Wrist Beauty Love Tokens To Witness Every Moment Of Moving

Tanabata is a happy anniversary for lovers. Looking at the starry cowherd and weaver star in the starry sky on a summer night, it is so sweet to lean on each other and lean on each other. The watch that records the minutes and seconds also witnesses the love story of the two, which is best suited to give to the other half on Valentine’s Day, symbolizing the company of the wearer at this moment, in the future. According to different needs, Tissot, which is well-known for both fashion and function, offers you several options for gift giving to the other half.

T-Race Racing Watch
Black and white with wrist beauty combined with every minute and second will love you forever
    The TISSOT T-Race chronograph watch with MotoGP’s heavy-duty locomotive disc brakes as the design concept is engraved with a diagonal grain case, which looks like a Mercedes-Benz tire image at top speed, and outside the chronograph. Combined with the function of the speed measurement device, it is interesting. At the same time, the TISSOT T-Race chronograph series is available in black and white; with a black PVD case and a black rubber strap, different materials overlap to create a sense of layering, which is full of cool technology. The combination of some black PVD and the original silver-white metallic luster of stainless steel, combined with a white rubber strap, completely shows a bright and simple futuristic sense. The same design has a completely different style, but the thick and streamlined shell design is suitable for both men and women. Tissot recommends that you can combine the recent popular Boyfriend’s style and choose black and white as pairing watches. As long as you buy one more rubber strap, you can exchange it with the other half. At the same time that the fashion is doubled, you can always feel it Lover’s love aftertaste.
TISSOT Lady Heart Happy Series
For your heartbeat, always feeling throbbing
    Red is the color that best represents passion. The TISSOT Lady Heart automatic watch with a heart-shaped happy window at 12 o’clock is suitable for the confession gift that men give to their favorite girls. With the constantly beating movement in the happy window, they can better express their love for The other party’s throbbing love at all times. And on Valentine’s Day, a girl who is not accompanied by her lover can also take advantage of this holiday to choose a coveted gift, pamper herself, and hope that she will become a better woman, waiting for the perfect other half to appear and weave a perfect love together. The flaming TISSOT Lady Heart happy series Xinyuan automatic watch, even when paired with plain and simple clothing, is quite eye-catching, adding soft beauty to the wearer; and the automatic female watch, it also shows the women’s choice of watches more. Extraordinary taste, both inside and out.

Love the elder lover of this life
    And this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day are only two days behind. With the increase of time and the eternal continuation of the father’s love for children, in particular, people say that “daughter is the lover of his father’s life” The heart will never change. The simple and stable design of the TISSOT T-Lord series watches is just like the father’s love for his children, which never easily overflows with words, but in silence, he always pays the greatest efforts or even sacrifices. Taking advantage of Father’s Day immediately after Valentine’s Day, choose a gift that can fully express gratitude to the greatest and strongest pillar in the family-Dad.