Hamilton Watch Joins Hands With ‘sprint! China> Season

August in August, the Hamilton Watch returns to the silver screen with a free-spirited American spirit and precise and pure Swiss quality, experiencing the reality show ‘Sprint!’ For large-scale city culture. The second season of China brings precise timing. Following the successful collaboration with Hamilton Watch last year, a new season of ‘Sprint! China ‘was launched on the two platforms of Oriental Satellite TV and Shanghai Foreign Language Channel ICS at the same time on August 7, 2011. Khaki Pioneer, Jazz Viewmatic, and other Hamilton collection watches will assist 11 teams of different nationalities and share passionate’ sprint ‘Pioneer’ race against time. Hamilton Watch’s official Weibo network synchronous interaction was launched immediately, and the global linkage started another round of extreme journey.
Hamilton once again joins the ace show to break the sprint limit
Sprint! Is hailed as one of the most difficult outdoor reality shows in Chinese TV production. ‘China’, the model is based on ‘Fast Forward’ which has been broadcast worldwide for more than ten years. In the first quarter of last year, it won high ratings and high reputation in one fell swoop, becoming an innovative masterpiece of domestic television.
Known as the ‘Hollywood Star Watch’, the Hamilton Watch was named last year in support of ‘Sprint!’ After the debut of China, this year, as the only official designated timing tool for the whole race, the Hamilton Watch with its innovative design and high-quality watch series will help players to challenge every level and break through the speed limit. Take the victory directly, let more people come to Hamilton watches with passion, pursuit of innovation, constant and precise brand personality and persistent philosophy.
Hamilton watches show personality charm
In order to accurately present the personality charm of the contestants, Hamilton has selected four series of watches as gifts to 22 Chinese and foreign players:
Khaki Pioneer Series
Reproduce the classic classic watch of World War II. The khaki pioneer series with heavy historical details is undoubtedly the best choice for mature and stable school;

The Khaki Pioneer series in 2011 reproduces the Royal Air Force military watches of the 1950s and 1950s. Coins, antimagnetic soft iron, snake-eye hands and other pure aeronautical elements are combined with the new H31 movement of the 2011 watch. Craftsmanship gives battle heroes new life. Hamilton has its own movements H21 and H31. They have a 60-hour power reserve, which reminds people of the history of the movement, which was famous for its stability and reliability in the early 20th century.
Khaki Field Series
野 The wild and creative Khaki field series are the hearts of young radicals;

Very energetic design fully embodies the spirit of adventure and pursuit of extreme sports.
Jazz Series
The most classic style of Han watch and interpretation of personalized design in dress style has become the best endorsement of male players’ fortitude;

Textured stainless steel case, classic black, white, gray, and silver four-color dial, coupled with the latest self-calibration H21, so that you can spend the weekend chilling and reassuring after a busy week, and return to combat early on Monday morning , Picking up your ‘weapon’ is still extremely accurate
Khaki Pilot
Fashion and reliability in one, the khaki pilot series with stable performance of sea, land and air is loved by female players …

On the basis of black and white classic dial, with elegant chocolate surface. Let women be active in sports without losing elegance and fashion without losing intelligence.

Omega Pays Homage To The Classic James Bond Movie

July 5, 2017, London-The famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA held an anniversary event in London to celebrate the James Bond series of movies. The grand release of James Bond Military ranks and badges are inspired by the Seamaster 300m Diver’s ‘Commander’ limited edition watch. Omega Global President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann and Bond filmmaker Michael G. Wilson attended the event and unveiled this new timepiece.

Omega Global President and Chief Executive Officer Raynald Aeschlimann shares with guests the Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch “Commander” Limited Edition

Omega invited guests to the event to take a boat tour of the River Thames and then arrive at the Tate Britain, which gave guests a unique experience. The event is hosted by Samantha Bond, who has played Miss Moneypenny in several Bond series. At the event, An Shiwen said: ‘James Bond is knowledgeable, resourceful, and has played for the Royal Navy. Omega has also worked closely with the Royal Navy in history. Bond and the Royal Navy’s origins, Omega specially released a new watch to pay tribute to the Navy Lieutenant Colonel. ‘

The event red carpet was inspired by the Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch ‘Commander’ Limited Edition ‘NATO’ NATO Military Nylon Strap

Lieutenant Colonel James Bond at the event

At the event, a limited edition watch of the Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch ‘Commander’ was displayed.

At the event, a limited edition watch of the Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch ‘Commander’ was displayed.

Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch ‘Commander’ Limited Edition Special Gift Box

The James Bond series was produced in conjunction with Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. In 2017, there will be three works in the series celebrating the 50th anniversary of You Only Live Twice, the 40th anniversary of The Spy Who Loved Me, and The Empire Tomorrow. (Tomorrow Never Dies) 20th Anniversary. In all three films, James Bond was dressed in the Royal Navy uniform.

