Unlock The ‘leader Type’ Wearing Pose

On the court, the Frenchman’s footwork was neat and clear, and the counterattack speed was extraordinary.
  On weekdays, they prefer a quiet and leisurely slow-paced life.
  On them, they have a romantic and elegant temperament
  In the bones, he is a natural challenger who dares to break through the rules
  They have unlimited potential, just like the Tudor Leader

Stay elegant
Willow surfing on the Atlantic coast
  Tudor’s submersible model is suitable for left-handed wearers. It is a masterpiece of professional function watches and freely controls the surfing excitement.

  Wake up in the early morning in the French resort of Biarritz, you will be awakened by the sound of the Atlantic Ocean. Wear a God helm to lead a dive and embark on a surfing trip to Osgol.

  Drive along the coastline to Osgol, 30 km away. The ‘snowflake’ in the dial rotates slowly, and the color of the distant sky changes from dark to bright. It’s time to grab your surfboard!

  Wearing a surf suit is a brave man who challenges the waves. Wear a Tudor collar submersible model with automatic adjustment of the strap, and go boldly to conquer the waves.

  In the surging sea, tread the waves against the wind and walk downstream without fear of the cusp. The lead type allows you who love freedom and dare to take risks, and can still maintain elegance when fighting the waves.

Exploring ‘Yong’ without boundaries
Indulgence in the Mediterranean
  The submersible ‘left-handed’ model, breaking the norm, fearing 500 meters underwater, born for adventure.

  Departing from the passionate Mediterranean city of Marseille, head straight to the southwestern Cape of Cap Croisette. Don’t forget to take the lead at the time of departure and witness every time you push the limits.

  The ancient city of Marseille has a history of 2500 years and is hidden in a building on the journey, on an island. The ‘Left-handed’ model, designed for French navy divers, pays tribute to Tudor’s long history of diving watches.

  Dive into the Mediterranean near ÎLE DU PLANIER to see corals, schools of fish and shipwrecks in a blue world. Looking down at the wrist, the hands and scales glowing blue light can accurately tell the time in extreme environments.

  Human curiosity about the ocean is endless. The submersible waterproof is up to 500 meters deep, and the helium exhaust valve shows professionalism and excellence. Each deep breath after water emerges is a true record of human exploration of the ocean.

  Surf with your left hand and dive with your right hand
  Take the potential and witness your potential is unlimited