Art Chinese Zodiac Legend Series has enough space to display decorative art is largely due to the 2460G4 movement. All parts have been polished to meet the strict requirements of the Geneva Seal. The design of the case back is even more beautiful.

  Van Cleef & Arpels: Lovers’ Bridge Time Watch

  Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication series VCARN9VI00 watch shows us a beautiful relationship, Paris itself is a country with a romantic atmosphere, classic and magnificent architecture, pedestrians on the banks of the Seine, a touch of fruity wine … When I think of a scene, it makes people have a sense of endlessness. This watch makes us have a better yearning for sweet love. The dial of the watch vividly reproduces the tranquil night when a couple meets Kongqiao.

  The most wonderful part of the watch is that the time reading method is integrated into the encounter process between men and women. The clock part of the watch is indicated by the woman on the left side of the dial, and the minute part is indicated by the man on the right. Grid, men holding roses in hand, walking one grid per hour, after each time slipping away, they will take a step closer to each other, and finally kiss each other at 11:55 minutes for 5 minutes, and then return to the original point and continue to each other. In this way of romantic time display, it is estimated that only the delicate design of Van Cleef & Arpels can show its charm.

  In order to realize such a concept, it is equipped with a Swiss self-winding movement of the Jaeger-LeCoultre-type 846 movement, and is also equipped with a module developed for the brand. It uses two sets of retrograde modules. Jump form to achieve aesthetic mood. This is the result of the brand’s capture of the mysterious time, and the embodiment of the brand’s romantic atmosphere, showing us the fairy tale of the moonlight. It’s like a real date for a night, but also a dream.

  Jacques Dro: Royal style single-hand display

  Since its inception, Jaquet Droz has always adhered to his beliefs and is committed to creating timepieces that are rich in artistic beauty and timeless. In its view, the watch is not only a mechanical device, but also represents an emotional and warm heart. As the outstanding representative of the earliest ‘Maverick’ in the Swiss watch industry, its watches also constantly bring new ideas to people and make people shine.

  The Jacques de GrandeHeure J025033202 watch uses a case made of 18k red gold. The surface is highly polished. The crown and hands are also made of 18k red gold. They are presented in a bright and soft noble metal color against a black background. The large diameter of 43mm makes the dial stand out, and the black background makes this watch more mysterious and hesitant. The time display breaks the conventional hours, minutes and seconds, and only the central hour hand takes the lead on the dial. With all eyes focused on the rotation of the pointer, Jacques Dro’s bold creativity is breathtaking.

  What’s even more peculiar is that the watch uses a 24-hour clock instead of the 12-hour scale of a regular watch. The outer time scale is simply represented by 24 Arabic numerals, and the scale ‘1’ is displayed from the lower part of the dial. When the time of day can be read normally, at night you need to adapt to its time rules. In fact, from another perspective, the upper semicircle of the dial is daytime and the lower semicircle is night. At the same time, every two time points are evenly divided into six parts, and each cell represents ten minutes to replace the time of the minute hand. At the same time, the watch is equipped with a Jaquet Droz24JD53 automatic mechanical movement, a dual barrel, and a 22K white gold rotor.

  Bell & Ross: Mini Casino Roulette Watch

  Bell & Ross timepiece embodies the passion and persistence of the brand, and strives to provide professional users with the clearest, most legible and reliable wrist partner. The distinctively designed Bell & Ross presents the men’s toughness and arrogance most comprehensively. Will win a lot of attention.

  Bell & Ross BR01-92 series BR01CASINO watch, with a diameter of 46mm, a square case with high brand recognition and black PVD screws at the four corners. The black PVD stainless steel material perfectly highlights the surface color. Miniature roulette makes people feel like visiting a casino. The casino roulette is fully and faithfully presented on the watch. This design presentation not only represents the innovation of clock technology, but also subverts the traditional time display method.

