Vacheron Constantin Unmatched Elegance

Historiques American 1921

Historiques American 1921 Watches Special Offer in New York Boutique Three special watches introduced to celebrate the opening of the boutique are: Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch Special Offer in New York Boutique, Historiques American 1921 Watch Special Offer in New York Boutique and Heritage calibre The 2755 Calibre Watch is on sale in New York boutiques. The dial of the overseas chronograph series carries the colors of the American flag, the historical series of watches evoke memories of the thriving 1920s, and the unique Grand Complication watch has a specially carved case. All three unique watches are very good Interprets Vacheron Constantin’s historical milestones and expresses the brand’s rich and ancient tradition in different ways. These unique limited edition models launched to celebrate the opening of the boutique in New York pay tribute to the brand’s avant-garde spirit, and the brand has been dedicated to creating the perfect quality, Unparalleled elegance and superb craftsmanship.

Historiques American 1921

庆祝 To celebrate the opening of its first American boutique, Vacheron Constantin reinterpreted one of the brand’s elegant watches: ‘Historiques American 1921’. With homage to its brand tradition and the quest for excellence, this limited edition watch (only 64 pieces), only available in New York, reflects well-known new location at the intersection of Madison Avenue and 64th Avenue. address.
新 A new and improved version of this ‘first class’ ultimate watch will be launched at the opening event of the New York boutique. This watch has a 40 mm diameter case, which is unique in that it features an offset dial and a crown at 1 o’clock. Only 64 of this watch were issued. The case is made of 18K yellow gold, and the dial is printed with beige Arabic numerals and a small second sub-dial subtly arranged above the number at 3 o’clock. The frosted dial has a scale circle printed with a black ‘track’. The unique number and stamp of this watch are engraved by hand on the case back: ‘Madison and 64th’.

Historiques American 1921

腕表 This watch is powered by a manual-winding mechanical movement Calibre 4400. This movement is developed and manufactured in Vacheron Constantin. It also has the distinguished Geneva mark and features hour, minute and small seconds. The vibration frequency of the movement is 28,800 times per hour, and the power reserve is about 65 hours. Water-resistant to 30 meters, this watch features a hand-stitched dark brown crocodile alligator leather strap with a semi-Maltese cross buckle in 18K yellow gold.
Historiques American 1921 New York boutique special release watches are limited to only 64, and the gift box carrying the watch is very special, made of leather, with a strong and bold beauty. Design enthusiasts will be fascinated by this reinterpreted historical watch face, and collectors will be happy to share a history that transcends the sleepless past of New York, the city that never sleeps.

Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch

Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar New York Boutique Special Sale Overseas Chronograph Permanent Calendar New York Boutique Special Sale Watch case is both sporty and elegant, combining two major complications in one. Combining the chronograph function with the permanent calendar display function (both of which are highly sought after by enthusiasts of exquisite mechanical watchmaking), this is the first in a series of watches overseas, and the extraordinary Calibre is used in its stainless steel case 1136 movement. This overseas chronograph permanent calendar New York boutique special watch is complex and rare, limited to 20 pieces, specially for New York boutiques.

Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch

独特 This unique watch centre features Calibre 1136 QP movement with 228 parts: a mechanical self-winding movement with a balanced swing frequency of 21,600 per hour and a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. In addition to powering the hour, minute and small seconds at 6 o’clock, the Calibre 1136 QP also powers the chronograph and permanent calendar functions to display the day of the week, date, and month in a 48-month cycle with leap year and Moon phase display function.

Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch Dial and Strap in American Flag Colors

In keeping with American culture, this watch is proud to use the colors of the American flag on its dial and strap-red, white, and blue. Its case size is 42 mm and it is water resistant to 150 meters. This watch features a bezel made of stainless steel inspired by the Maltese cross, similar to all other case elements. The case is equipped with a soft iron cage to protect the mechanical movement from magnetic fields. The spiral case back is engraved with the “Madison and 64th” stamp (the boutique address) and the respective numbers of the 20 limited edition watches. Each watch comes with two straps: a blue alligator leather strap with red thread, and a maroon calfskin strap.
The Perpetual Calendar Perpetual Calendar New York Boutique special sale watch sets the tone instantly through its vibrant colors, combining the American dream and New York’s world culture with the most exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship.

