Rigid And Flexible, Tasting Iporobulak Series Chronograph

Swiss Ebolus has always been known for its elegance and romance, and enjoys a reputation as the ‘Swiss Couple Watch Model’ in the field of watches and clocks. In the Baselworld International Watch & Clock Fair 2017, Ebolus expanded the Braque Automatic series, blending contemporary fashion elements, showing the beauty of luxury in a sporty style. Today, the watch home brings you a tasting of the Ebolu Braque automatic series watch. The official model of the watch is: GGR7350R-242BR.

The Braque Automatic series is a new series of watches launched by Ebolu in 2017. Braque is a famous French artist of the 20th century. The ‘cubism’ created by Brack combines romantic feelings and attitudes to life in paintings and sculptures. The inspiration for the creation of the Polubulak automatic series.

This Ebola Braque automatic series chronograph brought to you today showcases the beauty of luxury in the fortitude of sports style. The stylish light color highlights the unique sportiness and fashion of automatic watches with chronograph as the main function. , Powerful, precise timing functions, superb craftsmanship and high cost performance make it a luxury experience within reach.

The watch uses a 42 mm diameter design and a 316L stainless steel IP-plated rose gold case. On the silver-white dial, it has a unique round sand shading three-eye chronograph function. The 12 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions are 12 hours and 30 minutes, respectively. To count the time, press the timing button above the crown and the large second hand with the ‘EB’ logo will move to start timing. The 9 o’clock small seconds hand is complicated and not messy. The 3 o’clock weekly calendar and calendar window allow the wearer to visualize the date, and the digital display is clear and easy to read.

The crown of the watch is also made of 316L stainless steel IP electroplated rose gold. The crown is engraved with the classic logo of Ebolus. According to legend, at a noble ball, Erbest Borel, the second generation of Ebolus, and a favorite girl. Dancing together, their beautiful dancing attracted the envious eyes of the audience. A photographer couldn’t help but use the camera to freeze this moving romantic moment. Romantic moments and graceful dance poses inspired Ernest Borel’s inspiration. From the momentary touch in front of his eyes to the permanent impression of the soul, he designed the brand logo of the ‘Yibo Road’ watch with the dance pictures of the two.

The watch is equipped with a brown premium leather strap and a stainless steel rose gold-plated butterfly buckle. The butterfly buckle is embellished with the brand’s classic logo, which is even more elegant.

The back of the watch is designed with a see-through back so that we can quickly glimpse the precise movement of the watch’s internal movement. This Ebola Braque automatic chronograph is equipped with the classic ETA7750 automatic chronograph movement. The accuracy and durability of this movement is the consensus of those who understand the watch.

Summary: The Ebola Braque series GGR7350R-242BR brings the perfect experience of high accuracy and easy speed counting for professionals and sports enthusiasts, so that the wearer can directly change into business attire after exercise and complete a quick style switch . At present, the domestic price of this watch is 13,900 yuan, which is worth it for every consumer who loves art and life.