  Through the sapphire crystal material, the specific time display adopts the concept of casino casino roulette with three concentric circles: the outermost roulette is displayed with the number ‘0’ as a time scale. When it moves to which position, it represents the Hour time; the middle plate uses the small betting board to play the ball as the minute indication, and it displays different minutes as it rotates; the center of the roulette is integrated with the B & R mark ‘&’ as the second hand indication. I am used to the analog display of time, which is similar to the clocks of toys, which increases the fun of reading. In response to this, there is another watch. The specific timekeeping methods of the two are consistent. Different colors are used in the appearance. Black and gold are intertwined to emit a strong masculine atmosphere.

In summary: the so-called innovation is not to be stuck in a circle, not to be bound by a certain fixed model. When you first look at a watch without a three-hand, you may find it awkward. After you think about it and figure out how to time it, you will suddenly feel cheerful. Instead, I can appreciate the fun without three hands or even any hands. Most of the dials in the center use dynamic patterns or other designs to attract admiration. This is one of the playability of watches. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Golden Age 2016 Sihh Audemars Piguet New Products Summary

The 26th Geneva International Fine Watchmaking Salon is coming to an end. We have also carefully prepared new overviews of various brands for watch lovers. In this session of SIHH, Audemars Piguet has launched the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar watch with the theme of ‘Golden Age’. At the same time, Audemars Piguet’s Millennium Series, Royal Oak Offshore Series and Royal Oak Concept Series have all launched Incredibly precise timepiece.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 15407OR.OO.1220OR.01 skeleton watch

    During SIHH, Audemars Piguet launched a new skeleton watch with a double balance wheel. This watch has a double balance wheel system. This patented technology has been used in the Millennium series. It seems to be the first time it has been used in a sports style.
For more details, please click: Audemars Piguet launched the new dual time zone women’s royal oak watch. Previously, the functions of the royal oak were mainly for timing and diving, while the functional watches in women’s watches were relatively few. This brand new The official model of women’s watch is 26124ST.OO.D011CR.01, which is a very practical business women’s watch.
For more details, please click: Fashionable colors and innovative design give the new Royal Oak offshore diving chronograph a unique feature. This series of watches are only available in Audemars Piguet boutiques. Set with black and white gold hands and hour markers in sharp contrast with the orange, yellow-green, bright yellow, and bright blue dials. The time display scale on the outer circle of the dial is specially designed to ensure the readability of the 300 meters underwater.
For more details, please click:
    In recent years, Audemars Piguet, a watch brand that was generally considered to be the choice of Reiz men, is gradually paying attention to fashion. The use of different colors and novel designs have given Royal Oak offshore watches a unique feature. As a professional sports watch, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore uses a unique diving inner ring design that retains the series’ iconic octagonal porthole bezel to achieve a perfect balance in functionality and aesthetics. This year at SIHH, Audemars Piguet has added chronograph functions to this series of diving watches to increase their functionality.
For more details, please click:
    As the dominance of this year’s Royal Oak series gold watch, the perpetual calendar watch uses a large checkered blue classic dial. The balanced dial layout allows the perpetual calendar to be seen at a glance, and more importantly, the moon phase at 6 o’clock is superb. Under the guidance of this watch, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Gold Watch also added blue and white chronographs, blue and white junior watches, and blue and white diamonds. Two-hand watch.
For more details, please click:
    The new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph is powered by Calibre 2385 movement. The Royal Oak Chronograph with three sub-dials has been incorporated into the original design of Gérald Genta since the early 1970s. in. The 41 mm diameter case is paired with the ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large checkered dial, available in silver and blue versions, and this is the silver and white version. In addition to the date at 4 o’clock and the small seconds at 6 o’clock, there are also distinctive three-dimensional gold hour markers and fluorescent royal oak hands.
For more details, please click: In addition to the white dial style, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph also added a blue dial style. The gold bracelet that has always been considered too bold, in the hands of Audemars Piguet, you can completely worry about it. After the Audemars Piguet polishing, combined with the segment chain mode, although the entire watch case is made of gold, it emits The luxurious texture of classicism.
For more details, please click: The gold luster of the new Royal Oak quartz watch is brightened by the setting of 40 round-cut diamonds (approximately 0.73 carats) set on the bezel. The “Grande Tapisserie” on the white dial is larger. The plaid decoration is icing on the cake. Other features include an 18K yellow gold case with a diameter of 33 mm, gold three-dimensional hour markers and fluorescent Royal Oak hands, and a beautifully decorated case bottom.
For more details, please click: With the success of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series, the brand is forging ahead and returning to the ‘Golden Age’. This series, which has been positioned as a high-end luxury sports watch product, is reshaped. Based on the design style, a gold case and bezel are used, and diamond inlaid on the bezel, with a classic blue dial, highlighting the time sense of the watch.
For more details, please click:
    This year’s SIHH is a testimony of the blooming of ladies ‘watches. Many brands have launched ladies’ watches that are refreshing and even at first sight. Audemars Piguet is no exception. This year, Audemars Piguet’s Millennium series has launched a number of new women’s watches. Among them, this zebra stripe watch with onyx and diamonds is even more amazing.
For more details, please click:
    During SIHH, Audemars Piguet launches the new millennium series of charming pearl watches. The brand continues to explore the extraordinary magic of high-end jewelry watches. It applies traditional jewelry materials to high-end watchmaking neighborhoods. Pearl is a unique material for women’s decoration. Pick a small pearl, embedded on black agate, without traces, just like heaven.
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    I do not know when, hollowed out watches have become an important category of mechanical art, major watchmaking brands have joined the trend of hollowed out watches, and each has a different design, so the backbone of this mechanical art The beauty of the senses began to pop quietly. In addition to the wonderful ladies’ watches, Audemars Piguet’s new millennial series is this hollow large watch with a diameter of 47 mm. Audemars Piguet itself is a master of hollowed-out watches. Its layout is uneven, the details are delicate, and the plywood is plated, so that the metal color does not affect the dial.
For more details, please click: SIHH is still going on. Wonderful watch models are emerging endlessly. The front report team of the Watch House is also working hard to “struggle” forward. As the rear report, we will continue to offer you the most exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Chopin Releases Chronograph With Internal Movement