Calibre 2755

Heritage Collection Calibre 2755 New York Boutique Special Watch Collection Heritage Collection Calibre 2755 New York Boutique Special Sale Watch is crafted in rose gold and is a Grand Complication watch. Equipped with a tourbillon, permanent calendar display and three-question function, paying tribute to the superb watchmaking tradition. As a tribute to the architectural appearance of the new Vacheron Constantin boutique, the case is hand-carved with a carved pattern to remind people that the world’s oldest watchmaker with an uninterrupted history has been around since 1832 Share its important historical chapters with the United States. Rarity, complexity and uniqueness are the best interpretations of this special watch from the New York boutique of the heritage calibre 2755 movement. This watch is exclusively released for the opening of New York boutiques. There is only one watch, which is a tribute to the expertise acquired by the manufacturer for more than 255 years. At the same time, the brand’s manufacturers began to fight in North America early in its development.
Among the three complex functions of tourbillon, permanent calendar display and minute repeater function, the minute repeater function is undoubtedly the most creative. It further proves when we need that the manufacturer Vacheron Constantin is the most innovative clock in the world One of the brands. Vacheron Constantin’s engineers and master watchmakers, while maintaining the user-friendliness of this multi-functional watch, are also seeking ways to push the limits of technology, while also developing an original centripetal percussion adjustment device.

Developed original type centripetal percussion adjustment device

系统 This system has two equalizers that act as brakes on the regulator’s rotating shaft to equalize the energy released by the barrel. To achieve this, the system applies reverse centrifugal and centrifugal forces. Once the regulator is rotated, the centrifugal force will rotate outward with one end of the balancer as the center, so that the other balancer acts as a stronger brake on the central axis, thereby rotating at a slower and more stable rate and tap. This original, patented device is absolutely silent, and the curiosity of watch fans can be satisfied with the appreciation of the rotary adjuster in the sapphire crystal case back.
In addition to the three-question function, this heritage series calibre 2755 movement special sale watch in New York boutique also has a tourbillon, which is used to offset the effects of gravity, thereby improving the precision of the movement, while also You can add beauty by showing the beating of this watch. At the same time, the permanent calendar display function (mechanical memory of time) can display the Gregorian date without any need for intervention, with the exception of date changes every 400 years.

The embodiment of the finest watchmaking tradition

In addition to the perfect and precise technical qualities of this unique watch, it also expresses its beauty through unmistakable contemporary language: a slim bezel, a sapphire crystal-based spiral case back with a pattern around it Pattern, trapezoidal hour markers, ‘Duffner’ hands and a creamy dark grey dial. The hand-carved engraved pattern on the case mirrors the exterior of the building at the intersection of Madison Avenue and 64th Avenue in New York. The words ‘No1 / 1’ and ‘Madison and 64th’ are engraved on the caseback, indicating that this watch is a heritage calibre 2755 movement watch specially made for New York boutiques. Its approximately 44 mm case, timeless classic style and elegant style all declare that it is the embodiment of the most exquisite watch tradition and an unparalleled reference for the high-end watch manufacturing industry in Switzerland.
Ou Jiang Shi Constantin unswervingly upholds the noble concept of its brand, respects its specialized skills and indomitable innovation spirit, and it is these qualities that make Vacheron Constantin an indelible mark in the history of watchmaking. The company contributed to its history with the United States through the opening of the brand’s first American boutique. The calibre 2755 caliber special sale watch in the New York boutique reflects this development clearly. In the 180 years since Jean-Barthélémy Vacheron first expressed his dream of entering the United States in 1831, the brand has proved to the world that it is as active as ever. Its first boutique in the United States and three limited-edition watches made specifically for the opening of the boutique became the driving force, and the brand has undoubtedly become the industry pioneer.