James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, in the Bond series ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ (1997), dressed in a Navy uniform

Therefore, Omega inspired the red, white and blue color scheme of the Royal Navy flag and the pattern of the Navy’s lieutenant colonel’s badge to create the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch “commander” limited edition watch to celebrate these three The movie celebrates its anniversary.
At the event, guests can not only see the new ‘O Commander’ limited edition watch of the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch, but also can watch many James Bond related collections including movie props and movie posters up close.
Since the ‘GoldenEye’ of 1995, the Omega Seamaster has been the perfect choice for James Bond. Since then, Omega has worked closely with 007 to help it accurately control every opportunity to win on the screen.
Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch ‘Commander’ Limited Edition
The Omega Seamaster 300m Diver’s ‘Commander’ limited edition watch is designed in three colors of red, white and blue to pay tribute to the Royal Navy and add a solemn feel to the watch.

The watch has a 41 mm stainless steel case with a blue ceramic bezel. The ceramic bezel’s diving scale is made of Liquidmetal® technology. The first 15 minutes of the scale are decorated with unique red rubber.
The watch dial is crafted from white polished ceramic with blue hour markers, red ‘Seamaster’ lettering and blue skeleton hands.
The 007 gun-shaped logo on the end of the central seconds hand is unique. In the calendar window, the number 7 is shown in bold red, and the rest of the numbers are blue.
The watch uses a blue, red and gray 5-striped ‘NATO’ NATO military nylon strap with a polished buckle. The back of the watch has a corrugated edge design, and the pendant is decorated with the ‘three bars’ pattern of the Royal Navy Lieutenant Colonel badge and the 007 ‘bullet’ logo.
The watch is equipped with an Omega 2507 coaxial movement, of which 7,007 stainless steel models are limited. Omega guarantees after-sales service for up to three years. The watch is carried in a special gift box, inspired by the military medal box. The gift box also includes a stainless steel bracelet, a strap replacement tool, and a ‘Navy Pin’ as a source of inspiration for the ‘NATO’ strap design.
In addition, the Omega Seamaster 300m Diver’s ‘Commander’ limited edition watch also launched a special 18K yellow gold model, the world’s limited sales of 7 pieces.

Tissot Watches Are Officially Designated Timers For The 17th Korea Incheon Asian Games 2014

The world leader in the watch industry and the well-known Swiss watch brand Tissot has officially announced that it has become the official designated timer for the 17th Korea Incheon Asian Games. The Asian Games will be held in Incheon, South Korea from September 19 to October 4, 2014.
     The Asian Games dates back to 1951 and is one of the oldest and most important events hosted by the Asian Olympic Council. It is held every four years and provides a competitive platform for 13,000 outstanding athletes from 45 regions and countries. Compete with superb sports skills in 36 events. The Asian Games is the most comprehensive sports game in the world. In addition to some traditional sports, such as swimming, track and field, basketball, and bicycles, Asian traditional sports such as sepak takraw, martial arts, and Kabaddi are also set up.
    Jin Yongxiu, Chairman of the Incheon Asian Games Preparatory Committee (IAGOC), said: ‘In order to provide the most accurate timing services in different competitions, we have selected a brand with deep roots in sports-Tissot as the official partner. Tissot It provides the most appropriate timing solution for each sport, and is a perfect partner for a representative grand event such as the Asian Games. We are extremely honored to have such a rich experience and professional standard Partners to provide the most accurate timing services and the most advanced technical support for the Asian Games. ‘
     Tissot has a long history of passion for sports. In recent years, Tissot has become more active and transformed into a professional brand capable of providing timing services for comprehensive sports games. This change has enabled Tissot to gain more experience and technology and provide more precision for more sports in various occasions Timing service. In addition to serving as the official designated timer for the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, Superbike FIM, International Basketball Association IBA, Australian Professional Football League AFL and Chinese Basketball Professional League CBA, the World Championships for Bicycles, Fencing and Hockey also set important timing and data Handle the work to this world-renowned Swiss watch brand. In addition, Tissot watches also served as the official designated timers for the 1998, 2002 and 2006 Asian Games. For Tissot watches, this is an excellent platform to show the world its precise timing capabilities.
     Francois Timbo, President of Tissot Watch, said: ‘The Asian Games is a multi-sport event that is very dynamic and its spirit also reveals the Tissot watch’s brand philosophy. The conference platform is perfectly presented. Showing our comprehensive timing capabilities in such an extraordinary sports event makes us deeply proud. Not only that, we can prove that we have the most accurate timing capabilities, and further show the world to Tissot watches We have provided timing services for the Asian Games, so we know exactly what needs to be done, but we will continue to work hard to strive for precision and innovation in every event, at every basic level Zhongdu strives for excellence. These are the keys to the success of the Asian Games. Similarly, we have a meticulous attitude towards each watch. We will always keep in mind the brand concept of Tissot ‘Extraordinary creativity, from tradition ‘.

