This Watch Was Once The World’s Most Complicated

This watch was once the most complicated in the world. In addition to the three traditional complex functions of perpetual calendar, three questions and tourbillon, it also integrates ‘small embellishments’ such as starry sky charts and moon phases, and flyback calendars. Ref 5002 has always been sought after by those watch enthusiasts who have the power. The transaction price of more than 9 million Hong Kong dollars also shows the market heat of Ref 5002. However, compared to the transaction price of LOT 2403, Patek Philippe seems to be like red wine, it seems that the older it gets, the more valuable it becomes.
[Overall description] Platinum case, double-sided dial, three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, starry sky, moon, etc., manufactured in 2008.
[Estimated price] 7000000-9500000 HKD
[Including commission price] 9020000 HKD