Chopard has launched the first in-house self-produced movements. The design, development and assembly are carried out at the Fleurier Ebauches workshop. The brand Superfast series is equipped with its movement, including Superfast Automatic, Superfast Power Control and Superfast Chrono models. To pay tribute to those who are looking for exciting sports cars, Chopard has produced the SuperFast series. Chopard is a partner of many famous car races, including the Monaco Antique Car Race and the Thousand Miles.
     The new SuperFast model with 18K gold case, double-sided sapphire glass, waterproof 100 meters. Chopard’s own movements are produced at the Fleurier Ebauches workshop. This is a company established by Chopard in Fleurier in July 2008 to produce its own movements for the brand. The brand can now produce 5,000 movements per year, and it is expected that the annual production volume will increase to 15,000 by 2005.

Jiajia Teamed Up With Gu Tianle To Shoot Charity Short Videos To Support The Care Seed Fund

Jaeger-LeCoultre, a Swiss fine watchmaking brand, officially launched the Proto Zero Charity Program in November 2011, bringing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ‘Proto Zero’ watches-the first of each watch model of the brand. The work is exclusively sold in a Hong Kong 1881 specialty store, and 10% of the list price is donated to the Nursery Fund to support the charity work of the association to protect children and young people under 18 from sexual assault. In the past two years, the Proto Zero charity program has received the full support of Jaeger-LeCoultre supporters and watch enthusiasts. The funds donated through this project have been used to support the development of the ‘Miao Miao Education Touring Car’.

 Jaeger-LeCoultre and Gu Tianle team up to shoot a promotional video for the Proto Zero charity project.

 This year, Jaeger-LeCoultre is very honored to invite the famous Hong Kong actor Mr. Gu Tianle, together with star creative director Alvin Goh and Singapore famous photographer ND Chow, to participate in the filming of the Proto Zero project. Mr. Gu Tianle and the Miao Miao Fund have cooperated many times to spare no effort in promoting the protection of children. Mr. Gu Tianle also fully supported this shooting project with Jaeger-LeCoultre.

 Since 2008, Mr. Gu Tianle has actively participated in and supported various charitable activities, and established the ‘Gu Tianle Charity Fund’, which is dedicated to helping children and the elderly in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and making a lot of contributions to the next generation and to the society. He is convinced that children are the backbone of society’s future and must therefore be protected from innocent shame and physical and mental torture.