     Actively participating in these sports events can also enable watch fans around the world to learn more about Tissot watches. Whether they watch TV broadcasts or wear limited edition watches launched by Tissot watches for competitions, cheering at the scene has brought Tissot closer. The distance between the table and them.
     In the next few years, Tissot will work hand in hand with the Incheon Asian Games Preparatory Committee and work together with volunteers and partners from all over the world. Tissot will pay the most sincere respect to those who have invested in this event. In this way, Tissot watches will also work with them to perform the service tasks of the Asian Games and jointly achieve the success of the 17th Asian Games in 2014.
     This Asian Games is bound to be an event worth remembering forever. Whether it is the people participating in the organization, athletes, or billions of spectators and supporters, this Asian Games will inevitably become the most unforgettable memory in everyone’s heart. .

Design Should Not Go The Ordinary Way Four Beautiful Watches Recommended

Many people say that a woman’s personality is like a cat, sometimes weird personality, sometimes cute and cute, sometimes fierce and angry. Although the eyes contain tenderness, it is difficult to understand the sadness and stubbornness. Women are emotional animals, so women’s hearts seem more changeable. Designers deftly interpret the tenderness, elegance and charm of women from different angles, and integrate them into the design of the watch. It requires that the lines of the watch be smooth and meanwhile, and that the watch be accurate while timing. There is no shortage of fashion and beauty. When you open the ladies’ watches of each brand, you will find that there are so many colorful inside. Do you want to read the works that contain designer inspiration? Below, the editor brings four watches to the ladies, all kinds of styles, just need their own experience.

  Radar Esenzatouch R53094732
Comment on the watch: RADO Esenzatouch series R53094732 watch with elliptical shape design, smooth design flow down. The single-structure case, which is made under high pressure using a sophisticated injection molding process, guarantees the success of high-tech ceramic touch technology. The watch case made of metal acts as a barrier between the outside and the internal circuitry. Due to the insulating nature of high-tech ceramics, this watch gives the wearer the ability to control the watch’s core circuits. The design without the crown is obviously very novel. The electrodes can sense the fingertips on the case through the ceramic medium to adjust the time. The 534 rare natural stones set on the dial contrast with the bright black. On a black background, they are perfectly arranged in the Fibonacci manner. This pattern commonly used in plants and flowers makes the entire dial design proportion achieve perfect harmony. With the swing of the wrist, the multi-colored dial is more reflected The ground is dripping.

  For Swiss radars, design is a reflection of inherent beauty. Every Swiss radar watch has smooth lines and elegant design. Elegant black is a masterpiece of technology and design. Three rows of black polished high-tech ceramics with folding clasps, the ceramic touch is very good, very smooth without sharp edges, comfortable and skin-friendly to wear. In terms of life, the watch has a water-resistant depth of 30 meters to meet daily life needs. In addition, in order to meet a variety of purchase needs, the Swiss Rado Isa touch series high-tech ceramic Fibonacci Touch watches are available in four colors, which are white, blue, red, and green, to meet women Their different preferences and styles have become the brightest equipment on the wrist.

Basic Information
Item: R53094732
Brand: Radar
Series: Isa Series
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 78,500
For more watch details, please click: Dior VIII GrandBal CD124BE3C001 watch

Comment on the watch: What role does the watch play in our lives? Dior watches use professional design and different perspectives to explain the true meaning of time. When the ball started, the woman appeared in front of everyone with the most swaying posture, the most gorgeous clothing, and the most noble jewelry, and became the most dazzling star under the spotlight. The size of this Dior DiorVIII GrandBal CD124BE3C001 watch is 38 mm It is very suitable for Asian women’s wrists. The round case is engraved with carefully polished diamonds, making each diamond exude an attractive luster. The black ceramic bracelet is stylish and mysterious, contrasting the diamond sheen even more. Black high-tech precision ceramics and slender tapered hands can all see the shadow of Mr. Dior’s ‘slim fit’.

 The Dior VIII GrandBal series CD124BE3C001 watch is as smart as a dancer and looks enchanting. The delicate diamond-like decoration on the dial, like a lace hairnet, is a hollow and practical pendulum of the watch. It will swing left and right over time, as if a woman wearing a dior dress is dancing. The simple hour and minute hands turn the track of time. The simple Dior letters appear at 12 o’clock on the dial, which highlights the brand’s intentions. In addition, the watch has a 42-hour power reserve and a water-resistant depth of 50 meters, ensuring the daily needs of the wearer.

