Tissot Motogp 2009 Limited Edition Watch

The 2009 MotoGP limited edition watch continues the concept of the track badge as a replaceable back cover, and is equipped with a helmet-shaped watch box to further enhance the price / performance ratio. The yellow danger warning on the dial, the single-second bezel on the bezel and the black and white checkered flag and other details create a sense of participation for the wearer in the MotoGP race. 316L stainless steel case with black PVD coating, sapphire crystal glass, synthetic carbon fiber bezel and dial, 18 interchangeable back covers engraved with MotoGP 2009 18-station track pattern, black rubber strap, buckle engraved with MotoGP 2009 official logo, water-resistant to 100 meters, helmet-shaped watch case, 9002 pieces worldwide
    Watches embody all the mechanical enthusiasm of people outside of racing, because only the symbolic significance of this time carrier can be comparable to motor sports. Time stories about Le Mans, Dakar and race against time are played around the world: Swiss sports watch brand Alpina becomes the official designation of the SEBRING 12 Hours 2009, and the Alpina Extreme “12 Hours of Sebring” watch resembles asphalt The track’s matte black dial and Alpina’s unique black oscillating weight, together with 650 million spectators around the world, felt the extreme heat and exuberance from South Florida in the Le Mans warm-up race;
    Chopard has been an official sponsor of Mille Miglia since 1988. With the use of Dunlop racing tire straps and retro-shaped Mille Miglia Chronograph Limited Edition 2009 watches, it continued to accompany many riders on the Brescia Expedition in Italy The journey to Rome and the 1000-mile round trip finish;
    Another racing event, the official partner of MotoGP, Tissot, uses the yellow flag as a warning element in the racing series MotoGP 2009 Limited Edition, which is a visual element, to reproduce the flag dance in the world of watches. Crisis is perilous and shocking.