 The word ‘Zero’ represents both the ‘zero’ limited prototype watch and the vision of ‘zero’ sexual assault on children and adolescents. Understanding the cause of happiness is also the purpose of doing good. Gu Tianle hopes that in the festival celebrated in Putian, through this cooperation, we sincerely invite you to work with Jaeger-LeCoultre to support the Seedling Fund.

Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition Watch

Every detail of the Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition is perfect, perfectly showing that this timepiece is from the hands of an extraordinary watchmaker. The case is hand-crafted in 41mm 950 platinum, and the 360-degree transparent sapphire case body is tightly embedded in it. Through the transparent sapphire case body on the side of the watch, the unique Omega coaxial 8403 movement driving this extraordinary watch is clearly visible. The eye-catching sapphire dial features a matte-finished blackened grooved hour ring and is engraved with the words ‘Limited Edition’. The polished hour scale is made of 18K white gold. At the heart of this masterpiece is a movement equipped with Omega’s revolutionary three-layer coaxial escapement device with time zone function-the hour hand can be adjusted independently without stopping the hour, making it ideal for travelers need. The screws of the Omega Coaxial 8403 movement have been polished. The 18K gold plate is automatically embossed with a sapphire bottom plate. The bottom plate is engraved with the Omega logo, the English name of the movement and the limited number (00/88). Omega has discarded unnecessary materials on the base plate and bridge, in order to present a unique hollow visual effect, showing the ultimate beauty of the watch.
     The Omega Hour Vision Coaxial Cutout Platinum Limited Edition features a matte black leather strap with a polished 950 platinum buckle. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters. Limited edition of 88 pieces.

Unlock The ‘leader Type’ Wearing Pose

On the court, the Frenchman’s footwork was neat and clear, and the counterattack speed was extraordinary.
  On weekdays, they prefer a quiet and leisurely slow-paced life.
  On them, they have a romantic and elegant temperament
  In the bones, he is a natural challenger who dares to break through the rules
  They have unlimited potential, just like the Tudor Leader

Stay elegant
Willow surfing on the Atlantic coast
  Tudor’s submersible model is suitable for left-handed wearers. It is a masterpiece of professional function watches and freely controls the surfing excitement.

  Wake up in the early morning in the French resort of Biarritz, you will be awakened by the sound of the Atlantic Ocean. Wear a God helm to lead a dive and embark on a surfing trip to Osgol.

  Drive along the coastline to Osgol, 30 km away. The ‘snowflake’ in the dial rotates slowly, and the color of the distant sky changes from dark to bright. It’s time to grab your surfboard!

  Wearing a surf suit is a brave man who challenges the waves. Wear a Tudor collar submersible model with automatic adjustment of the strap, and go boldly to conquer the waves.

  In the surging sea, tread the waves against the wind and walk downstream without fear of the cusp. The lead type allows you who love freedom and dare to take risks, and can still maintain elegance when fighting the waves.

Exploring ‘Yong’ without boundaries
Indulgence in the Mediterranean
  The submersible ‘left-handed’ model, breaking the norm, fearing 500 meters underwater, born for adventure.

  Departing from the passionate Mediterranean city of Marseille, head straight to the southwestern Cape of Cap Croisette. Don’t forget to take the lead at the time of departure and witness every time you push the limits.

  The ancient city of Marseille has a history of 2500 years and is hidden in a building on the journey, on an island. The ‘Left-handed’ model, designed for French navy divers, pays tribute to Tudor’s long history of diving watches.

  Dive into the Mediterranean near ÎLE DU PLANIER to see corals, schools of fish and shipwrecks in a blue world. Looking down at the wrist, the hands and scales glowing blue light can accurately tell the time in extreme environments.

  Human curiosity about the ocean is endless. The submersible waterproof is up to 500 meters deep, and the helium exhaust valve shows professionalism and excellence. Each deep breath after water emerges is a true record of human exploration of the ocean.