Basic Information
Number: CD124BE3C001
Brand: Dior
Series: DiorVIII
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: No
For more watch details please click: Montblanc Princess Monaco 106499

Comment on the watch: To create a watch series named after an unforgettable character is a challenge and a great glory for Montblanc designers and jewelry designers. The exquisite elegance and taste emanated by this well-known European and American representative inspired Montblanc’s design team, allowing them to design endless ideas to create a new watch series that is commemorating the name and memories of Princess Grace of Monaco. To pay tribute to the classics. This series of watches is elegant and beautiful. The Monaco Princess Series 106499 watch is 34 mm in diameter, showing a modern sense of time. Equipped with a round round dial and a strap with a strong sense of extension, its unique design and meaningful meaning are irresistible. The beautiful impression can also be seen from the side. The lugs are slightly downward, and the ergonomic design is completely close to the wrist, which looks like a one-piece design.

  The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, which adds a lot to this timeless and elegant watch. It is a breakthrough in terms of technology and once again emphasizes its spirit of loyalty to watchmaking. Calibre MB4810 is Montblanc’s very top-quality movement. It is made following the traditional Swiss watchmaking process and inherits hundreds of years of watchmaking experience and the latest watchmaking technology. The self-winding movement can store energy from the wearer’s wrist when it is vibrated and automatically wind the mainspring. These qualities can perfectly satisfy women who want a timeless and reliable watch, which is not only in keeping with the times, but also can recall the past and look to the future from such a combination of elegance and modernity.

Basic Information
No. 106499
Brand: Montblanc
Series: Princess Monaco
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 53,110
For more watch details, please click: Omega Elegant 424.

Comment on the watch: The Omega Disc Flying Elegant series of women’s watches show elegance and femininity and low-key luxury. These timepieces are classics of timeless and exquisite watches, and they will surely be cherished by female wearers. This watch incorporates a hint of retro style in modern design, while combining fashionable avant-garde luxury materials with revolutionary top-notch movements. This series of watches is simple in style, elegant and gorgeous in appearance, highlighting the striking timeless beauty. On this watch’s charming mother-of-pearl dial, the unique butterfly pattern on the dial is carefully crafted with the ‘ramolayage’ carving process, creating an aesthetically romantic atmosphere. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this dazzling dial. The 36.8mm 18K red gold case is equipped with a diamond-set bezel and a white lacha sanded belt with a mother-of-pearl effect. The arc-shaped polished Roman numerals and diamond scales are matched to highlight the impressive texture. It is equipped with nine 18K red gold setting diamond hour markers, Roman numerals at 12 o’clock, and a round calendar display window at six o’clock.

  The Omega Disc Flying Elegant Butterfly Watch is paired with a dazzling dial and an elegant satin leather strap. It presents natural charm and beauty in its exquisite luxury. This timepiece is equipped with a coaxial escapement self-winding chronograph movement-the 2500 coaxial movement with a stern-plated surface and a power reserve of 48 hours. With its classic and elegant design, the Omega Disc Flying Elegant Series has attracted many loyal supporters. I believe this watch will also attract many women.

Basic Information
Number: 424.
Brand: Omega
Series: Disc Flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Price: ¥ 167,700
For more watch details, please click: omega / 30998 /

In summary: ‘Life is not lack of beauty, but lack of eyes to find beauty’ is simple and true, but it is very real. It is actually a wonderful thing to pay attention to the change of time. The rising sun that rises slowly in the morning is full of vitality, the mysterious and starry night sky is deep and beautiful, and the four seasons of reincarnation have different Yangguan air and rain dew every day. Do you pay attention to the pace of time when you are on the road? The footsteps of life are always busy, we always run on the road of struggle, often overlooking the scenery and beauty around us. When the watch is turning on your wrist, please take a break in the afternoon, please listen to the sound of time at night to keep the good life. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Iwc And Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation Fund Training Schools In Poor Areas Of Thailand

Recently, IWC and Anthony Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation unveiled a teaching garden and media laboratory for the Hotel & Restaurant Training Center (HCTC) in the city of Mae Sot in northwestern Thailand. This school focuses on supporting the Karen youth of the Thai minority and provides professional training so that they can earn a living in the Thai hotel industry and break the vicious circle of poverty.

   In November 2015, at the Sotheby’s Precious Watches Auction held in Geneva, a special edition of IWC pilot pilot chronograph ‘Little Prince’ red gold was sold for 47,500 Swiss francs. This is the IWC and Geneva The Sotheby’s auction was the third auction organized by the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation to raise funds. The success of the auction also made it possible to implement the project.

