Perpetual Calendar Watch With “Reverse Rotation”

Swiss Athens Watch is a grand celebration of the establishment of the specialty store. It is full of European and American style, and is the first choice of Tianmu district in Taipei. It has a high-level, high-quality living environment and quality of life. At the same time, in recent years, more and more top-level Ivanhoe homes have been located in the Tianmu area. In addition, the turnover of the first day of the opening of the SOGO Tianmu store in 2009 exceeded 80 million. At the same time, the entry of the top British motorhome Aston Martin highlighted the amazing creation of the Tianmu business district High spending power. The overall design style of the Athenian watch store still inherits the traditional marine style of the Athen watch. Unlike the display windows of ordinary watch shops, the athen watch stores are replaced by round glass windows! Customers who enter this space, while choosing the top watches of Athens, feel like they are in the ocean ship, and they immediately feel a strong ocean atmosphere.

    Athenian Switzerland Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the establishment of a Taiwan specialty store. This time it also introduced five new Basel limited edition new products in 2010. With its superb watchmaking skills and innovative design in Athens, it will definitely attract more watch collectors.
    The challenger’s appearance is eye-catching, using high-tech materials and stylish dial design, which has the aesthetic characteristics of the watch, and also inspired the name of the watch. Adhering to the fine tradition of the Swiss Athens watch, the case is made of the same material as ‘Moonstruck’. The movement uses a perpetual calendar automatically developed by the watch factory, which also has dual time zone functions. ‘El Toro’ challenger pioneered the watchmaking industry. It is the world’s first perpetual calendar that can adjust all functions with a single crown and can be turned in the reverse direction. It is the most simple and time-tested perpetual calendar watch ever made.