The Pinnacle Of Craftsmanship Miss Golden Bridge Watch Tasting

The Kunlun watch brand was established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1955. The brand was originally transformed by a pair of uncles and nephews into their own independent brand, and the new company was named CORUM. This uncle and nephew are watchmaker Gaston Ries and designer Rene Bannwart. With the joint efforts of the two, the first watch was launched in 1956 and got people’s attention. Kunlun was run by the Wunderman family in 2000. Although it changed hands, the attitude and direction of Kunlun watches has not changed. Subsequently, it has innovated a number of extraordinary wristwatches. Today, Kunlun has become known to everyone. Watch brand. This watch to be introduced today is one of the more famous Kunlun Bridge members of Kunlun, the official model: 113.102.85 / V880 0000.

   The Kunlun Bridge series is the flagship complex function model launched by Kunlun in 1980. It is equipped with a patented rectangular movement, making it a benchmark in the industry, and it also reflects the peak of watchmaking technology.

   The Kunlun Bridge watch can be called the most representative work of the Kunlun watch. The characteristic rectangular case design and the shape of the linear transparent dial make it memorable.

   The barrel size of the watch is 43×21 mm, the case thickness is 11.24 mm, and the whole is made of 18K rose gold. The dial is uniformly inlaid with 90 diamonds of the same size, each of which has a bright color and pure purity.

   Like the design of a suspension bridge, the movement splint can not only fix the movement in the case, but also effectively disperse the external impact force, and protect the movement of the movement from being affected and damaged.

   This watch does not have a dial. From the front of the watch, we can directly see the internal structure of the watch. The movement of the watch, the movement splint, the balance spring and other parts are clearly visible.

   From the picture we can see that the side of the watch is still made of sapphire crystal glass, which can clearly see the precision movement of the watch’s internal movement.

   The watch with strap is also made of 18K rose gold for comfortable wearing. The buckle is also made of the same material, using a pin buckle design, and the buckle is also engraved with the Kunlun brand name CORUM.

   The crown of the watch is located at 6 o’clock, and it is designed in the middle of the two lugs of the watch. In appearance, the watch is more integrated with personality. The top of the crown is engraved with Kunlun’s iconic upright key LOGO.

   The watch is equipped with a CO113 manual mechanical movement with a diameter of 33.27×11.28 mm, a frequency of 28,800 hours per hour, 19 gemstones, and a 40-hour power reserve.

Summary: The Kunlun Bridge series watch has a unique design, using a rectangular full-perspective case, the movement is wrapped in transparent sapphire crystal glass, which is very unique and eye-catching, making it an avant-garde design work in the watch industry. The current domestic reference price for this watch is 397,000 yuan.
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