   Representatives of IWC and Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the official completion of the new facilities of the hotel’s catering training center. The teaching garden not only enriches the course content, but also supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to the on-site restaurant. The Media Lab provides computers, cameras, camcorders, and various book manuals to enrich vocational training and language teaching with modern means. The donation paid for 60 students and will also be used for overall repairs that the school desperately needs.

   ‘Thanks to the generous donations from IWC and the Anthony Saint Exupery Youth Foundation, we can improve our education programs, provide better training services for our students, and help them enter the world of work,’ said Simon Martin, director of the hotel’s catering training center.

   Matthieu Dupont, Managing Director of IWC Southeast Asia, said: ‘We are proud to make a real contribution to the education and training of Mae Sot students. An important cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility. ‘(Xu Chaoyang, Home of Pictures / Text Watches)

Iwc Schaffhausen Adds New Single-button Timing Function To Portofino Series

Schaffhausen, August 2015 – The Portofino family of watches, known for their minimalist design style, adds a new and highly skilled watch-Portofino manual winding One-button chronograph. This is the first ingenious single-button chronograph watch launched by IWC. The slightly convex button on the crown reveals the additional mechanics of this watch and makes it easier to operate. Available in white and red gold, the watch perfectly reflects the essence of luxury and restraint in the Portofino watch series.
Portofino Manual Winding Single Button Chronograph (Model IW515104)

   With the birth of this new complex timepiece, IWC added another chronograph with its own movement to its popular Portofino watch collection. Following the elegant tradition of the Portofino watch family, this new member also exhibits a unique elegance and charming technical subtlety: the most common chronograph watches are currently at ‘2 o’clock’ and ‘4 o’clock There is a button at the ‘clock’, which is also the most classic form of chronograph watch. The Portofino manual winding single-button chronograph watch (model: IW515103 / IW515104) stands out with its unique one-button chronograph mechanism and is capable of timing for up to 60 minutes. The timekeeping button is placed in the crown and is almost imperceptible at first glance. The start, stop and reset of the timer function can be easily achieved by repeatedly pressing this multi-function button. Pressing the button a third time resets all timing displays to zero. This simple switching mechanism also highlights the aesthetic considerations of watch design, revealing the elegance of the watch. Although the additional function of chronograph has been added, the Portofino manual winding single-button chronograph still retains a simple style, and its various functions are only revealed when you watch the game carefully. Simplicity and low profile are the tradition of the Portofino watch family, and the soul of the Portofino watch’s restrained design and classic style since its birth. Georges Kern, CEO of IWC, commented: ‘This watch maintains the perfect balance of function, design and ease of use. Traditional manual watchmaking technology and modern engineering are seamlessly integrated. The result is a new model of fine watchmaking that we can be proud of. ‘
Precision and complex internal mechanical structure
   The newly developed movement of the Portofino manual-winding single-button chronograph watch is a valuable research and development result for both the IWC’s own movement series and the Portofino series. . The 59360 movement inherits the powerful characteristics of the 59000 movement series, and the mechanical timing device placed therein highlights the outstanding charm. The wearer can enjoy the power reserve of 192 hours. After the watch is fully chained, it can ensure the accurate movement of the whole 8 days until it stops automatically. You can check the remaining power of the watch at any time through the power reserve display on the dial between the ‘8 o’clock’ and ‘9 o’clock’ positions. The small dial at 12 o’clock shows the minutes measured by the chronograph function, while the central hand indicates the seconds. The dial has a small seconds at ‘6 o’clock’ and a date display at ‘3 o’clock’. The overall layout is decent and pleasing. The case back also gives you a panoramic view of the movement: through the sapphire glass case back, the IWC-manufactured movement decorated with Geneva stripes and the mechanical timing device in operation are clearly visible. The Portofino manual winding single-button chronograph is available in two models: a white gold case with a rock grey dial and a grey Santoni alligator strap, or an 18K red gold case with a silver plated dial and brown Santoni alligator leather Strap.
   The 59360 movement inherits the powerful characteristics of the 59000 movement series, and the mechanical timing device placed therein highlights the outstanding charm. The wearer can enjoy the power reserve of 192 hours. After the watch is fully chained, it can ensure the accurate movement of the whole 8 days until it stops automatically.
   Mr. GEORGES KERN, Chief Executive Officer of IWC, commented: ‘This watch maintains the perfect balance of function, design and ease of use. Traditional manual watchmaking technology and modern engineering are seamlessly integrated. The result is a new model of fine watchmaking that we can be proud of. ‘
Exclusive leather for luxury watches
   For more than three decades since its birth, the Portofino watch family has always played a pivotal role in the IWC watch series. To highlight the unique Italian lifestyle, IWC joined forces with shoe manufacturer Santoni in 2011. This well-known Italian family business is an outstanding representative of ‘elegance and luxury and top quality’, which is exactly the same as the value concept of IWC. Today, Santoni exclusively crafts leather straps for IWC. In the complicated processing steps, each of the carefully-made Santoni straps has been given a unique quaint appearance at the factory, and the hue and gloss are also unique. This process makes leather seem like it has been carefully used for many years, but it is actually made entirely new. Another iconic feature of Santoni is the orange leather lining on the inside of the strap. The beauty and glamour of the Mediterranean living atmosphere are blended into the perfect handcraft of watch and strap.
Technical characteristics