  Surf with your left hand and dive with your right hand
  Take the potential and witness your potential is unlimited

Iwc And Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation Fund Training Schools In Poor Areas Of Thailand

Recently, IWC and Anthony Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation unveiled a teaching garden and media laboratory for the Hotel & Restaurant Training Center (HCTC) in the city of Mae Sot in northwestern Thailand. This school focuses on supporting the Karen youth of the Thai minority and provides professional training so that they can earn a living in the Thai hotel industry and break the vicious circle of poverty.

   In November 2015, at the Sotheby’s Precious Watches Auction held in Geneva, a special edition of IWC pilot pilot chronograph ‘Little Prince’ red gold was sold for 47,500 Swiss francs. This is the IWC and Geneva The Sotheby’s auction was the third auction organized by the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation to raise funds. The success of the auction also made it possible to implement the project.

   Representatives of IWC and Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the official completion of the new facilities of the hotel’s catering training center. The teaching garden not only enriches the course content, but also supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to the on-site restaurant. The Media Lab provides computers, cameras, camcorders, and various book manuals to enrich vocational training and language teaching with modern means. The donation paid for 60 students and will also be used for overall repairs that the school desperately needs.

   ‘Thanks to the generous donations from IWC and the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation, we can improve our education programs, provide better training services for our students, and help them enter the world of work,’ said Simon Martin, director of the hotel’s catering training center.

   Matthieu Dupont, Managing Director of IWC Southeast Asia, said: ‘We are proud to make a real contribution to the education and training of Mae Sot students. An important cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility. ‘(Xu Chaoyang, Home of Pictures / Text Watches)

Certina Launches Championship Series To Increase Limited Edition World Rally Chronograph

On February 12, the second leg of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship started in Sweden. At the opening ceremony, the famous Swiss watch brand Certina launched the new championship series and increased the DS Podium Big Size Chronograph WRC Limited Edition. This also marks the third consecutive year that Certina will serve as FIA World Rally Championship partners and official timing.
   The new championship series has increased the release of a limited edition world rally chronograph, which further deepens the close relationship between Certina and car rally. The watch is equipped with a Swiss-made ETA PrecidriveTM chronograph movement with an accuracy of 1/100 second. The carbon fiber-refined dial surface, high-tech chronograph dial and sporty design style are all reminiscent of the charm of car rallying.

   At the opening event held by Karlstad, Certina President Adrian Bosshard briefly introduced the main features of the new championship series and increased world rally limited chronograph, and presented the first few numbers to the world car rally Tournament promotion managing director Oliver Ciesla, Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team main drivers Mads Østberg and Kris Meeke.

   This watch has been launched in late February and is sold with a fine watch box (containing an identification certificate). It is limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide, and will surely be favored by watch connoisseurs and car rally enthusiasts.
technical details

Official number: C001.647.17.207
Movement: Swiss-made quartz movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date display, timing
Case: Stainless steel round case, brushed & polished; 44.00 mm diameter
Buckle: stainless steel adjustable buckle
Water resistance: 200 meters
Limited edition worldwide: 5,000 pieces

This Time Is A Little Different. Mido’s New Helmsman Series Watch Recommendation

The helmsman series is a series of watches with a strong sense of movement. It is different from the pilot series. If the pilot series is an admiral, then the helmsman series is an army colonel. It is not so high. Waterproof depth, but has a bright and bright style design. 2018 is a special moment for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Mido brand. Therefore, Mido also brought some new works of the Helmsman series. However, it is surprising that these works not only have distinctive features, but also have very different styles and novel and diverse styles, which make people feast on.
Mido Helmsman Series M038.431.37.051.00 / M038.431.37.051.09

Product model: M038.431.37.051.00
Product model: M038.431.37.051.09
Domestic public price: 10200
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 11.79 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Case material: PVD black stainless steel case
Water resistance: 100 meters
Details of the watch: 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, also equipped with silicon springs, and has been certified by the Observatory. This is also the first time that the helmsman series is equipped with the Caliber 80 Si movement certified by the Observatory. High-end products in the series.