Mechanical single-button chronograph movement
Manual winding
Full chain can provide 8-day power reserve
Balance wheel without trimmer, 4 gold trim screws on the wheel rim
Breguet gossamer
Minutes and seconds
Small second hand with stop
Date display
Power reserve display
IWC-manufactured movement: 59360
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / 4 Hz
Gems: 36
Power reserve: 8 days (192 hours)
Winding up: manual winding
Model IW515103: 18K white gold case, rock grey dial, grey Santoni alligator strap, 18K white gold pin buckle
Model IW515104: 18K red gold case, silver-plated dial, brown Santoni alligator strap, 18K red gold pin buckle
Mirror: Double-sided anti-reflective arched sapphire glass
Case back: transparent sapphire case back
Water resistance: 3 bar
Diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 13 mm

Iwc Pays Tribute To Saint Exupery Special Edition Watch Presents

Before 100, at the Ambérieu-en-Bugey airport in southeastern France, the plane took off and landed and surprised a young man. In the early days of modern aviation, even the bravest pilots feared the peculiar aircraft of the time. The young man finally got up the courage and asked the pilot Gabriel Salvez to take him to the cockpit of the Berthaud-Wroblewski aircraft, and he did not hesitate to claim that his mother had agreed. Despite the pilot’s doubts, he believed him. As a result, Saint Exupery, just 12 years old, experienced an unforgettable flight experience on a sunny holiday in July 1912. This experience carried out his career as a famous poet and pilot.

    IWC has 70 years of craftsmanship in making pilot watches. To commemorate the first flight of Saint Exupery, a sixth-generation special edition watch-pilot chronograph Saint Exupery Special Edition (Model: 387805 is made of 18K red gold, limited to 500 pieces; model: 387806 is made of stainless steel). Two chronograph watches with tobacco dials and beige stitched calfskin straps, connoisseurs know at a glance that this is a typical special version of Saint Ex. Its shiny and matte finishes, as well as the clearly structured case, show extraordinary quality. While the sunburst dial shows elegance, the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass is firmly assembled to prevent loosening under sudden pressure drops. The 89361 calibre, which was developed by IWC itself, further demonstrates the brand’s extraordinary technical achievements. The watch is divided into a single sub-dial to show the long time, and the back of the watch is decorated with an engraved map of Lightning P-38, the last aircraft of Saint Exupery. On July 31, 1944, Saint-Exupé flew the aircraft to reconnaissance over the occupied area of ​​France, but unfortunately failed to return. In 2003, part of the wreckage of his Lightning aircraft was salvaged in the Mediterranean near Marseille.

 IWC Pilot’s Chronograph Saint Exupery Special Edition

   Rose gold material / 89361 mechanical chronograph movement / hours, minutes, seconds display / chronograph, flyback function / 68 hours power reserve / 43mm diameter.

    St. Exupery’s autobiography is also a chronicle of modern aviation. Born in Lyon in 1900, he began flight training at the age of 21 and obtained a pilot certificate in 1922. In 1927, he opened routes from Toulouse, France to Casablanca, Morocco, and Dakar, the capital of Senegal. In the same year, he was appointed head of a remote airport in Morocco. This period of experience provided inspiration for his first novel, Southern Mail. In 1929, Saint Exupery was appointed director of an airline in Buenos Aires. Mail delivery was speeded up after the night voyage, but this flight faced greater risks under the then technical conditions. His novel ‘Night Flight’ is a tribute to this challenge and the heroic spirit of the pilot. In 1931, Saint Exupery travelled to Northern Africa to serve as a pilot for the air post company.

    After an unforgettable time, his postal career ended in 1932. In 1935, when he tried to break the record of long-haul flights from Paris to Saigon, he had to make a forced landing in the Egyptian desert and severely dehydrate because of a plane failure, but was rescued at a critical moment. In 1938, Saint Exupery flew from New York to Tierra del Fuego to try its second record-breaking, but again ended in failure. After the plane crashed after a half-stop, Saint Exupery escaped again. During World War II, the well-known author and pilot was sent to a flight reconnaissance squad. He retired after the armistice in 1940, but was again authorized for military missions in 1943. On July 31, 1944, the pilot who was called by the admirer ‘St. Aixau’ flew his Lightning P-38 aircraft to conduct an aerial reconnaissance mission in the occupied French territory, and this time he left him alone. Come back.

 IWC Pilot’s Chronograph Saint Exupery Special Edition

   Stainless steel material / 89361 mechanical chronograph movement / hours, minutes, seconds display / chronograph, flyback function / 68 hours power reserve / 43mm diameter.

   The back of the watch is decorated with a engraved pattern representing Lightning P-38, Saint Exupery’s last aircraft.

Facing The Ultimate Challenge Of The Caltex Australian National Football, The Test Of The Skills Of Football Fans

Today, Caltex Australia National Football Team’s official watch and official timepiece TAG Heuer invites a group of football enthusiasts to come to Sydney city centre to receive a “Don’t Crack under Pressure (Don’t be afraid to challenge, be yourself) Football Challenge. ‘

   Under the scrutiny of Caltex football players such as MatRyan, TomRogic, Trent Sainsbury, and Mark Birighitti, the challengers tested their speed and accuracy in a well-designed environment.
   Children from the Sydney Junior Football Club, Abbotsford Junior Football Club and Rockdale City Sun Football Club feared the severe factors such as gale and rainstorms to prove that they were not afraid of challenges and took the test of speed and accuracy seriously. In the end, under the testimony of their idols, Lockdale won.

   The event was hosted by 7 network sports presenter Mark Beretta. Four world-class football players met with elated fans and signed posters for commemorative photos.
   Recently, TAG Heuer and Caltex Australia National Football Team announced a milestone four-year partnership, and then hosted this ‘Don’t Crack under Pressure’ challenge ‘, While celebrating TAG Heuer’s time dominance in major global football leagues.

   This cooperation includes the TAGHeuer brand to appear in the Australian National Football competition, the advertising logo on the main court, the official Australian national football jersey, the TAGHeuer watch as a timepiece, and sponsorship of FoxSports The channel broadcasts the Caltex Australia national football game.
   The Australian National Football’s desire for success reflects the spirit of the TAG Heuer motto #DontCrackUnderPressure.

Beijing Watch And Watch Confessions

The tenderness film turns into a romantic declaration, and a little affection turns into a warm heart blessing. On the Valentine’s Day of the Chinese New Year in 2018, the two festivals arrive quietly. Beijing Watch carefully selects watch masterpieces and uses time as a gift to express its love and good wishes.

Beijing Watch Inspiration Series & Orion Series Watches
Muse of inspiration
   The Beijing Watch Inspiration series watch is inspired by the moon. The natural mother-of-pearl dial is transformed into a beautiful and feminine full moon shape. The color and texture of each mother-of-pearl dial are different. Like a unique muse in the hearts of each pair of lovers. The dial has a unique day and night display function. On the blue sky, the sky is a golden sun during the day, and the stars are bright at night. It seems that every day and night in love, every romantic excitement, is given to my sweetheart. Flow around the wrist at any time to accompany you to watch the day and night alternate. This series of watches are equipped with two models of steel belt models and belt models. The steel belt models are exquisite and precious. The slender and attractive; the belt section has a delicate texture and rich colors. Every tick was the warmest confession.

Inspiration series watch_BL020013

Inspiration series watch_BL020016
Star track disk type cool choice
   Beijing Orion series star track watch, with star track as a design element, shows the movement track of stars under the night sky on the dial. Equipped with a multi-functional mechanical movement, the upper surface of the dial has a fine-grained sun sand surface. With gentle rotation, a dynamic circular flow will appear. Large roman nails are printed at 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock, and 12 o’clock. The surface of the disc is full of texture after EDM processing, and the hour scale is displayed by slender star track lines. The plywood of the movement can be seen through the hollow disc surface. The beauty of the machine is fully revealed, and it is also a gentleman. Choice. The dial also uses the ‘Beijing Red’ embellishment, as if warming the blessings of the festival.

Orion Watch _BG090010

Orion Watch _BG090011
   Hold your hand, and grow old with your son-in-law. Time is the longest love confession, recording precious moments of you and me. In this beautiful festival, only time and love cannot be disappointed.
Product parameters:
Beijing Watch Inspiration Series
Model: BL020016 (steel section) / BL020013 (belt section)
Movement: Beijing automatic mechanical movement
Function: automatic winding; day and night display
Case: Stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold
Table mirror: synthetic sapphire
Dial: Blue beige yellow mother-of-pearl dial (steel) / natural mother-of-pearl dial (belt)
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom
Table diameter: 32.5mm
Thickness: 10.15mm
Strap: stainless steel strap, IP-plated rose gold / blue microfiber strap
Bandwidth: 15mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Beijing Watch Orion Series Watch
Model: BG090010 / BG090011
Movement: Beijing automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Table mirror: synthetic sapphire
Dial: Hollow double-layer disc
Hands: Silver-plated brass hands
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom
Table diameter: 42.5mm
Thickness: 11.45mm
Strap: Cowhide
Bandwidth: 20mm