Mido Helmsman Series M036.407.36.031.00

Product model: M036.407.36.031.00
Domestic public price: ¥ 9600
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 11.85 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Powermatic 80
Case material: PVD rose gold plated 316L stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Details of the watch: 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, the watch is limited to a total of 1918 pieces, to pay tribute to Meitu started in this special period of 1918.
Mido Helmsman Series M005.929.36.041.00

Product model: M005.929.36.041.00
Domestic public price: ¥ 9500
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 10.35 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 1193
Case material: PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Details of the model: 1193 automatic mechanical movement, the watch with the help of two crowns, can accurately display the time in two time zones, and easy to adjust.
Summary: Three styles, new elements, the Mido helmsman series watches really offer a great gift for the 100th anniversary of the brand. They not only tell the brand’s long history of watchmaking, but also interpret the inner essence of the helmsman series-full of personality Under the style of innovative spirit, upholding tradition and creating the future.

Easy To Go Simple, Elegant As It Is, Zhang Zhen Interprets Cartier’s New Clé De Cartier Watch

Whether it is the Lingling Street boy under Yang Dechang’s lens, or the lovers who passed through three eras in ‘The Best Time’, or the boxer Yitiantianhe, ‘Wu Qingyuan’ in ‘The Grand Master’ ‘As one of the most talented male actors in the Asian film industry, Zhang Zhen continues to break through, boldly try new themes and roles, and perform to the extreme. As a pioneer in creative watchmaking, Cartier always upholds the pioneering spirit and leads the era, creating a series of classic timepiece shapes: square Santos, rectangular Tank, round BallonBleu … and the new Cléde Cartier series watches are also round and square The smooth design also carries the bold and innovative brand DNA. This season, Zhang Zhen will perfectly display the new Cléde Cartier, bringing ‘the best time’.

  Zhang Zhen, who was nominated for the Best Actor in the Golden Horse Awards at the age of 15, has always maintained a peaceful attitude and pursued a simple and simple lifestyle in the face of the changing nature of the performing arts circle. He said that his favorite place in the world is his hometown of Taiwan. He loves to climb mountains. He can walk away from the busy city and be surrounded by nature in a few steps in his hometown. He loves visiting Taiwan’s night markets and also loves fried side dishes and braised pork rice. Fading the halo of the Emperor, he is Zhang Zhen who likes to find himself in the nature and peace of mind. Just like the simple and timeless Cléde Cartier watch, it is balanced, clear and restrained, and draws inspiration from contemporary architecture. The simple and compact lines outline the flawless and simple outline. The entire watch is shaped as ’rounded’, with the meaning of ‘elegance’, giving people the feeling of flowing clouds. The simple design aesthetic not only brings new inspiration to Cartier’s watch creation, but also reveals a minimalist nature of life: bravely go forward without forgetting the original intention, advocating pure simplicity and simplicity. Just like Zhang Zhen outside the show, he lifts his weight lightly and lives very ego. Although he is a sword and sword, he interprets real life.

  Zhang Zhen said, “Whether visiting in the city to explore or attend the premiere on the red carpet, the elegant and low-key Clé de Cartier watch design exudes a sense of quietness, which complements my personal style.” Zhang Zhen is from the inside out. The quiet field of strength and self-confidence emanating from it, like the Cléde Cartier watch that he wears on his own, embraces peace and strength in his heart after eliminating all the clutter.

  In this 90-second short film, Zhang Zhen lives in the bustling Hong Kong city, lives in the spotlight and busy schedule, and explores a secret relationship with the heroine. Through a series of casual eyes, mysterious stationery, and short moments, the climax of the story will follow when the couple wearing Cléde Cartier watches meet in the roof garden.

  Cléde Cartier series is another classic of Cartier since the birth of BallonBleu series in 2007. Inspired by modern architectural art, this series presents tactile and visually simple charm with simple innovation, simple contours and simple curves. ‘Clé’ means ‘key’ in French. The design of the new crown of this series is like a key, reminiscent of the ancient tradition of using a key to wind a watch. The watch is available in three sizes, of which 35mm and 40mm models are equipped with Cartier’s self-developed new 1847MC self-winding mechanical movement. ‘1847’ is not accidental, but represents the year the brand was founded.