Dior Viii Series 100 Years Of History

‘The principle of luxury is simplicity over everything.’ Christian Dior once said. Just like the ‘Bar suit’ designed in 1947, the Lady Dior bag launched in 1995 and the ‘J’ADORE’ perfume in 1999, the new Dior VIII watch is also classic The masterpiece of couture fashion and charm, adhering to the long tradition of Dior, showing the design style of geometric figures, full of eternal charm of feminine beauty.

The ultra-thin case and its delicate accessories are simple and neat. The bracelet is made of high-precision ceramics cut in a pyramid shape, which is elegant and noble. Time passes, the light shines on the cut surface, the light shines, like the plaid line of the ‘cannage’ pattern on the Dior Lady Dior handbag, showing the beautiful design. The pyramid-shaped shape faintly lets you see the shadow of the ‘Bar suit’.
Advanced custom services are always at the forefront of the times
腕表 This watch not only displays time, but also transcends contemporary fashion trends, just like the wardrobe in a high-end uniform design interior. Mr. Dior reminds us from time to time: “Premium uniforms are always at the forefront of the times.” The elegant and attractive black of this watch highlights its immortal value through high-precision ceramics. Mr. Christian Dior wrote in his fashion dictionary published in 1954: ‘I can write a book about black. You can wear black at any age, any occasion, and at any time. In the women’s wardrobe , Everyone must have a ‘black dress’. ‘
优雅 ‘Elegance is a whole, and the visible and invisible parts are as important.’ From a technical point of view, the Dior VIII series watches are noble and exquisite jewelry. The collection was created at the Dior Watch Studio in La Chaux-de-Fonds, home of the Swiss watchmaking industry, and features multi-faceted luminous hands, diamond-shaped hands and unidirectional rotating bezels.
背面 The words ‘VIII place Vendôme’ (8 Fonteun Place) are engraved on the back of the dial. Through the transparent case back, you can see the self-winding (refining) movement, faintly visible with black or painted oscillating weight. Just as the couture uniform incorporates a sophisticated and elegant style into the lining, the Dior VIII ‘Grand Bal’ series’ pursuit of detail has reached its peak.

Watch and fine jewellery craftsmanship in one
Nevertheless, Mr. Dior’s designs are also full of evening and prom dresses, and pieces are luxurious and glamorous. In fact, he did add: ‘Black and white are sufficient, but there is no reason to deprive them of other colors.’ As a result, from the day Dior VIII was born, diamonds and precious stones were used in the Dior VIII watch collection. .
Combining the watchmaking process with the fine jewelry making process, it reminds of the hard-working seamstresses in Dior’s Haute Couture Studio. They pleated, embroidered and cut fabrics with superb craftsmanship and discreet attitude. As a result, a string of diamonds set in the center of the dial of the Dior VIII watch is like satin stitching. Some bezels are set with gemstones, some are set with pyramid-shaped high-precision ceramics with white diamonds, and all are set with baguette diamonds, topaz, tsavorite or pink sapphires.
系列 This series is limited to 88 pieces each, a total of four styles, and equipped with ‘Calibre Dior inversé’ automatic winding (refining) movement. Just like the whirling of a waltz, the swing of the oscillating weight on the dial is reminiscent of an embroidered petticoat, a lace corolla or a pleated skirt with diamonds. It perfectly combines Swiss cutting-edge technology with the rich creativity of Paris.

The “Bar” suit is the iconic design of Dior, which shows that Mr. Dior showed his love for structural lines in the first series of works in 1947. ‘I used to dream of becoming an architect, and now as a fashion designer, I will follow the principles and rules of architecture.’ This explains why this ‘new look’ is soft, narrow shoulders, waist and hips. The design of the jacket could attract the attention of everyone at the time.
Today, Dior launches the Dior VIII watch series, a tribute to Mr. Dior, a great designer. The name of the Dior VIII watch is composed of 8 letters, which is also the lucky number of the founder of Dior: Dior Design Studio was founded on October 8, 1946; his first haute couture collection was named ‘en huit’ ( The French number ‘8’); Dior Fashion headquarters is located in the world-famous Montaigne Avenue in the 8th district of Paris; and Dior’s flagship watch and jewelry boutique is also located at 8 Fontaine Square in Paris.
More importantly, on the dial of this classic and feminine watch, the Roman numeral ‘VIII’ is used to highlight the lucky time of 8 o’clock.